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My First Cornholing reviews

Posted by Niki (email:
That was incredibly realistic.. nice job in this, seriously.
Posted by windjockey (email:
Would love to be meated by Ben
Posted by G (email:
I loved the story.
Posted by old and hard (email:
I think there are more of us out here that have gone thru this or wouold like to go thru it, I went thru it in 81 before the aids really took h old and I enjoyed it so much and like it now but have to have safe sex and it isn't as good, can't feel the hot cum juice cum in me. but while it is going on feels really good, nice job.
Posted by mark (email:
Great story. A dream of mine. I have dropped hints to a friend who is hot and cold about it. When he drinks he always talks about it, but as he sobers up, well...

Maybe one day I will experience what you did. I have to!!
Posted by jim (email:
wow makes me remember the guy catching me peekin on his wife. he dragged me inside and they stripped me,she was suckin me from the front, he was behind me rubbin hisself into my teen ass. when i exploded in her mouth he loosened his hold on me and i ran out naked. i know that hunger he talks about, but havent fulfilled finding out about it
Posted by mikeymike (email:
That was an excellent telling of what it is like the first time, especially when you can feel it going way up inside. I was not brave enough to take a full sized adult, however, the first time. The first time I tried it, it hurt too much, even with an Asian guy who picked me up in a porn store. He wasn't well hung, and I wanted to try it, but even he was too painful. I had to work up to it with a small, almost child size, dildo, and then increase the size, gradually. Later, I could't wait to get big black guys to come into my room, and I took them all the way to their balls, with no problem. Anal sex bottoming became my favorite thing to do.
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