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My Son's friend

(Part 1 from 1)

One night I was all alone at home watching my soap operas, drinking wine and eating strawberries. That's my usual routing after work on Friday nights. I come home undress, fix myself a light dinner, then I hit the shower and crawl in my bed to watch my soap operas. At about 10:30pm or so, my son and a friend of his walk in the house.

Apparently they had been involved in a fist fight with some other guys at a party, according to them. My son bleeding from the nose, goes to the bathroom and washes his face and straightens himself out. My son's friend Matt also had a cut on his face that I brung to his attention and told him he should wash his face. He said "really? ...aww why didn't I notice it?". My son in the restroom with the door closed so I told Matt to use the kitchen sink. I grabbed some gauze and some alcohol to put on his wound so it could not get infected and help it heal faster.

My son was being loud and kicking the bathroom door as if he was really upset about what had happened. I went over to the bathroom to calm him down. I opened the bathroom door and my son was holding his head, saying he had a huge headache. Not from the fighting but from the drinking he was doing at the party. He said he felt so weak and just wanted to crash in his bed. I told him maybe that would be best, told him he needed rest and that tommorow morning he would feel better. He went over to the kitchen to say goodbye to Matt and thanked him for bringing him home that night.

Matt was getting ready to leave the house when I stopped him and asked him "are you sure you don't need anything?" he replied, "well what would you recommend I do after being involved in a fist fight?"

I said "You need rest, let me thank you for taking care of my son and bringing him to safety, have a seat on the sofa and ill give you a massage." I saw his face lit up, I could tell that Matt was very attracted to me, he kept giving me real flirty looks and would catch im staring at my body when he thought I wasn't looking. He sat himself down on the couch and I started to rub on his neck and his back, I could tell he was enjoying it because he would gasp slowly and let out soft moans. Now just by rubbing on Matt's body I began to get excited and turned on. He had such a nice built body, broad shoulders, nice built chest and a nice pair of arms that went perfect with his package.

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As I continued to massage him, he grabbed my arms and brung them down to his stomach area and began rubbing there, I knew that it would lead to nothing but trouble so I stopped. He turned around and said "Ms. Rodriguez I'm sorry, its just're such a gorgeous woman and it's always been a dream of mine to have intimate moments with you, since the day I met you." I was speechless and didn't know what to say. I told him I was flattered but this would be wrong in so many ways. Fighting the temptation to jump his bones, I started faning myself with a magazine that was laying around and he says "I make you horny, don't I?" As I stared at him and couldn't believe he just asked me that.

Instead of replying with no or some other turn down I said, "well you are a gorgeous young man." He walks over to me and grabs me by the waist, lifts me up on to the kitchen counter and starts kissing me, passionately as if I was his love of his life. I just love the fact that this young beautiful man was all over me and has had fantasies about me. I started to rub all his body and just feeling his body next to me, made me really horny. I stopped him and said "wait, I have to see if my son George is sound asleep, I wouldnt want him knowing about this and end up teling his father." I walked over to my son's room and crack the door open just to see him passed out and snoring from the deep sleep he was in.

I went back to the living room and saw Matt straighting himself out. I told him "let's go to my bedroom better Matt, that way, you can have your way with me." We go to my room and the first thing Matt asks me is "are you ready for the fucking of your life?" He had so much confidence in himself that I started to giggle and laugh a little. I told him that I haven't had good sex in such a long time since my husband and I never really have sex anymore. He started undressing me, taking off my top and pulling my panties down. I started to get really horny of the thought of this young 20 year old man getting ready to pleasure me and give me the fucking of my life.

He took out his cock and I was shocked on how big it was. It was easily 8 inches or so, with about 3 inches of width. It was such a beautiful cock, I couldn't believe such a young man would have one that big. He asked me "can you go down on me?" I replied "sure thing hun." He was very anxious and pulled me down by my shoulders and grabbing the back of my head, pulling my towards his cock. I didn't hesitate as I took his beautiful cock all the way in my mouth, deepthroating it and sucking it from top to bottom. I pulled off his boxers all the way down on the floor as I had intentions of having his balls in my mouth. My head bopping up and down, sucking his dick, I thought to myself "I can't believe Im really doing this."

After several minutes of me sucking his cock, he pulls me back up and throws me on the bed. I was soaking wet by just giving him oral pleasure that I was ready for his cock in me. He whispers to me "Babe I'm about to put you to sleep".....he puts his cock on my pussy lips and teases me with it for a couple of seconds, then shoves his shaft deep in my pussy. I let out a loud moan as it enters in me. He was giving me the fuck of my life as he had promise he would, he was talking dirty to me in the process. Telling me stuff like "come on hun, take it, take it, you know you want it" and "I've been wanting to fuck for you a long time." I reached about 5 orgasms in the first 10 minutes of our intense fuck session.

He treated me like a rag doll and placed me where ever he wanted me to and fucked me any way he wanted me to. After about 20-25 minutes of different positions and multiple orgasms on my behalf. He starts fucking my mouth with his cock and I just loved every second of it. He whispered with a shaky voice "Im gonna cum in your mouth, Im gonna cummmm." He let off his load in my mouth and it was a huge load, I made sure I swallowed every drip and sucked him dry. He spent the night that night as I locked the door and had sex with him over 5 times that night. He wore me out and made me reach climax over 20 times. That night, I fell in love with Matt.

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