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My Teenage Slumber Party : (Part One)

(Part 2 from 2)

I went to return my hand to Emily’s pussy only to find that her pants had now been removed and Lisa had taken over the duty of massaging her wet slit. I placed my hand on top of Lisa’s for a while and the two of us hand-fucked Emily until she was helpless, writhing against us. Tracing Emily’s right arm with my hand, I found that she was vigorously rubbing Lisa’s own naked cunt in return for the favour.

The next few minutes were a dreamy blur of sensual confusion, a blind man’s orgy. I played with any piece of naked flesh I could find, everything and anything I could lay my hands on. I mean, how often do you get to feel up two 17 year old lesbians while they make out? It wasn’t an everyday event. I remembered how hot Lisa’s ass had looked in hipster jeans earlier that evening and I was determined not to miss out on the opportunity of touching it in the flesh. So I reached over to get access to it. In the process of doing so, my cock - which was still bolt upright – pressed itself firmly against Emily’s tits, an unintentional but desirable side-effect. I found the tight flesh of Lisa’s ass and gripped the firm buttocks with my hands, pushing her down harder on to Emily’s fingertips.

It is impossible to say which one went first, but within the space of the next forty-five seconds, the two girls had enormous orgasms. I continued to squeeze Lisa’s ass as I felt her start to jerk spasmodically against Emily’s hand. Meanwhile Emily bucked up and down against Lisa’s finger-fucking, letting out barely concealed pants of ecstasy. None of us seemed to care in the slightest whether the others in the room could hear, but out of politeness we still remained as quiet as we could in the circumstances.

So erotic was the situation and so determined was I not to be left out that whilst guiding Lisa’s ass back and forth, I stole the opportunity to thrust my slippery cock against Emily’s generous breasts. I wasn’t able to make myself cum like this, but Emily and Lisa were cumming enough for three at that moment. It felt like a blissful age before the two of them finally stopped shuddering and removed their hands from between one another’s legs.

The room became perfectly still and calm again. There was no noise from the others. Perhaps they had simply slept through it all? We hadn’t made so much noise, had we? I wondered if this was to be the end of the excitement but it wasn’t long before I felt Emily turn her body towards me again and return my erection to her hot mouth. It felt even better with the new urgency that flooded through me.

I could feel Lisa, who was still on her side, lean up and over Emily, so that the two girls’ heads and chests were parallel and available to my groin. My cock was released from Emily’s mouth and within seconds I felt a new mouth clamp itself around the tip. Or was it a new mouth? It was impossible to tell and all the more erotic for it.

I found that Emily now had her right arm around Lisa, allowing her friend to get in closer, and that Lisa’s upper body and breasts were pressed softly against Emily’s side. This enabled me perfect access to each girls’ exquisite pair of tits. I alternated playing with each, with the same regularity that their mouths alternated sucking on my dick. Lisa used her free arm to simultaneously wank me into whichever mouth it was that was doing the sucking. The two girls seemed to be teasing each other with their possession of my erection, passing it to one another’s mouth to be swallowed or sucked a few brief times before swapping again. Pushing their breasts out so they were more or less housed together in a heavenly line, the girls would also break away from sucking and Lisa’s hand would wank and gently slap my cock against the two pairs of increasingly slippery tits.

By now the duvet covers had completely fallen away and all three of us were exposed to the air of the pitch dark room, caution all but thrown to the wind. I remained on my side but stuck my hips out, fucking rapidly against whatever it was – hand, mouth or breast – the girls chose to present to my cock. I could feel a powerful orgasm swirling about inside of me, rising by the second, and I realised I was about to cum on my two naked lesbian lovers.

When suddenly…

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The bedside light came on.

“What’s going on?”. It was Sara’s voice.

“What the fuck?...”, I heard Dan exclaim in surprise.

Natalie shrieked.

Even with our eyes readjusting to the light in the room, the picture was impossible to conceal. There was I, boxer shorts around my knees, with a huge erection sticking up from my waist, an inch away from Lisa and Emily’s mouths and tits, with no duvet covering us, or even one nearby that we could grab to cover up.

Lisa immediately let go of me and looked up guiltily. Emily looked embarassed and froze. But it was too late for me. I had passed the point of no return. I could do more than look down and hope that it happened without anyone realising.

It was a hope that could not have been more in vain. My cock twitched and a massive jet of spunk rocketed out, several inches high, and landed straight across the side of Lisa’s face. She responded quickly and leaned back to get out the firing line, but no sooner had she done so than a second jet flew out, more voluminous and higher than the first, and splashed directly across her tits. I could do no more than stay frozen, in shame and ecstasy, as my cock twitched again and spat a third wad of sperm right on to Emily’s lips, and another in quick succession over her neck and hair. There had been stunned silence in the room until that point but Natalie shrieked again when a final wad jettisoned from the tip of my cock and flooded Emily’s nostrils. She immediately sat up and went into an overdrive of panic trying to sniff it back out.

The room erupted into chaos. Sara was furious. Natalie was embarassed but couldn’t stop giggling. Lisa and Emily were mortified and quickly found a duvet to cover themselves up, hurriedly getting dressed underneath it. Dan was trying to keep everybody calm. Lisa and Emily apologised and said they were going to leave. The two girls said nothing further to me but smiled politely at Natalie and Sara before leaving the flat.

I had got dressed myself and was red-faced, saying nothing. I hoped Dan would not hold it against me, but Sara could be a little peculiar about things and I felt bad I may have caused friction between them. As for Natalie, she just kept giggling, which helped me to feel less embarrassed.

Sara decided it was probably best if Natalie and I were to leave too. We both agreed. “We’ll order a taxi”, I said, “it can pick us up from down the street”. I was already dressed, so Natalie quickly put a sweater over her vest, picked up her jacket and left the flat in her pink pyjama bottoms. I apologised to Dan and Sara and followed her quickly out the door.

Continued in Part Two...

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