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My first time in the mall

(Part 1 from 1)

Well, I have a few experiences that I would call my first. The first was the first time I ever fucked a guy. I believe I was just in my first year of high school. I was tiny for a kid my age, so probably 5’2”, 120 lbs, maybe a 4” cock (now I am 7” thank you), though I kinda doubt it was that big at the time. I had brown curly hair and brown eyes. Anyways, I had known since I was in elementary school and would play around with my friend in the bathrooms at school that I was bi.

This experience took place in the city’s main mall. It was just before Christmas, so the mall was packed. Anyways, I was there with my father and I really needed to use the bathroom. At this time, I had a fetish where I loved jacking off in bathrooms where there were tons of men inside. So, I walked in and it was jammed pack in there. So, I walked up to the urinals first and actually did pee.

I then walked up to the sink, where a guy, probably in his 40’s, who looked just like Mel Gibson, the only difference really being his nose, which was slightly more slender and hooked. As I washed my hands, I looked in the mirror and the guy had unbuttoned his pants and was rearranging himself, underwear on of course. I stared at it for a moment, in shock and wonder. This guy was rearranging himself while like ten other guys were in there. I blushed and turned around to see that the center of the three stalls was unoccupied. I took it, pulled down my pants and started jacking my little dick off.

I loved reading what was written on the walls, and there were always tons in this bathroom. As I was reading, I noticed a head looking under the stall at me. I was surprised, but I didn’t stop jacking. It was actually a turn on. The man looked underneath a few more times before passing me a note on toilet paper. It said to meet him in this particular bathroom that was really safe and almost never used. He left and I followed. It was my Mel Gibson.

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When we entered the bathroom, he opened the large handicap stall door for me and I walked in. He locked the door and turned to face me. I can’t remember the small talk, but he did ask my age. He turned away from me for a moment and I started stripping out of my clothes, leaving my shoes on, the floor being far too cold. He turned back around and was obviously surprised. He asked why I was doing that, I shrugged and said I wanted to. My dick was bouncing up and down I was so horny. He motioned for me to sit on the toilet, and he dropped to his knees and took my cock in his hands. He played gently with my tight balls, which were at the time just barely covered with light brown hair. I moaned it felt so stupendous. I gasped when he engulfed my cock in his mouth. I was actually moaning like a girl it felt so good. Suddenly, the door opened, and he jumped to his feet and pretended to piss. I peeked my head under the stall and saw a pair of feet at the urinals. We stayed, motionless and silent until the man left.

I couldn’t help myself anymore, I asked if I could play with him. He smiled down at me and said sure. I stood up and he sat down on the seat, pulling his pants and underwear down in the process. His cock was glorious. 7-8” most likely, cut and EXTREMELY thick. I took the monster in my hand and played with it. I had never played with one so large, so I was probably bad at it. I then lowered my head, sniffed his crotch, which didn’t smell great, but it was still arousing, and I took his penis in my mouth. It was too big. I tried but it was just to big to fit. Looking up at him, I had an idea. I had always wanted to fuck some tight ass, well here was my chance and I wasn’t going to give it up. “Can I fuck you?” I asked timidly. He smiled again and said sure. He stood up and pulled a condom and lube out of his pocket.

It didn’t strike me until later that he must have planned this, ever since he saw me step up to the bathroom sink. He was prepared and wanting this, even from a tiny little high school freshman. He told me how to put it on, then he bent over. The ass was so hairy and I nearly came right then and there. But I held on, I can last a very long time now, which is great for sex partners because I regularly last after them, and so can finish girls off before I do cum. Now, remember, I was like 5’2”, this guy must have been 6 feet at least. So it was awkward as I lined my cock up with his ass. I didn’t even try to go slow, I just rammed it in when the head pop in. I feel bad now, for that might have hurt, but I was too sex crazed.

My penis kept popping out, but he would always take a hand and guide it back in. I fucked that hole for probably ten minutes. I was groaning and moaning quietly in absolute pleasure, my voice just breaking, so it was still that adolescent high pitch. At one point, the door opened and a young man walked in to use the urinal. I saw him through the crack between the door and wall. I started to panick, but the guy reached back and grabbed my ass and pulled me to him to hold me in. He wasn’t going to let me leave his ass until I finished. I kept up my ass pumping, but did so very quietly. When the the guy finished using the urinal, I am sure that he saw the two sets of feet under the stall, but I didn’t care. He left and I sped up. I started squirming and squelling like a girl and my pumping became violent. The guy was jacking off in synch with my thrusts and I heard him grunt and heard the splat of his cum hitting the floor. I went nuts and felt the pressure building until I thought I was going to scream.

When I finally burst inside him, I threw my head back and my mouth opened to scream, but I was in such a state of ecstacy that I could not get air to move. I collapsed on top of him after my bucking subsided. I pulled out and he stood up, wiped his butt off and put his clothes on while I sat dumbly on the toilet seat. He looked at me, winked, reached out, rubbed my penis and balls a few times, then left me sitting there, naked except for my shoes, my dick softening and unable to stand because my legs would not support me.

When I left the bathroom and went back into the main section of the mall, my dad spotted me and came up to me, chewing me out for disappearing. What could I have said, “yeah I was just in the bathroom fucking a guy your age up the ass. Sorry.” I held my tongue and we left. I haven’t seen the man since, but will never forget that first ass fucking experience.

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