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My Wife's Ex Boyfriend

(Part 1 from 1)

My wife and I had been married for 5 years; we have enjoyed a satisfying sex life. I knew Kristine enjoyed sex. But I always wondered how she felt about being married and monogamy. As she had been really sexually active all through high school and had as far as I knew only been with me since we were married and moved to another state. I had wanted to know how she felt for a couple of years but was, I guess afraid of the answer. One day I finally asked her, and I as I expected she told me she really missed the unbridled passions of her early days. Then she promised me not to be to upset, but had something to tell me. She then told me a story that had occurred a couple of weeks ago while I was out of town on business. I was about to be shocked that my good wife had been unfaithful, but the true shock would come when I discovered how turned on I would get as she gave a blow by blow accounting (pun intended) of her experience. 

I had been gone for a couple of days and Kristine had been out shopping when she had run into her old high school flame, Ricky. He was a sales rep for a high end ladies clothing line, and was there visiting a new store that that carried his company's line that had just opened in the mall She described how wet her pussy had gotten as she embraced him and how her desire to be true had flown out the window as memories of their time together came pouring into her mind and how her body had involuntarily took over. He had invited her to come with him to the grand opening celebration. He had taken her by the arm and from that moment she was in his full control. 

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They had walked down to the other end of the mall and entered the store, he lead her to the section that contained Kristineís sizes, and told her to look around and he would be back in a minute. Kristine was amazed to find such lovely clothes in her sizes as she was 5'4" 150lbs and had a 36dd chest and often had trouble finding what she liked in her sizes. But here she found just about everything including a large inventory of lingerie. As she handled the most sexy bras and panties she had even seen (in her sizes at least) Ricky returned and asked if she had seen anything she liked. She nodded in the affirmative and said she wished she could afford some of it. He said don't worry that he would take care of it. So lets start with a new bra and panties he quipped. He sorted through some bras coming up with a nice boysenberry one. He reached and cupped one of her breasts and asked double d? She responded yes, as her nipples rose to answer in their own way. He picked a matching pair of panties, and led her to the dressing rooms and told her to try them on and he would return in a few minutes. She told me how hot she was getting as she undressed and removed her plain bra; she had not been wearing any panties as usual. She had just put them on when Ricky returned knocking, he said to let him in so he could inspect the fit, Kristine did, she stood there and modeled for him in her own teasing way. He bent and picked up the bra she had been wearing, looking for the panties he asked her where were the panties you were wearing, She said I wasn't wearing any, and I normally don't. Ricky just smiled and said some thing never change do they? He reached over and checked the fit of the bra. She told me he obviously was good at it as he slide his fingers in between the straps and worked them down to the cups checking for the proper fit, one he said that was not to loose but not to tight. It actually fit well and the cut was one that accented her cleavage and at the same time gave her the support she needed. He said the panties looked nice but knew it would be a waste as she would never wear them, He then moved over to her and removed them, but not with out first rubbing her pussy through the silky material. I could tell she was getting wet as she told me how he removed the now soaking wet panties from her and held it up to his nose and inhaled the aroma of her flaming box, remarking that he had missed the sweet smell of her pussy for years. He then exited leaving her there with nothing on but her bra. Kristine then explained how she began to play with her tits and to stroke her pussy, when he returned he had another bra and a set of fishnet stockings. This time they where green. Almost matching her eyes to the tee. He helped her out of the bra and into the new one, but not without first massaging her over excited breast and nipples. He then handed her the fishnet s and once again exited saying he would return in a moment. While he was away she put on the stockings and to her pleasure found them to be crotch less. She stood there looking at her self encased in such fine apparel and gently ran her hands all over the material, spending the most time rubbing her nipples through the sensual material. Ricky soon returned with an out fit in his hands and with a smile saying the color was perfect how it combined with her brunette hair and green eyes to create a sensually visual delight. He came to her and reaching around her grabbed an ass cheek in each hand and pulled her into a tight embrace and leaned over and began kissing her as he moved his hands around her ample tush. Then he spun her around toward the bench and embracing her from behind began working her breasts and nipples while at the same time kissing the back of her neck. He then gently pushed her to a bending position. From this position Kristine could see in the mirror. She saw Ricky dropping his pants. The sight of his large cock after so many years almost had her cumming on the spot. 
He moved up to her and with one push inserted his massive boner all the way in. She told me she the feeling was unbelievable, since he had been larger then me and she had only been with me, since we had been married years her pussy had felt like the very first time it had a cock. With two strokes she had began to have an incredible orgasm. As she quivered in the throes of her orgasm Ricky began to thrust in and out giving her a hard fucking, as he thrust his massive cock into her he reached to her breasts and began squeezing her nipples, he then pulled the cups under her breasts exposing her nipples to the cool air, which heighten the already erect nipples. As he intensified the pace he began tugging on Kristineís nipples, something that she loves the harder he pulled the harder his trusts became, Kristine had to hold her arms on the bench to stay standing. Kristine was soon cumming again and was followed shortly by Ricky who dumped his load into my wife's wet pussy. He pulled out, brushing his juice covered cock up her ass crack wetting it in the process. He pulled his pants up and maneuvered Kristine to a sitting position, and said to wait right there that he would be right back. He returned within a few minutes. However, He wasn't alone he had with him a 40ish looking sales lady. See Maxine! Ricky remarked how good she looks in that new line of lingerie I was telling you about. Maxine replied she does looking rather nice, except for that cum dripping out of her pussy, and with that Maxine dropped to her knees and began sucking the cream from Kris tines pussy. Kristine had never had another woman go down on her and was to shocked at first to even react, By the time she had come to her senses, Maxine had expertly cleaned her up and had her again heading for an orgasm, Ricky walked to the side of Kristine and started to play with her nipples again gently at first then more forceful. He pulled out his semi hard cock and ran it around her nipples, this drove her crazy, so when he had put the head of his cock to her lips she had engulfed it in one swallow and began to greedily suck it to its full stature. By now my own cock was swollen to its full limit and the pain of being contained in my pants was unbearable so I had to pull it out. Kristine smiled and remarked that she was glad to see I was taking it so well, and with that she pulled off her top exposing her bra encased tits, which did nothing to prevent her erected nipples from poking out. She soon had that off and continued her tale. She told me of how she loved the feeling of having a woman lick her pussy. She said it was like nothing she had ever experienced. As she engulfed Ricky's cock she could taste her own pussy juices mixed with cum which she said was a delightful taste. While she recounted this she had knelt at my feet and had surround my cock with her tits and had began stroking it with them. She said she was just about ready to have another orgasm when Maxine had stopped her licking, She said she had tried to look down and see why, but Rickyís had body blocked her view so she had went back to sucking his cock like it was the last one in the world. When all of the sudden she felt a rubbing on her clit, she couldn't tell what it was so as she glanced down she saw Maxine rubbing her erected nipple on it, Maxine worked the nipple up and down her pussy lips and back up to her clit and with a swirl sent Kristine off on an orgasm of unexpected proportion. She had to pull Rickey's cock out so she could catch her breath. Then told me how, just as she had pulled Ricky's cock from her mouth he sent a load of cum all over her tits. By now I was ready to explode. She told my how Maxine had come up and licked her tits clean, this was all it took and I was spaying my Jizz all over her double D"s 
As Kristine licked my cum off of her tits, she told of Maxine feeding her, her breast all coated with her own pussy juice and how she had lick them clean. 

All I could say was WOW... she said wait her a minute and I will tell you the rest of it. 
The rest of it I said.....there's more? Oh yes she said now wait right her and, Iíll return in a minute 

to be continued.........

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