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My first gay experience with my cousin Josh

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My first gay experience with my cousin Josh:
I met him in the principleís office when I was in the seventh grade; he is my cousin only because my aunt adopted him. I noticed a small asian boy in the office while I was in gym class and we made eye contact the first time we met, little did I know we would be fucking buddies! We became friends fast, and almost always hung out together. The ice was broken one night he stayed at my house for the night. I was 15 and he was 16 at the time, and I was joking around when I said, ďIf you donít shut up, Iíll shove my dick down your throat!Ē He said, ďYou wanna try?Ē I thought he was joking until I saw the look in his eye, and listened to the tone he said it in. I felt awkward, and tried to ignore it. We always looked at porn when we were together alone, and on one occasion; we were looking at some magazines that we swiped from a gas station. I had on khaki shorts that barely fit me, and I let the head of my cock hang out the bottom while I massaged it, and smeared the pre-cum all over the head of it.

Josh wanted me to pull it all the way out so he could see it, I felt weird again and said no the first few times he asked, about fifteen minutes later, I finally pulled my shorts down so he could see my six inch dick. Pre-cum was still oozing out of my half cut dick. My foreskin was cut, but my hole, was bigger than most guyís. He touched it and started massaging it for me. It felt good, as he felt it getting harder in his hand. I asked him to stop, and then told him to take off his pants too. He did and we both lay on my bed, and jacked each other off. He was getting hornier by the second, until he asked if I wanted to do anything else besides masturbating each other. I remembered a picture of a blond girl getting fucked in the ass, and referred I to him. He spit on the tip of his dick and had me on my hands and knees. He slowly pushed his way inside me. It hurt at first of course, but I had practiced with my fingers many times. He started up a rhythm and took about fifteen minutes. He finally came in my ass, and the hot cum splurting inside me felt so good, I didnít want him to stop, but he pulled it out, and went to go wash up. My asshole felt a little sore, but it was a good feeling!

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The next time we fucked was again at my house when he stayed the night, except this time I had him lay down, and I rode him. I slid up and down on his nice cock, until he came again, then it was my turn. He then lay on his stomach and spread his cheeks. He guided my hard dick as I pushed until I was all the way inside him, it felt so good, and I felt like I was in heaven. I slid in & out until I came about five minutes later, and I was kind of disappointed that it was over so soon.

The third time, was at his house. My aunt was not home, so we were alone again. We went up to his room, and got started looking at his small collection of magazines. We were both horney as hell, and then he finally asked, me if I wanted for us to do each other. I said yes, and he got some lotion. I got on top of him and lubed my swollen dick, and entered the place I loved to be, six inches deep inside him. I lasted longer this time, more than doubling my last time. I spasmed and laid there for a second before pulling it out. He lubed up and took his turn, this time plowing right through, because I told him he didnít heave to take his time, this time. He actually lasted shorter than last time, but it still felt sooooooo wonderful!

He got into some trouble and got sent to Juvenile hall, and heís finally out!!! YAY!!! I can only guess, and hope of what we will do, this time! Iíve been using a dildo, wishing it was him, and now Iíll have the real thing!!

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