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My experience with my best friend's hot sister...

(Part 1 from 2)

About three years ago, my best friend's sister Kim, dropped by my house, to tell me that a band that we both liked was going to put on a concert, in a nearby town. She was all excited about going to this concert, her big blue eyes sparkled, as she talked about it. It wasn't too unusual for the two of us to go to a concert together, what was unusual, was the fact that she came by to tell me about it herself. Usually, she would tell her brother John (The friend that I wrote about, in my story: "My Weekend in Vegas") and then he would call me to tell me about it and ask if I wanted to go. Like I said before, it wasn't unusual for us to go to a show together, but generally, I brought a date, or I just went stag, with John and she brought her husband with her.

The next day, I talked to John and asked him if Kim had told him that she had dropped by to tell me about the show. He looked a bit confused and said that he had talked to her and she never mentioned that she had dropped by my house. At this point, I started to wonder if that sparkle in her eye, really had anything to do with the concert at all.

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A few days later, there was a knock at the door, it was Kim again. She asked if I would be interested in smoking some weed with her, I said "Sure!" and opened the door and invited her in. As she walked in, I couldn't help but admire her hot little body. I had fantasized about that tight little body of her's, ever since a couple of years before, when John, Kim, her husband and myself, had done some partying and wound up watching pornos together. We were all pretty drunk, but she was really drunk! She would make comments to her husband, about how they should try some of the positions that the porn actors were engaged in and kept asking whether he would want her to do to him, what they were doing in the video. This pretty much made my dick take notice! Her husband kept laughing and telling her that she had drank enough. She went on and on, with the comments, asking him if her tits were as nice as the actress's and if he wanted to fuck them, like the guy was doing on the video. At one point she pulled her shirt up, exposing a beautiful set of 34D juggs, asking if I thought they were nice. I thought they were nice all right! I didn't say anything, because I didn't know how her husband would take it. That was about the time that her husband said, "I think it's time to go home!" "Oh, come on! Don't be a party-pooper!" she complained to her husband. He finally had enough and scraped her up of the couch and took her home. I remember thinking about what a lucky bastard he was, to have such a horny piece of ass, to go home with. John had rode with them, so he left as well, leaving me alone to fend for myself. The sight of those gorgeous, bare breasts and the memory of her comments, fueled my fantasies for many a jack-off session, including a good one that night.

Now, here she was, right in my living room, alone. I had decided that, even though I would love nothing more, than fucking her brains out, I wasn't going to initiate anything. At the time, I even had the noble idea, that even if she came on to me, I would refuse, because she was married to a guy that I liked as a friend. Yeah, right!

We sat down and smoked a joint and drank a couple of beers and we both had a pretty good buzz going. She started to talk about how she thought that her husband had been cheating on her with someone at his work and how they had been fighting a lot lately. She started to cry and apologized for bothering me with her problems, but she didn't have anyone to talk to and she always thought that it was easy to talk to me. Then she said something about how she would never leave her husband and said that she had better leave. She took off, leaving me scratching my head, wondering if that really was all she wanted, was to talk to me, or if she wanted more than that. Once again, the memories of her bare mamories, flooded back, haunting my fantasies, for another night of polishing the helmet.
About a week later, she shows up with a 12-pack of beer and a couple of joints, asking if I would mind her company. I told her that sounded fine and we sat down, smoked the pot and started drinking the beer. She seemed very nervous and I couldn't help but notice, that she was dressed to kill. She had a tight white blouse, that showed off her luscious tits, no bra, her hard nipples straining at the material, making my mouth water. She had a short, tight, leather skirt on, which showed her smooth sexy legs, that ended in a pair of high heels, a sight that made my cock start to twitch and harden, completely beyond my control. I caught her looking at my crotch, as my wang gradually lengthened down my pant leg. She licked her lips and looked at me with those deep blue eyes and said, very nervously, "Can I ask you a question?" I said, "Sure, you know that you can ask me anything." She appeared to become even more nervous and asked if I ever thought about what it would be like if we made love. At this point, my cock was rock hard and I told her, of course I had, but I just figured that it would never happen, because she was married. Then she broke down and started to cry, her beautiful breasts heaving as she sobbed. She told me that she found out that her husband had indeed been cheating on her and that she had always been attracted to me, ever since she had known me. That came as quite a surprise, after all, I had known her for about fifteen years and she was married when I met her. Then she asked if I would consider making love to her that night. My heart skipped a couple of beats and I thought about the decision I had made, the one about refusing her advances, the one I had made the week before. I opened my mouth to tell her that I couldn't, because it wouldn't be right, because she was married and I heard myself say, "All right, but I have to take a shower first." So much for high morals! She told me that she didn't care if I was dirty and I told her that I would be embarrassed, because I had been working in the hot sun all day and was very sweaty and dirty. She sad that she didn't care, I told her that I did care and I was going to take a shower, because I wanted it to be good for her. She said, "OK but hurry up! I'm so, horny, I can't wait to have your body!" Suddenly, I was the nervous one!

I went in the bathroom and took a quick, but thorough, shower. Then I put on my best cologne and then I went back into the living room where she was waiting for me. I walked in on quite a sight! There she was, watching a porno, her leather skirt, hunched up to her waist, head thrown back, moaning, while she fingered her pretty snatch! I walked over, got down on my knees, gave her a kiss. She stuck her tongue in my mouth, twirling it around, sticking it down my throat so far I almost started to gag! She has the longest tongue, of any woman I have ever kissed! I learned a little later, that long tongue, is the instrument of an incredible talent that she possesses. I reached down and grabbed one of her lovely, firm tits with one hand and reached down to slide her panties aside and rub a very wet pussy with the other. I broke the kiss, bringing my juicy fingers up to first my nose, so I could get a whiff of her mouth watering scent, then to my mouth, to get a preview of the taste of her sweet honey, she looked at me and smiled. Then I started to undo the buttons of her blouse, as she began to rub my cock through the sweat pants I had put on. God, I was in Heaven! I had her blouse off in no time, revealing her perfect, luscious globes. Her nipples were rock hard, they were the biggest nips I had ever seen! They were about as big around as the tip of my pinkie and stuck out a good half an inch! I bent down to nibble and suck on them, first one then the other. Then she said that she wanted to go to the bedroom, so we could be more comfortable. I agreed and gave her tits one more little suck and we made our way to the bedroom, her rubbing my cock, through my sweatpants, the whole way.

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