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My coach

(Part 1 from 1)

-This story is completely fictional-
I am Manny and I am now 20 and attending college in the mid-west. I guess that some would call me a jock because of my typical six-pack, huge biceps, and giant cock. I am probably the most popular guy in school. People love me because I am just so lovable and easy on the eyes, if you know what I mean. I have always loved soccer ever since I was a little boy and this is how the story begins.

I arrive at soccer practice a little early because I had finished all of my homework for my classes the next day. I was looking out on the field thinking about how long I had been playing soccer. I went into the locker room and got dressed for practice. The locker room was huge with rows and rows of lockers with steam rooms and probably a hundred showes. The coaches office was just behing all of the lockers in what looks to be a closet turned into an office. I walked over to my locker, the closest one to the showers. I first took off my shirt exposing my beautiful chest. I had rock hard abs and pecks with no hair on them. I was true eye candy. Next I opened my gym bag to get out my soccer uniform. When I took all of the clothes out of my bag I realized that there was a condom on the bottom of my bag. I thought to myself about how that got there. I didn't really give it much thought. Next I took off my flip-flops and finally I took off my jeans. I was just standing there alone in the locker room with only a pair or shamrock boxers on. I had to put on my cup so I pulled off my shorts revieling my limp 9" cut penis. It had little hair naturally and was a beauty. I would always get comments on my penis from all the guys. I was the guy with the nicest dick, all the time.

I put on my cup and quickly put everything else on. I pushed open the locker room door and stepped out onto the field. I was excited for today's practice.
We had to start with a 3 mile run then 40 crunches; the middle and both sides. After we finished our warm up the coach decided that we needed to swim today to build up our resistance training. We hopped on over to the pool. No one was there and the coach told us to jump in. But, before we could jump in he stopped us realizing that we would still need to use our uniforms for the rest of practice so he told us to take them off and just jump it. We all stripped down naked with no problem because we were used to being naked around eachother. As we all walked over from where we took off our clothes to the pool the coach slapped me on my bare ass and said, "Take could care of your uncle Charle". He was talking about my penis. The coach always told me that everytime that he saw me naked. But when he did it this time it felt different. My dick became a little harder which the coach noticed and then said, "Don't you get too excited there" and laughed as I jumped in. 

The practice was really hard the rest of the time but I couldn't help but think about how he commented on my dick. I was pretty horny the rest of the practice and the team noticed. 

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After a long practice I decided to stay a little after and shoot some shots on the goal. It was dusk and the breeze started to come in as I began to take some shots on the goal. What I thought was about 30 minutes was actually an hour and everybody was gone by the time I went in to the locker room to change. All of my muscles were soar and I decided after I took a long hot shower to go into the steam room. I turned the shower knob all the way up and had the water beat into my muscles to relax them. I washed my hair and then soaped up by body paying close attension to my penis. I got out of the shower and walked across the already wet floor to get my towl to dry off then soak in the steam in the steamroom. I got my towel and headed on over to the steam room.

I opened the steam room door completly naked and our coach was sitting there. I had never seen him completly naked before, I always just saw him with a towel on but now I saw him completly naked. Our coach was about 6' 2" 180 lb. and had a penis the size of a baseball bat. He was somewhat hairy but had the genetals to be famous. He had the biggest balls I had ever seen and a penis that looked so apatizing.

I was hetro-sexual until I saw him. Everything that I knew before didn't matter and now all I wanted was him. I walked over and sat next to him. He looked over and said, "Hey! There's my star player...and there are his star players" (referring to my balls). When he said that he put his hand high up on my thigh about an inch away from my dick. My dick began to throb and instantly became hard. It stuck up like a giant pole and my coach noticed. He exclaimed, "Whoah man. It's okay, it happens to everyone". I was trying to look at him in the eye when he siad that but all I could do was stare at his penis. I stared at his penis for a minute or two and I think he knew because he kept glancing over at me. 

Eventually he said, "You like what you see?" I was shocked that he said that and didn't even know that he was staring. All I could do was blush and look away. He paused and then eventually said, "The best way to get this out of your system is to just do it." I was astonished and tried to play coy just incase it was a joke. I didn't say anything and noticed that his penis began to rise. I immediatly grabbed his 50 year old penis and started wanking. He let out a moan and then told me to go faster.

After a minute or so he came all over the place and I liked it all up with my tounge. The coach said, "lean back" so I did. I felt his lips around my 9" dick and let out a moan of pleasure. He said, "Ohhh...I have been waiting to have you in my mouth and now I do." He then went down all the way until my dick was deep in his throat. He swirled his tounge around the head and I couldn't hold back and shouted, "I'm gonna cum" I let out 10 strands of hot cum into his mouth and he sucked it all away.

We both got dressed and too this day we still have oral every so often.

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