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My Wife and Her Lover

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 A year or so ago my wife and I started fantasizing about having other people join us for sex. We both had very similar desires which we discovered one drunken night while we were having sex... we just started talking about it and we both got very turned on... it ended up being an excellent night of sex. The main fantasy we share is to have another man join us so we can share him with eachother. Although I have never been with a man, I do have bi-sexual thoughts and Jen is really turned on by the idea as well. I also, for some reason, really get off on the idea of Jen fucking and sucking other men which she has taken advantage of a few times. The first time was with a guy she had met on line, they exchanged e-mails for a couple of weeks and then they decided to meet for coffee. When she asked if this would be okay with me, I was very excited and told her to go for it. When she got home she said he was very nice and was also very hot looking as well and although they did just have coffee and talk, she was very turned on so she took me to our bedroom, we got naked, and as we fucked she went on and on about how badly she wanted to fuck this guy.

I really got off seeing her this way. The following week they made definate plans to meet at a hotel, they even talked about how badly they wanted eachother in their e-mail, which I got off on reading a number of times that week. When the day finally came Jen dressed casually in a blouse and denim skirt with no bra or panties.... which he had requested and she was more than happy to oblige. I kissed her goodbye and told her to let loose and have fun and I'll be waiting to hear all about it when she gets home... then she left with a huge smile on her face.

She arrived home about 3 hours later and when I met her at the door she was still smiling just as she was when she had left but now there was a strong glow of passion in her expression as well as that freshly fucked look about her. As I asked her how it went she took me by the hand and whisked me to our bedroom telling me how great it was along the way. As she gave me the play by play we tore off our clothes and jumped in bed... I could smell this guys cologne all over my wife and I can't begin to explain how excited this made me feel. She told me every single detail of what they did... a total play by play... the petting... the licking... the sucking... and when she got to the part where they started fucking, I asked her if he had worn a condom and instead of answering me she put her hands on my shoulders and pushed me down her body. I took her hint and kissed my way down stopping to suck each nipple, which she had just told me he had also done. I continued my way down my wife's torso and stomach tasting their combined sweat and smelling her lover's colongue as I went.

Even before I got within tongues lenght of Jen's pussy I could smell their combined sexual odour... which answered my question... he obviously hadn't worn a condom. As I paused momentarily trying to decide if I wanted to take this next step, Jen suddenly grabbed the back of my head with both hands and pulled my face into her hot, wet pussy... she had made up my mind for me as I now had my lips and tongue buried in her cum filled pussy. As if instinctively, I began licking her, cleaning the cum from her, and enjoying it more than I ever thought I would. As I did, she told me how much he had cum inside her and how she had pinched her legs together, keeping his sperm from leaking out of her during the short drive home. She wanted to keep every drop of this guys cum inside her because she badly wanted me to taste the cum of another man... and it was obvious, she was enjoying having me eat his cum from her. And I too was enjoying it, I actually liked the taste, and I knew I was hooked... few things now turn me on as much as sucking another man's freshly deposited load from my wife's cunt. Jen eventually pulled me up and we kissed (I usually give my face a quick wipe on the bed sheets on the way up from feasting on her pussy, but I didn't this time). I planted my sloppy lips on hers and forced my cum-coverd tongue into her mouth and our mouths slipped back and forth on eachothers as we shared this other guys cum between us.

While we kissed, I brought my very hard cock to her pussy and slid it easily into her cunt. This too felt better than usual... knowing another man's cock was just pounding away and blew his load into Jen's pussy made it feel amazing.. a bit sloppy... but sssooo amazing!! It didn't take long before I also came deep inside Jen adding to the sloppiness of her pussy. She had an orgasm along with me and as we recovered in eachothers arms we continued to talk about her new lover and the sex they had just had. She described him as "very hot" - he was 26 years old, tall, dark, and handsome, with one of those "hard bodies" on him and a cock very similar to mine (7" cut), but she said that he had a huge set of balls on him which she couldn't get enough of. She played with them while she sucked his cock then she moved down - licking and sucking them. She also commented on how good his balls felt slapping against her ass as he fucked her. When I asked her how good he was? She said that she can't remember being so turned on as she was when he climbed on top of her... his body so hard and muscular... and so "in control" as he slid his hard member into her. Better than me then?, I asked. Jen replied, No, but the truth came out a couple of nights later while we were making love - she said that he was the best fuck she had ever had... I told her she had better see him again then?Jen said it was already set up, she would be spending the whole night at his place this Friday... we both reached orgasm.

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As Friday drew closer I could tell that Jen was ready to bust with excitement, she was very happy and extremely horny, as I was, because we stopped having sex a few days leading up to her date so she would be not only horny for him, but also clean. Not that being horny for him would ever be a problem... she badly wanted him again. She did finally relieve me on Friday morning with a blowjob.. I came in no time... I'm sure we were both thinking of the events that could happen that coming night while she gave me head.

At 6pm she stood at the door, with her overnight bag in hand, ready to go... I approached her telling her she probably wouldn't be needing the bag if she planned on being naked all night. She said she was taking it just in case... and with that we embraced and kissed deeply. I wished her a good time and she was gone.

I spent the entire lonely night with a hard-on. All I could think about was what Jen was doing with her lover. I even began to get a bit paranoid and jealous as I laid there in bed. Was she falling in love with this "best fuck she ever had"? I had to stop thinking about it for awhile... I finally fell asleep. When I woke up I felt much better about it. I realized that, yes, Jen has fallen for the guy but she has fallen in lust... not love.

She arrived home at around 10:30am and when I met her at the door she looked very tired, her hair was a mess and she basically looked a bit rough all around... but again she had a big smile from ear to ear. "I need some sleep", was all she said. I took her to our bedroom and helped her get undressed. I pulled her sweatshirt over her head, her braless breasts stood firm but a bit swollen from perhaps some squeezing and nibbling. I could once again smell a mixture of her lovers cologne, their sweat, and their sexual odours as I knelt at the side of the bed to remove her sweatpants. I was so horny as I pulled Jen's sweats down past her bare pussy that I could hardly resist burying my face in her patch. I slipped her pants over her feet taking her socks with them... Jen was lying on her back with her legs hanging over the edge of the bed as I knelt on the floor between her legs... what a view... her pussy was red and puckered from a long night of use. I lifted her legs up, and spreading them, I placed her feet on the edge of the bed allowing me full veiw of her pussy and ass. I noticed that her asshole was also red and puckered which took me by surprise because Jen doesn't allow anal play, but before I could dwell on the issue my eyes where redirected to her pussy, as a steady stream of white fluid started leaking from it. I immediately locked my lips around Jen's pussy and began drinking her lovers cum from her. I licked away until Jen came and I had swallowed all she had to offer. I then swung her legs around so she was laying properly on our bed, pulled the blankets over her naked body, kissed her full on the lips, and wished her pleasent dreams.

While Jen slept I decided to go down stairs and masterbate to releive the pressure on my hard cock. As I passed by the front door I noticed Jen's overnight bag on the floor... being nosy, I opened it to see what all she had taken with her and to my surprise she had taken our digital camera. I literally ran to the computer to download what I hoped were pictures of Jen and her lover in the act.

There were 36 new pics on the camera and as I scrolled through them I saw many shots of Jen's naked body in very vulnerable positions as well as some close-ups of her licking and sucking this guy's cock and balls all of which he had obviously taken. Then there were a few detailed shots of this guys muscular body and hard cock which Jen must have taken. But the most suprising pics were the last 3 on the camera... my mouth dropped... here was Jen, my loving wife who had brushed off my many attempts at trying anal with her, clearly taking this guys hard cock up her ass and enjoying it. The first had Jen on her knees, head flat on the bed, hands in a fist clenching the sheets, with his cock buried to the nuts in her ass. The look on her face said it all... she was loving it. The next pic was a close-up of this guy's large, hard cock half buried up Jen's ass, closely showing her stretched asshole as it tightly griped his shaft. The third was again a close-up of this guy's hard cock fully out but about an inch from Jen's asshole... there was a "string" of his cum between the tip of his cock and her ass... and his cum could also be seen leaking from her asshole... he had blown his load up my wife's ass!!! I e-mailed a copy of the pics to my private e-mail and put the camera back in her bag as if I never saw it.
There's more to cum!!!

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