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My first lesbian experience.

(Part 1 from 1)

I had never been with a women. Many times during sex with my husband I close my eyes, and imagine it is a women's mouth on my clit. I imagine it is a tiny female hand sliding into my pussy. I get wet thinking about it, from time to time. 

While on vacation in New Orleans, I went to a bar...after discussing it with my husband, finding a women to sleep with. I did...she was small and brunette like me. I was not the least bit nervous as I lead her to my hotel room. I didnt flinch as she licked my pink huge nipples. I pushed her head that. 

I let her slip her tongue into my wet hole. She nibbled my clit, and sucked on it. I had bought a clear pink eight inch dildo for the occasion. I lubed it up and slid it into her pussy. Flicking her clit with my fingers she began to push against it. 

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She slid three fingers into my pussy and two and my ass...the whole time licking my clit. Wanting more, I then pulled out the last new toy. A thick double dildo. As I licked her wet pussy I slid it in leaned her back and slid it into me. I pushed myself onto it as far as I could go and squeezed tight so I could fuck her with it, as she played with my clit. My tits were bouncing. My hole was dripping and I was fucking here like there was no tomorrow. 

My clit grew larger and I was ready to come when she grabbed the dildo pulled it out and shoved her fist into my wet slick pussy. Sucking my clit I came. Her turn. I took the double dildo and slipped it in her pussy, I shoved the eight inch in her ass...trying to work them both..with her help I licked and sucked her clit until she came. After she came I wanted more. I licked her pussy sweet...addicted already. 

I played with my pussy as I layed on my side..her hole in my face. She came yet again, and went down and licked my clit till I came all over her mouth..I have never squirted before, and it looked incredible with my sweet juice all over her chin. I will definitely fuck women some more. 

My husband got the ride of his life that night as I told him how she felt...riding his cock.

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