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My daughter's friend

(Part 1 from 1)

I´m a 42 year-old secretary. I have one daughter Sarah, she is now 19 years old. It was Friday afternoon. I just came home when the bell rang. It was Luciana, the black girlfriend of my daughter. I really liked her, she was a beautiful, 18-year old black girl. Luciana often came to my house. She wanted to go out with Sarah, but she still wasn´t there. I told her that she was still at school and that she would return in about one hour. Luciana asked me to wait for her in the living-room. 

“No problem”, I replied. When she sat down, she noticed the jeans which Sarah had left on the table. “I wish I could wear these jeans”, Luciana said. 
“But why not”, I asked, “I think Sarah and you have similar bodies”. 

“Well, I have had problems with jeans, my butt is often too big for them” she answered. “Really ? If you want, we go upstairs and you can try them, what do you think?” I suggested. “Okay, we still have a lot of time” she replied.

So we went upstairs to Sarah´s room. The first surprise came, as she took away her dress in front of the large mirror. She wore a black thong. I was a bit confused, because I had never expected that. Her figure was really beautiful, well-shaped, but it was very obvious that she had a quite big ass. However, it was athletic and had a good shape. 

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“Do you see what I mean”, she whispered. “Well, I think, your figure is fantastic and I don´t think, that it is too big” I lied. I knew that she was right. For such a young girl like her, her butt was too big.
“Let me measure your waist”. I took a measure and wrapped it around her waist. I didn´t know what happened that day, but while measuring I sometimes touched her ass. It was strange, I noticed that my mouth got extremely dry. Her skin was very warm and smooth and suddenly I felt a warm breeze rushing through my body and I could feel my cunt getting wet.

I thought to myself “stop now”, but as I looked in the mirror, I saw, that Luciana enjoyed my touches. Her nipples were hard and she had closed her eyes. Everything got out of control. I started to caress her ass very smoothly, I had no choice. Her breath went faster and a small moan came out of her mouth. 

“This is great” she whispered. I was that fascinated by her ass that I carefully took away her thong. It was like her ass was a magnet to my fingers which slowly slided into it. In this moments I just wanted to get into her, to melt with her. The warm and soft flesh of her ass between my fingers made me hot. Her asshole was warm and soft, it was fantastic. As her moans became louder and louder, I decided to discover her pussy. 

She was extremely wet. Again her cunt was like a magnet to my fingers and I let slide them in. It was hot and juicy in there. Luciana now collapsed on the floor and I forget everything around me as she lied there. I totally lost control and I pushed my fingers very hard into her swollen pussy. Fucking her with my fingers was the greatest turn-on in my life. She screamed out very loud and experienced her first orgasm.

Now, after that, we realized what had happened. I was afraid, that Luciana would tell anybody about this sudden sexual encounter, but until today, it is our secret and we still have only positive memories.

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