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My first male to male experience

(Part 1 from 1)

I lived with my parents next door to a boy and his parents, we went to the same schools over the years and were just good friends. He was a couple years older than me but, both our parents worked so we would hang out together, watch TV or movies, listen to music, invent projects...just ordinary guy stuff. I had always been sexual and when by myself would always love to get naked and masturbate but always with a girl as my fantasies never even though of guys in that way.

One day we were watching tv and I got up to get a drink or something, and as I walked by my friend, he reached out and took hold of my hand and pulled me down onto his lap. I just froze for a second not having any idea what he was doing but then just slowly laied me down across him and the rest of the couch. I didn't move still not knowing what was going on until he started to unbutton my pants and pull down the zipper.

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At that moment I knew he was going to take my pants off, and as he started to, he did it so slowly and gently, I actualy got aroused and sexualy turned on. I just layed there and let him take my pants off and then he paused for a moment and started gently felling me through my underware. After a minuete or so I was hard and then he slowly pull my underware down and off.

I was naked laying on another guys lap and letting him play with me and I enjoyed it and wanted him to. He stroked and fondled and played with me for quite a while and then turned facing me between my legs and slowly started to suck and lick me. I didn't even think of it being two guys, all I know is that it was sexualy incredable and wonderfly naughty..

A week later I initiated a repete encounter but never though of it as gay or bi or anything just a sexual pleasure between two friends...

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