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My dad and me have fun (Gay Incest)

(Part 1 from 1)

100% fiction!

One day I was alone in the house with my dad. I was 18 and he was 47 He was pretty big, was in the marines before so he had alot of muscle, and he was a great father.
One day I felt like he went to the office for his daily workout.

So then thinking he was gone, I turned on pornhub, went to gay videos and started rubbing myself off.
I didn't know it but he got out and was heading downstairs to get a drink of water. He then saw me and said, "son what are you doing"
I quickly changed it to the Assassin's creed wiki that I was browsing through before I started t look at porn.

I told him that I was looking at the wiki, he said that he saw me looking at gay porn. I don't like lying so I said yes, he then told me to meet him in the office. After a minute he came upstairs to talk to me.
I was expecting to be berated but instead he asked me if I like that stuff. I told him yes so then to my surprise, turned his browser to a gay porn site. I started to get hard again.

He then asked like this, so I nodded. He started to rub himself and said that I don't need that anymore. He took out his 9' cock and said, you can suck on it if you want to.
That made me so hard so I jumped down on the ground in between his legs and just started sucking like the guys on the porno. He moaned alot and seemed like he really enjoyed it. I loved how horny I was making my own father.
Pretty soon he told me he was going to cum and he sent a wave of cum into my mouth to which I gleefully swallowed it.

I then asked for him to do me in the ass. He smiled, took my hand, and lead me to his bedroom.

He took out the lube he uses with my mom, I hear them doing it sometimes. So then he greases his cock and my ass up, spreads them and says "Prepare your boy cunt. "I just felt his cock spreading my hole open and feeling him thrusting. My moans turned from pain to pleasure within seconds. He was fucking me for 10 minutes when he said "Let me cum into your ass son"So I said yes and then I felt his cum going into my stomach and I really enjoyed it.

He told me that maybe we could do it more often and I said that I will be looking forward to it every time.

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