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My employee, my sex slave, my wife.

(Part 1 from 1)

I have a private company who does business with millionaires. Ten years ago I started my business coming out of business school, and I hired the young, beautiful, and elegant Elizabeth to handle relationships with my clients. By then Liz was 23, just to keep it short, she looks like the young Liz Hurley.

Liz started work right after her honeymoon with her highschool sweetheart. She's always cheerful and seemed to have a great marriage. Once in a while she'll get sexually harrassed by some clients, but she never cheated on her husband. But things started to change when her husband lost a lot of money in his job, and had to depend on Liz's paycheck.

At that time we were negotiating with a very rich client, a 50 year old billionaire who could not take his eyes off Liz during all the meetings. Liz needed money, so I knew I had leverage on her. So I arranged a deal with this client and asked Liz to come to my office.

The beautiful girl came into my office, as usual dressed in suit, a dress that shows her sexy and shiny legs, and a pair of seductive high heels.

"Liz, we're close to getting Mr. Johnson as our client, and we just needed one final piece for the deal, and only you can help us to net this billionaire," Liz nodded, and I continued, "remember last time Mr. Johnson put his hand on your legs, and you excused yourself?"

Liz blushed, "Yes, I wasn't comfortable with my client taking advantage of me ..."

"Well, Mr. Johnson offered to finalize the deal with us and we will get 50 million dollars from him, but here is his condition - he would only sign with us if we offer him your body."

Liz was shocked, "You're asking me to ..."

I cut her off, and said, "Think about this, Liz, your husband is in big financial trouble, I promise if we net this client, you will get a good bonus this year. All that you need to do is to help satisfy Mr. Johnson's fantasy over you, on the other hand, if you refuse, you know I can always make you lose your job ..."

Liz knew that she had no choice. She let me walked her to the meeting room, with her beautiful face down and weeping quietly. Mr. Johnson was quite a pervert, he insisted to have me in the room watching the whole deal. Even before I could close the door, the old man began his assault. He tear her suit forcefully, and pushed her on the giant table, oh how beautiful was the naked body of young Liz, she continued weeping as Mr. Johnson forced intercourse on her. "Oh my god this girl's tight ..." The old man didn't hang in for long, and unloaded himself into Liz's pussy in a matter of minutes. We signed the deal as his cum drips out of Liz's red and hurt pussy.

That's how it started, and Liz began "serving" our clients on a daily basis. When it was bonus time, I had another idea, "Liz, I set aside a huge bonus for your hard work, but there's one last thing you need to do to claim your bonus."

Having gotten used to being treated as a sex toy, she responded calmly, "fuck me now if you want, I'm on pills."

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"No, Liz, I know being fucked on that table has been hard for you. I want you to be comfortably fucked. I don't care how, I don't care when, but arrange to let me fuck you on the same bed you make love to your husband, now don't say no. You've sacrificed your body everyday for this paycheck, are you going to give up now?"

That convinced her. She arranged for me to go to her place when her husband was out of town one night. I wasted no time enjoying myself. Just like all those clients, all that I wanted was to get a taste of this deliciously looking body. I unbottoned her shirt and begin sucking her full tender breasts while sticking my hand under her skirt to play with her pussy.

"Oh baby you are professional, getting so wet already?"

Liz blushed, "I feel shameful for selling my body, but the shame really turns me on. I feel cheap, I feel dirty, I feel slutty being used by other men behind my husband ... ah, yes, lick every inch of my skin ... it feels so good ..."

I was all over her legs when her words turned me on even more. I took off her high heels, and began licking her toes. "Oh yeah, lick my dirty feet ... it's so disgusting that it turns me on ... oh Michael, fuck me, I want your cock in my dirty pussy ..."

As I indulged myself with her tasty feet, her husband returned home early, standing outside the room hearing what the slut just yelled. Liz saw him, and quickly pulled her foot out of my mouth, "honey, please don't misunderstand ..."

Her angry husband stormed away, and half-naked Liz jumped out of the bed with tears coming down of her face. For sure I wasn't going to let my delicious meal stop there, so I jumped out of bed after her. I bearly caught her by her ankle, and with a powerful pull, my little slut fell on the ground. "Let go of me, let go of me ..."

I put my body over her as she tried to fight, "let me go back to my husband ..." that turned me on even more. I began fingering her and unbottoning her remaining suit and shirt, "don't turn me on Michael, I need to go get my husband back, I love him, I can't lose him ... Michael, don't go down on me, don't lick my pussy ... ah ... it feels so good ... Michael ..."

Poor Liz, her mind wanted her to go and save her marriage, but her slutty body was betraying her feelings. After tasting her pussy juice, I made her totally naked, and began licking her body again. Her emotion took over again, and she pushed me away, "sorry Michael, I love my husband, I really need to ..."

Before she could finish the sentence, I slapped her, dragged her by her hair and threw her into her bed, "shut up, slut, I'll show your husband the tapes of you fucking our clients, then you can forget about him and dedicate yourself to me ..."

She started crying, screaming, and began kicking her legs and tried to push me away. Too late. Like Mr. Johnson, I forced my cock into her warm and tight pussy. Her body's so warm and so full, and looking at her face makes me feel like I was fucking an angel. She continued to fight, but her pussy began to fuck back involuntarily.
She's beginning to enjoy the assault again.

"Face it, whore, you're dirty ... dirty pussy full of men's cum ..."

"um ...... make me more dirty Michael, make me more dirty ..."

That night I shot my first load of cum into Liz's pussy. She was divorced by her husband, and since then she's devoted herself to be my full-time sex slave.

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