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My Teacher

(Part 1 from 1)

This is the story of the glorious night when my panty fetish first started.

I am 18 and at my high school there is a teacher that i have had a crush on for a very long time. She is tall, medium length brown hair, beautiful legs, an amazing ass and the perfect (and i mean perfect) tits. Now this is where it really gets good, she is my best friends Mum.

One night I went over to his house, she took us from the school back to the house where she immediately started downing a few beers. My friend and I went into his room and played video games when I noticed a laundry basket that I assumed was full of His mums dirty smelly panties.

I decided I would make a move that night and I waited about an hour after my friend had fallen asleep when I heard something in His mums room, I creeped into her room and saw that she had passed out on her bed
and I knew that was my best chance. I went back and started exploring the laundry basket and, bingo 2 pairs of used panties a bra and a sweaty sports bra (it was then I noticed that her tits were bigger than I had ever thought they were DD and massive too) and to the left was a pair of enclosed high heels that belonged to her that smelt soooo good (i have a massive foot fetish too). I took all these items and hid myself in the toilet. I started masturbating to the smell of her pussy and asshole and it was amazing, everything I had ever dreamed of from her, but there was a problem. Even after at least half an hour of me stroking and smelling I could not cum, I needed more.

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That was when I remembered she was in the next room, passed out. I thought it was too good to be true I spied into her room. She was wearing a tight black skirt, a button up shirt that was definatelly
too small for her chest and she was bear foot with her feet dangling off the side of the bed.

I decided to be sure she wouldn't wake up so I called her name a few times and there was no responce. I became more and more excited as I steeped into the room towards the side of the bed where I had decided to start with her feet. I knelt down infront of them, they smelled so sweaty and dirty which is just how I like them. I smelt them and admired them for a few minutes and then decided I wanted a taste. I leaned in and started to like her soles. They were so dirty and salty it was fantastic. I must have spent half an hour sucking her pretty toes when I decided to go further.

I started to lick up her leg, up past the knee and up the thigh until I reached the skirt. she was laying on her back now and the zipper to undo the skirt was in sight. I overcame my nerves and undid it slowly, knowing she wont wake up but still cautious and then I pulled it right off over her soaking wet feet. I stared at her ass there in just pretty little pink panties for quite some time, but I still needed more. I slowly reached onto her hips and grabbed the sides of her panties and this time much faster with no hesitation pulled them off. And there it was, her amazing pussy, the one I had dreamed of seeing for years.

I positioned myself on the bed with my nose snug in between her 2 thighs but she started to move. I quickly got away as she rolled onto her back right when I was finishing. After that I put all her clothes back on her except the panties.

The next morning she woke up and gave me a little view up her skirt on purpose, she still had no panties then she gave me a little wink and left for work.

That was the best night ever.

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