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My cousins big fart

100% fiction!

I'm jake and I'm well rounded have dark black hair blue eyes and I'm very athletic and I'm white. While visiting my cousin I had noticed we would play games sexually and not notice it so I asked him if he was gay and he told me no!! And we never spoke until this weekend. When we arrived our parents decided to go.

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And we would order pizza, when our parents left we never said much we just sat there watching tv. My cousin told me he was Horny and wanted to jerk his cock so I told him it was fine, for the first time I saw his 10inch cock it was so beautiful, I also got horny and decided to join him witj my 7inch cock.

He saw that I was amazed by the size and asked if I wanted to touch it how could I say I sat next to him and touched it and somehow my lips were on his cock head he told me to go on so I started suck his cock and slurping and he was moaning "YEAH!! Jake please don't stop, make me cum".

I sucked him and he started face Fucking me until he came in my mouth I saved the cum and started kissing him then I started rimming he's beautiful ass, shoving my tongue as deep as it can go and after a few second he let out a loud fart, I sniffed every fart until he shitted in my mouth and I swallowed it all and I started kissing him he then fucked my ass so hard it felt a baseball bat up my ass and he came then sucked the cum from my ass and spat on my face licked it then kissed me again then we sat there thinking about what happened, washed up and continued eating pizza and watching the movie.

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