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My affair with a wife

(Part 1 from 1)

Ok, Im 21 now and this happened about 2month ago, but ever since i was about 18 ive always dreamed of having sex with my dad's wife.but it never became like serious thoughts untill recently.

so i would stay up my dads place for a couple days a week and his wife was obviously always there , shes about 5"10 and still has a amazing body for 35 , the best part were her legs and ass ,,, i could stare at them all day. but thats all it normally ever would be was just staring. then my dad started working more and he wouldnt be home as much when i was there. Then one day we were out in the backyard putting a little swingset chair up and annie(his wife) was wearing a short skirt and bent over , i almost had to just walk up and grab her but i knew i would be in trouble.

So for the next couple weeks i would try to do anything to see more skin of her. and then when my dad started working more and wasnt there much i felt it was my chance. It became pretty bad , she would be on the computer alot so i would purposly walk by with my dick out to see if she would notice or see how she reacted , but she never really seemed to notice. i had tried everything i thought of without being to direct , i even pretended to slip by her when she was standing and grabbed her ass. She just asked if i was ok and i nealy fucking came.

Then the next week while my dad was at work she was in the shower. i was out in the back playing basketball and the blinds on the bathroom window werent there , i seen eveything and just watch her shower and seeing her pussy was too much for me to handle , i had to have her.

So the next morning i woke up i knew she was on the computer so i walked by her about 5 times nude. at first she didnt even notice then the 3rd time i had seen her eyes look over , and to be sure i did it again and was positive she seen but she didnt say anything. so about 20 minutes later she was in the kitchen cooking with her robe on after her shower , i just stood there drinking and making it obvious i was staring at her ass , she looked back and i didnt even care to act like i wasn't , and she was sure i wanted her so she toyed with me , she had bent over multiple times for no reason and pulled her robe up more everytime.

Then one more time she did it in the kitchen and said " if your gona stare at my ass so much you may as well just grab it". I could not believe what i had heard and i just replied " uh what" in a shy voice , all she said was " you heard what i said and backed up in me. The second i put my hands on her ass i knew i wasnt dreaming , i turned her around after felling her ass and pussy and we started making out , she is an amazing kisser i must say.

We Carried on into her and my fathers bedroom , she pulled my pants down and quickly put my cock in her mouth , i couldnt believe this was happening and it was the best feeling ive had. for about 10 minutes she sucked my cock until i came in her mouth. then i laid her down and started feeling her pussy. I had only tried eating a girl out once before but with her it was like i knew exactly what i was doing because i did not want to disapoint. after about 15 minutes of my licking her amazing pussy i asked if she had condoms , she just said " i cant get pregnant " once i heard that i instantly put it in her. we started off with just her on top of me for about 10 minutes and it was unbelievable. Then she said " you like my ass so much, so have it " i figured this ment she wanted me to fuck her in the ass but first i tried something i had only seen in porn , I grab her ass and backed it into my face and ate her ass out.

At first i thought it was going to be a bad experiance and then once i did it , it was amazing i had never thought it could be so good and by the moans and way she grabbed my face pulling me in closer i can tell she loved it. i licked her asshole for about 30 minutes it seemed and she never stopped enjoying it and neither was i so did it longer. For atleast an hour i ate her ass , then i stopped and went to put my dick in her ass. it was a bit tight at first and hard to really get it but after about 5 minutes it seemed fine and it was the best feeling of my life , for so long i had dreamt of this and now it was actually real. I fucked her ass for what seemed for ever and was close to 2 hours. Then finally when i was about to climax she grabbed my cock and put it in her mouth , she had wanted me to cum all over her face , and i did i honestly exploaded , i never knew it was possible to cum so much. After we were finished we both had a ciggarete and then my dad was going to be home soon so i just went in my room like i always was.

My dad still doesnt know and me and annie have had sex multiple times and every time were more likely to get caught, ive had sex with her at family dinners and shes sucked my cock while my dad was just in the other room.

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