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My first 3sum

(Part 1 from 1)

I was in college finishing senior year, and I was boring one night so I went online to a chat room. Usually nothing interesting happens because girls over there mostly want relationship type of guys and not only sex. As I was chatting and teasing different girls around I start talking to a woman around 35 (I was 25 at that time), and conversation got interesting after start talking about sex stories and fantasies mine was a 3sum and my, I got exited when she told me her and hubby were into swingers and 3sums. I add her immediately to my buddies list and I requested to swap pictures with me. I didn’t want to have my expectations high most girls I met over chat rooms weren’t my "type".

After downloading the pictures she sends me my jaws dropped to the ground she has very HOT. Her name was Cathy a skinny athletic with 34b round perky boobs and an ass to die for. I felt my heart pumping really fast and my cock got hard instally. I said I need to have sex with this woman as that is my last thing I do in this earth. She also replied that I was very cute from the pictures and she started telling me how she wants me to fuck her and how wet she was at that time and her fingers were already prepare her hole for my cock. The only problem is that in order to fuck her, I need to bring one more female with me in order for hubby to play also. We arrange for Friday that was in two days to meet at their place with the only task for me was to bring another female with me. I requested to send me also some pictures of her hubby, and I was praying not to be a fat ugly one. Thank god from the pictures he was a normal guy with a nice decent cock around 7 or 71/2 inches (mine is around 8 1/2 inches).

Over the next two days gods know how hard I try to find a girl to join me. I tried from clubs, common friends, chat rooms even one of my ex girlfriend that I knew she had some experience with girls.

I was Friday afternoon I was almost depressed with the situation of not finding someone to join me. I was watching this hottie’s picture on my pc and being so close of having sex with her and not be able to have in the end driven me crazy. A ding noise on my pc showed that someone from my buddies log in and yes Cathy was online. I decided to tell her the truth and that I am desperate because I tried everything and I am so disappointed, I beg her to meet alone at my place or in a hotel but she said no this is like cheating on my husband and I don’t do that. Then she told me that her husband just got home from work and she will talk to him and figure something out...she gave me her phone number and told me to call her in half an hour. I waited for the longest half hour of my life and then I called...her voice was so warm and sweet I felt my head dizzy from the stress and the excitement. She told me I am on the speaker and hubby was there also and she asks me how badly I want to fuck her. I said I do anything you want I will suck that pussy and fuck her holes until my last drop of sperm in my ball sacks. Then she told me I hope you mean all that hubby and I decided to let you come if you are willing to do anything. I said YES I don’t know how many times and then we arrange to meet in three hours.

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My cock was already dripping and I already masturbated once that day and I was ready for a second one from the excitement. I said to my cock get a hold of yourself otherwise you won’t be able to show your best self and that would be the worst case scenario ever. I went had a long cold bath and I got prepared just in time for our meeting. I stop once to get redirections to their place and finally I drove over there. I was kind of nervous because I haven’t done something like this before I mean a 3sum and mostly a mmf 3sum. Thank god both were polite funny and try to ease the tension because they sense that I was stress and my hands were shaking. Jack the guy smile at me threw me a beer and said: your are lucky, she likes you a lot in order to make such a fuss for me to let you come over. Cathy comes over me hugs me and craps my pants that were blown from my cock that wanted desperately to come out. She then wipers in my ear please don’t disappoint me I want to feel you so bad and I didn’t understand what she meant by disappoint I guess I thought at that time she was worrying about me being a premature ejaculator or not able to keep my hard on.

After the beer we all went to the bedroom. At that time I was very relax and comfortable with them. We jumped on the bed and Cathy after giving a long kiss to Jack she comes over me and starts kiss me and removing my cloths. My cock came out hard and big and I was feeling a small pain on my balls from the anxiety to cum. Cathy lay on the bed and she spreads he legs wide open. Her shaved pussy was already dripping and I hurry put my tongue inside her. Her pussy smelt very nice and her juices were running down my chin and in my throat. Same time she was sucking gently and slow jack’s hard cock. Man my dream was coming true I couldn’t believe it. After a little bit her pussy was ready for some hard ramming from our cocks. She sat doggie style and Jack went behind her as her tongue was penetrating the small hole of my cock. Mmm she replies you already dripping lots of precum you are ready to cum aren’t you she asks me. Yes I answer I need to cum so bad. Jack was also ready to cum and she stops. Cathy then looks at me and she replies you promise you are not going to disappoint me I cut a deal with hubby in order for you to fuck me then you need to give him a blowjob. Jack was bi curious and he wanted to experience new things with guys. I was shocking from what I just heard. I have never consider myself doing something like this I was never bi curious or cross my mind to do something with a guy. Cathy looks at my socked face and she whispers in my ear “Is not that bad I bet you will enjoy the experience, that was the only way I could think in order for you to come over, If you do not do it you will destroy the good thing we have over here, please do it I will help you suck him it will be a piece of cake and she gives a tongue kiss to reassure me that’s everything will be fine.”

Everything was new to me I felt like a virgin again I didn’t know how to put my mouth and tongue around jacks cock. Cathy told me “just close your eyes imagine what you want me to do to your cock and do it to Jack.” That really help things out and I started doing a good job. In not time my tongue was all over Jack’s cock and balls. Then Cathy join in and we split sides and share turns, I guess it turn out to be fun also to follow Cathy’s tongue and trying to do whatever she was doing. I felt a thrusting coming from Jack‘s cock base he was ready to cum. He stood up and told us to open our mouths and let him deep throat us. He was pushing his cock deeper and deeper in my throat and I was gagging from time to time thank God he want any bigger because I was sure I wasn’t being able to breath. I was anxious to see him cum and Jack told me to relax and close my eyes and open my mouth wide. He starts pressing his cock against my throat and I felt it was finally the time. He crap my hair and press my head against his cock and started Cumming inside my mouth. He caught me off guarded I wasn’t ready to swallow but he didn’t give me any change to prepare for it. I felt his juices running warm down my throat but his juices were too much to handle his cumload was huge and I started gagging. Then Cathy came to the rescue and with a kiss he started pumping cum out of mouth.

After swapping cum and clean up I saw Jack’s face he was satisfied with the performance…now it was my turn to have some fun with Cathy. She right away jumped on my cock and started to ride it really hard, she was so damm wet from the whole situation. She was moving front and back up and down really fast, I was so ready to cum and she sense it the she stopped and tide her pussy lips around the base of my cock to stop me from cumming. I said to her I am ready to cum I want you to swallow my whole load as I did to Jack. She replies to me not now I will give you that pleasure in the second round now I have plans for this load and she starts moving up and down really fast. I started cumming and she presses her whole body in order for my cock to cum as deep inside her as possible. I was in full ecstasy I don’t know for how long I was cumming inside her but I was still hard even after I stop cumming and I wanted to continue but she stopped me she said time for Jack to payback for what he made me do. She jumps off me and with her pussy full of cum she goes and sits on Jack’s face. Start swallowing she replied I want my hole clean for a second round. Jack started swallowing my cum and I got so hot and horny from looking at him.

After a good second round with me fucking Cathy in all known positions and her sucking Jack the whole time I was ready to cum and let her swallow everything. She deep throat me because she didn’t want to see any drop wasted and I pushed as deep as I could. She swallowed like a pro not like my self the amateur and before all my cum was running down her throat Jack was also ready to cum and he also cum inside her mouth for her to swallow the second load. We all three then felt exhausted from all sex and went to sleep.

I woke up next morning from familiar noises and I turn my head to see Jack fucking Cathy in doggie style and I smiled. Then they both turn their bodies for me to see that he was fucking her tide ass hole. I felt my cock jumping up right away. Jack and Cathy both laughed and she comes over and gives me a kiss. Then she whispers in my ear. “I know you want to fuck my tide ass and I can promise you is worth it but first you need to do something for Jack.” What I replied I need to suck him and swallow his cum? No she replied: “That was yesterday’s news something that makes me so hot, I want you to fuck jack’s ass hole he is a virgin and he wants you to be his first one.” I smiled, I guess I will be your first one you little whore I replied to Jack as he was bending over and Cathy was lubricating my cock.

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