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My Teacher and I

(Part 1 from 1)

Note : This story is completely fictional!

It was the first week of a new school year and i was hating it already. I checkd my timetable, Great. I had a double period of french. I hated french. I stepped into the classroom and sat down at the back and waited for the arrival of my new teacher.

I was dumbfounded when she walked in. She was about 5 foot 8, long dark hair, beautiful brown eyes, a nice big ass and a huge pair of breasts. I sat and stared for the first lesson and then when the bell sounded for the second period of the lesson, she came over and sat next to me to see how i was getting on. I accidentally kicked the desk and a few pens rolled over the side, she bent over to pick them up and i caught a view of her perfectly shaped ass. She caught me staring and asked me "Like what you see?" and i replied "Yes miss". And that was the end of that particular moment. The day passed by slowly with my thoughts of ramming my dick up Miss Claringbolds pussy. When the final bell sounded i picked up my coat and left through the main exit.

Damn, it was a stormy afternoon and did not want to walk home in the rain. I tried to ring my mother to pick me up but i had no credit. So i though, fuck it. I walked out into the rain and past the car park, as i passed the car park, Miss Claringbold got into her car. I carried on walking out onto the path by the main road and after id walked about a hundred meter, she pulled up along side of me and offered me a ride home, which i gladly accepted.

She asked me where i lived, and i gave her directions. As we drew nearer and nearer to my house she took a sudden left turning. I asked "Where are we going?" she replied "Well we dont want you going home wet do we? Im taking you abck to my house to get you dried up" so i went along and we stopped at her house after a 10minute drive.

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We went inside and she told me to sit on the sofa, while she went and got some towels for me. 5 minutes later she came down and gave me a towel to dry myself. I stood up and dried my hair first then my uniform, and as i was doing this i could see Miss Claringbold staring in a seductive way, and i carried on drying until she came up behind me and pulled off my shirt and trousers till i was stood there in my underwear. She said to me "Wanna show me the big boy? I saw the size of him when you were staring at my ass" and before i had time to reply she yanked down my underwear and gazed at my 5 inch unerect dick. All she said was "wow". And then she knelt down before my dick and began to suck. I could feel myself growing and hardening in her mouth. She licked up all my pre cum and then slowly undressed herself and got on all fours on the sofa and said "Stick that in me now, i want it so bad".

I couldnt believe it! I was about to fuck my teacher!

I stood over her peachy big ass and knelt behind her and then guided my dick into her already wet pussy, and then stuck my hands under her arms and carressed her 36dd breasts. i pumped my dick inside her for atleast 20minutes whilst she screamed my name, before she sensed i was about to cum so she pulled away knelt and began to suck again. the pleasure was sensational ass i spurted my load all over her sexy little face.

After this i dried off a bit more and then she drove me home.

What a day!

This still continues to happen every tuesday and thursday, nobody but me, her and another teacher who is a friend of hers know this. I have had a threesome with Miss claringbold and her friend i just mentioned which i will write about another time.

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