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My best friend's wife

(Part 1 from 1)

Hello everyone, my name is Michael. This story happens to me four months ago. My best friend Aaron and his wife Jasmine had been together since they met in high school. Aaron is a short but humorous guy and Jasmine has this cute ass that anyone would like to fuck. We are good friend since high school and I was even the best man at the wedding. They were happily married until nine months ago. When Aaron started to cheat on her with a girl name Gail. Every time Aaron is out with Gail, he would tell Jasmine that he is over at my place. At first, Jasmine never even suspects a thing, until 4 months ago. Jasmine found out about them and that is when all these began. 

One day, Aaron called me up and told me that he is over at Gail’s and will turn off his cell phone. And just like the old times, if Jasmine calls, I will tell her he is in the bathroom and will call her back later. However, this day was not like the old times. Jasmine came to my house and knocked on my door. When I open up, I was speechless. I didn’t know exactly what to say or do. And before I could say a word, Jasmine stormed in and checked my whole place. She came back out with tears in her eyes. 

“Why? Why did he lied to me?” she said. 

I didn’t say a word; I didn’t know what to do at all. 

“You knew all about this didn’t you? You knew it all along” she said, “I know you are his best friend, but you are my friend too. Why didn’t you stop him?” 

I was so ashamed I couldn’t even look at her. She took a sit at the sofa and didn’t make a noise for what I think must have been 30 minutes. Then all of a sudden, she turns around and walked straight towards me. I thought she was gonna bitch slap me but out of my expectation she kissed me. 

“I am gonna make him regret what he did to me” she said, and started to kiss me again. 

I pushed her away and told her I can’t do this since Aaron is my best friend. 

“Why? Am I not attractive anymore? Is that why he has to cheat on me?” she said. 

“No, is not that, you are a very attractive woman” I told her. 

“Then come and take me. If he like fucking some other sluts, well then I will be his best friend’s slut.” She said. 

She then took out her clothes off and my god dose she has a great body. She jumps on me and started kissing me while she unzips my pants. After she got my pants off, she then realizes that I have a 9” cock. 

“Oh my god, you are twice that size of Aaron” she said “can I touch it?” 

“You can do whatever you like with it.” I said. 

She then put her hands on my balls and start playing around with it. This totally turned me on and gave me a hard on right away. 

“I thought you said you could do this, then why is you cock so hard Michael?” she said.

“Shut up and suck my cock you dirty slut” 

Then I push her head and ram my 9” cock right into her mouth. At first, she had problem handling my whole piece of meat, but after a while she got more comfortable with it. While she was sucking my cock, I started to play with her wet pussy, after a while I started to put 2 fingers in it. 

“Oh god, oh please, harder, put one more finger in there.” She said. I then put 3 fingers in her wet cunt and she couldn’t stop screaming with joy. 

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“Oh please, give it to me. Put your huge cock in my cunt.” She said.

“Sorry my slut, if you want it, you will have to beg for it.” I said. 

“Oh, please can I have you cock, please, I will do anything, anything you want.” 

“Anything?” I said. 

“Yes, anything, if you want, you can even cum inside me.” 

“Why do you beg me to fuck you like a dirty slut? Doesn’t Aaron satisfy you at all?” I asked

“No, he can never satisfy me with his tiny toothpick, unlike you Michael, you are a real man.” She said.

good girl Jasmine, now you can have my cock” I said

She then jumps on my cock right away and start riding it like a cowgirl on a wild horse. “Oh, you’re so big Michael, so fucking big. You have gone farther in me than anyone have.”

“Do you like it then my little slut?” I asked

“Hell yes, you give me more joy in one fuck than Aaron could ever give me.” She said 
“Oh god, you are so fucking big, I am about to cum.”

All of a sudden I stopped pumping her cunt and she was wondering why the hell did I shop. She looked straight at me and I told her “If you wanna cum, you must first let me have that sweet ass of you.” I said.

“No way.” She said “you will tear my asshole apart, plus, I don’t even allow Aaron to ass fuck me.”

“Well, did you allow him to fuck another slut? Plus if you don’t let me have it, I ain’t gonna fuck you no more.”

She paused and thought for a second, eventually she agrees to the deal. I flipped her over on her belly with her ass sticking right up in the air. She has the cuties and juiciest ass I have ever seen. I slowly went behind her and put the head my cock right at her rear opening. “Please be gentle with me.” She said

“I am sorry my little slut, but a slut like you should be punished.” Then I ram hard into her asshole. At first, all she can felt is pain, but after a while, she started to enjoy it. I was giving her the fuck of her life. Her ass was so tight and warm. It was one of the best I have ever had. I wonder what the hell Aaron is thinking, leaving this juiciest piece of ass at home all the time; he must have missed out a lot. “Oh god, you are tearing me apart. Please be more gentle, please.” She said. 

“But don’t you like it my little slut?’

“Yes, I do” she said. I kept fucking her ass for a next ten minutes and then I flipped her over and ram my cock back in her wet warm cunt again.

“yes, yes, give it to me, give it all to me.” She said “ I want every last drop of your load.” We both know that I am not wearing any condoms and I was riding her bareback. I was a little bit concern and I guess it must have shown on my face. So, out of the blue she said that “don’t worry, go ahead and shot you load in me, or else how can this be a payback.” After her words, I went crazy and start fucking her like I will never fuck again.
She was so into it that she kept telling me to call her slut and dirty whore. And after a hundred more strokes, I knew that both of us were about to cum. She wraps her legs around my back and really started fucking me back. 

“Oh god, you are so fucking good, I want every drop if you load, give it to me, make me pregnant with your baby. Give it all to me” she said. After that, I shot my load deep inside her wet pussy and she lay in my arms for a while. “You are so fucking great, I guess I married the wrong friend.” We laughed for a while and we fuck two more times that afternoon. Ever since then we fuck few time a week, at my place, sometime on their bed and once in a restaurant’s washroom while Aaron were waiting for us at the lounge. And now she is three months pregnant and she told me that it’s mine. Of course Aaron doesn’t know about it.

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