My dad's business partner -1

(Part 1 from 1)

I was 19 then. I lived with my dad, mom and younger sister. Mom and alice(my sister) had gone for a cousins wedding. So me and dad were living alone at home for a while.

It was around 10 pm. I cooked dinner for us when dad called me up. He said he was getting a client home. They had to discuss business. I was ok with it. In a while, i heard the car cominp up. They had come. I opened the door. Dad and his client came home. He was a tall, black man. Really muscular. We spoke for a while. His name was james. Then my dad and he were gonna discuss business so i went to my room. They we drinking and chatting.

I was really bored so i went to the living room. They were getting high now. I joined them. I was wearing white shorts and a mauve tee which showed off some of my cleavage. I sat down next to james. I felt him staring at my body and when i looked at him,he looked away. I pretended not to notice. My dad was just too drunk. Slowly, I sat closer to james. I somehow wanted him. I always had this fantasy of black men fucking my brains out. In a while, dad passed out. It was just him and me. I was teasing him. He put his hand on my thigh. He had really long fingers. It made my pussy wet. I coudnt take it any longer. I was so horny now. I guided his hand to the inside on my thigh. He smirked and felt my pussy from my shorts. I removed my shorts and put my hand on his cock. He was hard now. We were kissing. I sat on his lap. He placed one hand on my ass and the other on my boobs. He pinched my now hard nipples. I removed my top. He said i had really firm boobs. He removed my bra. He undressed himself. In all this while, I had forgotten my dad was right in front, passed out.

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I slowly went down on my knees. He had a fucking big cock ! around 11 inches and thick as a coke can. I coudnt take it all in my mouth. I began with licking the tip. Then his balls. I began sucking him. I could take only half in my mouth. He pulled my hair and thrusted his cock in my mouth. He was mouthfucking me for around 15 minutes. He cummed in my mouth. I swallowed it all like a whore. He put me on the couch and began licking my clit. He put a finger in my pussy. It felt like my boyfriends cock. He put another finger while licking me. I was moaning in pleasure. I cummed almost immediately.

He pinched my tits with the other hand and squeezed my boobs vigourously. I was in pain and enjoying it as well. Then he got up and put his cock near the mouth of my pussy. I guided him in. He was really big. He slowly thrusted his cock in me. I was sure his cock would tear my pussy. He thrusted all of it inside my pussy and started fucking me. I was screaming in pain. He was really rough. He held my hair tight while fucking me. He was using abuses which were somehow turning me on. I liked being called a slut. I cummed twice. He placed me on my fours and dog-fucked me,cumming inside me. He smacked my ass. He bit my back while fucking me. After 15 minutes of dogfucking, I stood and and he lay down. I was riding him now.

He was holding my boobs and eventually biting my tits leaving marks. He cummed inside me again. I wasnt on pills but i wanted it. I cummed almost 7 times during the entire fuck.

After riding him for around 10 mins, I went to the shower to clean myself. As i came out, I realized he wasnt done with me. He put me on the bed and applied kyjelly in my asshole. He was going to ass-fuck me. I had never been fucked like this before. Slowly,he put his cock in my ass. Smacking it. My ass was really tight. He couldnt enter with ease and called me a whore. He then thrusted in his cock roughly making me scream in pain. I told him to be easy. But instead he pulled my hair and fuckedme even harder. I coudnt make him stop. He cummed in me twice.

He fucked my ass for good 20 minutes. When he was done, he told me he was in town for a week or so. He would come again. We kissed and he went back to his hotel. The thought of his fucking me again makes me wet all the time now. Im waiting for our next fuck.

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