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My first time with baby-sitter

(Part 2 from 2)

Already I was about to cum on seeing her climax and now her jerking off added to the fury inside my balls. At last when I couldn’t restrain it, without warning I spurted cum all over her face and boobs. My spurts of cum took her by surprise and it flowed down her boobs and into her pubic hair. She really looked like a sex goddess. My dick started drooping after this show but she would not allow it and with her touching, revived it and without warning she gobbled it up and started deep throating it. I was having the time of my life!! I let out a sigh of pleasure. I was having my first blowjob and I was enjoying it profusely. She started kissing the head of my dick and licked the big vein just near the head. She would suck my cock with slurping sounds. The sight of her bending down and sucking with her boobs swaying rhythmically really turned me and I too started thrusting into her mouth meeting her throat every time I thrusted.

At last my nut sac tightened and without any warning I came for the second time, this time into her mouth. She drank up all the cum and made a clean job of it not allowing a single drop to go wasted. Man!! I had only seen such action in porn flicks!! Now after having been partially satisfied, she stood up and removed her skirt and ripped off her white damp panties and offered her whole body. I took her panties and smelt them. They had a musky smell, which was very intoxicating. Now she was completely nude before me. I too took off my shirt. Now both of us were nude. My attention first went to her pussy. Oh god!!! It seemed so tight, tasty and pink with just some pubes sticking out. I went near it, stooped down and was about to lick it when she said, “Hey you can have that later. First satisfy me and fuck my boobs”.

I grinned at her order and took her into the bedroom. I made her lie down on the king-size bed and put my mouth to her nipple and started sucking it. Suddenly without warning I bit it hard and she yelled out in pain and pleasure. I continued doing it and soon both of her very rosy nipples became blood red and swollen. I now mounted her and told her put her boobs together and I boob-fucked her. When I shot my cum, it landed all over her face and tits. She started to breathe shallowly and she too climaxed shaking like a jelly. 

After having relaxed and revived my cock, I went to her pussy and started to lick it. It was still very wet and tight. To make it even better I taught her about a ‘69 and both of us were contentedly licking each other’s genitals and in my case I was biting the clit and fingering it at a furious pace. The first to climax was I as I have a very huge sex drive and I came all over her face. A moment after I climaxed, she followed suit and flooded my face with torrents of sweet pussy juice. I now got ready to do her and I asked her if she wanted to do it too. She replied by spreading her pussy lips wide open and looking invitingly towards me. I asked whether she was on the pill and she replied in affirmative.

That was all that needed. I went over to her, mounted her, keeping my mouth over her’s so that even if she screamed she wouldn’t wake up my sis who was in her room, and rubbed the head of my dick on her pussy lips to open her pussy up a little making her mumble in pleasure. I was afraid I would hurt her as she was so tight and I was so big and thick. I asked her if she was ready as this may hurt her. Her only reply was to satisfy her no matter what happened. Now throwing all caution to the winds I started rubbing my dick all over her pussy lips. After her lips got swollen and moved apart a bit, I slowly inserted my cock into her tight hole one inch at a time. 

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She started moaning in delicious pleasure and begged me to ram it in. I continued doing it slowly as I knew I could tear her apart if I was fast. When four inches out of 7 ˝ had been inserted, I found that she was too tight and it obstructed me. I asked her, “Would u like me to proceed further?” She answered in between moans “Stud boy, just ram it in.” Hearing her answer I got ready for the big thrust and in one thrust I buried all 7 ˝ inches in her hole. She screamed out my name in pleasure and it made me even more lustful. Her cunt muscles were contracting wildly. Oh god!! She felt so tight and her pussy walls were squeezing my dick, milking it of all it’s cum. I started brutally pounding it in and out of her deep cunt. She screamed out in pain and pleasure as came over my dick. To stifle her screams lest someone heard them I covered her moth with my mouth and both of us started kissing each other and probing each other’s mouths with our tongues. I could feel her cervix touching the head of my dick. Now she begged me to start boning her and I started thrusting increasing the speed with each thrust. I met her cervix each time I thrusted into her and it made me even more passionate. 

Our sweat mingled dripping from my face on to her face and all over her body. My mouth was all over her body; over her mouth, over her nipple filling her up with unbearable pleasure. She murmured, “I do love you.” And in the heat of the moment she really did. The fire was building up in my balls again and I started moaning “I am gonna cum, I am gonna cum.” She was waiting for me to fill her up and precisely at that moment I shot of spurts after spurts of cum into her waiting pussy.
Relaxing for a few moments, she got up, turned over and bent down showing her cute and round ass. Unlike other neighborhood girls, Amy had a cute and a very squeezable ass. It was really erotic; she was bending down and I could see her boobs with her nipples pointing downward, hard and firm and swaying gently. I started squeezing her round ass cheeks. She murmured that she wanted all 7.5 inches of my manhood in her ass. Boy!! I marveled at her capacity and huge sex drive. Although doing her in the pussy was relatively easy, I had doubts whether she could take all 7.5 inches. Looking at her small, wrinkled opening to her bowels made me even more doubtful.

When I told her about my doubts, she told that she was a virgin there and she wanted only me to take it as of all the people she had done, my cock was bigger than most and it had a shape that would hit all the right spots in the best way. She told me to do her in the ass without further ado. I got ready and excited on hearing her answer. I put my hands on her ass-cheeks and started pressing them and moving them apart so as to make the entrance-hole bigger and wider.

After half an hour of teasing, she was pitifully begging me to ram my cock in her ass. Taking mercy on her, I slowly inserted my dick-head into her hole. My dick-head was so big that initially it didn’t fit. By forcing it, I was able to put it in. I didn’t have much knowledge about anal sex. So I told her about it. She said,” Just get the dick-head in and then increasing the pace ram it in.” I decided to do as she told and after getting the dick-head in, I started slowly inserting it, increasing the pace. She was deliciously moaning and all the while telling me to ram it hard. I decided to make her beg for it and purposely I started inserting it slowly. By now the fire in her had built up so much that she was squeezing her boobs and fingering the clit to relieve her emotions. I said,” So ya fucking cock-hungry slut, ya want it hard in your ass, huh? Well then take THIS NOW.” Saying this without any mercy, I rammed in all the 7.5 inches of blue steel into her wrinkled opening. She started screaming in pleasure and begging me to ram it in faster.

I too was now so turned on that I started ramming my cock in to her ass almost like an animal. Her boobs shook with each thrust and the sight of her massive globe shaking turned me on even more. At last I couldn’t hold back any longer and for the fourth time in two and a half hours, I came this time inside her ass. I came so much that some of the cum started dripping out from the sides of her ass-hole.

Both of us got caught in the tidal wave as it engulfed both of our genitals. I hardened inside her once again throbbing and spending the last of my pent up energy. After this marathon session of nearly 3 hours, both of us crumpled up in a heap on the bed unable to move. I was contentedly sucking her nipple and licking her all over. I asked her whether she liked my dick and she replied, “I just love your dick. I always used to see it secretly when you used to jerk off. It is a relief to finally get some hard cock in me. Thank you for satisfying the fire in my pussy. ”

This piece of news startled me and I said, “I have always dreamt of doing you while jerking off, and I always dreamt of fucking your boobs since I was in 7th grade.” I was very happy that day as my childhood fantasy as well as Amy’s had been fulfilled. To this day we still have loud and furious sex (esp. boob fucking) whenever we get some time. Over a period of time she even initiated her curvaceous sister into our fuck-fest but that gonna cum in the next story…

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