My Sex Change

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It was the day I had been waiting for. My bags all packed, two years of saving and working hard and I could finally go on my round the world trip. I said goodbye to my friends and family and checked myself onto the plane. First stop; London.

With my final waves and promises to return with presents I walked through the doors and sat myself on the plane. It was finally happening. The cabin crew began with take-off instructions and I began to force myself to sleep- 15 hours of flying ahead......

BANG CRASH BOOM I'm awoken to the sound and heavy shaking in the plane. The pilot saying over the loudspeaker to fasten seat belts. I feel the plane turn into a nose dive and before long all I felt was a massive crash and then the sudden covering in water. Panicking I pulled myself out of my chair and began to tread water whilst putting a life jacket on. It had become clear we had crashed into the sea. The waves and conditions were terrible and within minutes I could not see any parts of the plane or any survivors. I began to panic and tread water hoping for rescue authorities. I became so exhausted I must have fallen asleep in my vest.

I woke the next day to again see nothing but water around me. I was starving and there was nothing in sight. The water had calmed down but there was no sight of the plane or anyone else. I swam round in circles and saw a fishing boat, perhaps a kilometre away. I began to swim towards it and eventually I got to it. I start banging on the rusty hull and yelling and eventually I'm greeted by a 40 something fisherman who helps me up onto the boat.

"Heya mate, you look ruined! We're you part of that plane wreck going to London?" He asked.

"Yes I was mate, I don't know where anyone else is though" I replied and started to sway. The captain grabbed me and before I knew it I had passed out.

I woke up in a small but comfy bed some hours later. I was greeted by the captain and he was holding some food. "Hey mate I'm glad you rested.. I left you in the sun to dry out and then carried you into my spare bed... The names Joe"

I began to eat, "Thanks Joe, my names Paul"

"Well Paul, eat up, shower and rest, the radio instructions are to take you into the nearest port which is just near Thailand. Unfortunately my radio is broken and I can't radio back to say I got you"

"How far is Thailand from here Joe?" I asked.

"About 4 days good sailing mate so get comfy"

I had a shower and decided to go to sleep. Just after my shower I hopped into bed and discovered a pair of lace panties in the bed. White lace, the sort of ones you see that girls wear when they are wearing stocking and garter belts. I couldn't control myself. I kept touching them and feeling the smooth silk thru my fingers. I started rubbing it over my cock. It got hard. I kept doing it and then decided to put them on. First left foot then right foot then all the way. My dick was raging hard by now. As if it was screaming for me to wank it and force cum into these beautiful panties. I began, it felt so relieving, stroking my hand up and down my cock over and over again. CREEK, I hear the door open and I see Joe.

'Oh shit sorry mate' I heard him reply but still looked down at my cock. He looked a little shocked to see me in panties. I turn around quickly to hide myself and my embaressment. "I..I... I'm sorry" I replied.

"Its ok" His tone softened... "You know, I'm always out on this boat alone and never get anytime to share with anyone else." He stopped and looked me in the eyes. "It would be good to share some time together."

What exactly did he mean by 'share some time together'. "I.. I.. don't really understand what you mean Joe."

"I think you do have a rough idea boy... after all I did save your life, and you're wearing a pair of my ex girlfriends panties." He looked at me and smiled. He began to check me up. His eyes looking at me up and down. I did have a rather slender figure for a 22 year old and I remember when I grew my hair long I once got confused for a girl. "For a boy", he began, "You'd make a great girl" He reached over and started to jerk my rock hard cock. I was so stunned I didn't even put up resistance. Oh my goodness, it felt like ecstasy, the way he stroked my cock, the feeling of the silkiness on my balls. It kept going and then bang. Brilliant streams of heat surged through my body. My muscles tensed. I felt my cum ooze down my shaft.

"Clean yourself up babe" He looked at me and smiled. "I'll get some clothes for you"
He came back with a suitcase. "When my ex left me, she also left some of her clothes. I think some might fit you. Considering you enjoyed her panties so much" He looked at me and smiled. "Why were you wearing them?" He asked.

Embarrassed I said "I've always loved wearing panties, I even have a collection back home"
"Oh wow, very nice" Joe replied, "Well, you are going to love this suitcase" Lingerie, panties skirts silky blouses of everytype you name it , its here. Like a kid in a candy story I was spoilt for choice. But I eventually chose matching black bra and panties with a short skirt and white blouse. Joe nodded in approval and watched me get changed into it.

"You look gorgeous love" He said. "We can't keep calling you Paul. How does Laura sound?" I looked at him and nodded with a smile. I couldn't get over how good I looked in the mirror.

"Great" He said, "Your dressing as a girl till we get to Thailand, and your my girl" He leaned in and began kissing me. I tried to resist but realised he was must stronger than me and I began to enjoy it. My dick agreed, as it stood at attention. Joe noticed this and started fondling my dick in a way I had never experienced. I loved it. I felt him pull back and start pushing my head down... I could see his boner in his pants. I knew what he wanted. I pulled his pants down and saw what was going to be my first cock. I began to suck just like all those porn stars do and I loved it, I'm guessing Joe did too as he blew in my mouth real quickly. He was even happier when I swallowed it all.

He looked at me and smiled. "You like this don't you Laura?" I looked up and smiled and nodded in his agreement. "You know," he continued "No one knows your still alive, you stay here and be with me"

The thought of that excited me. Dressing up as a girl. Being treated as a girl and no one knowing whats happened. I smiled. To which he replied "I've got some friends in Thailand who might be able to help you out" smiling.

"What does that mean?" I asked.
"You'll find out Laura" and walked off.

***4 DAYS LATER***

Four days had passed where I lived as Joe's girl. Cooking, cleaning and having sex. It all felt great. Like nothing I had ever experienced. I was excited and nervous. Who was Joe's friend? What did he do? The boat had just docked into port and Joe was getting a little bag together to out with. I joined him, still in his ex girlfriends clothing, albeit a little more modest.

As we walked around, I asked Joe "Who is your friend babe?" He just looked at me and smiled as if to say you'll see soon enough. He ushered a cab and asked a destination. "You know Laura, I'm always stuck on that boat, alone and never have anyone to spend money on. I'd love to spend some on you" as he said that he reached over and gently squeezed my cock. I looked at him and smiled. By now we had been driving for a while and my eyes were brought a small building ahead. The taxi stopped. Joe paid and chaperoned me out. My heart was racing, I began to sweat a little. What was happening? Who was here? Joe walked across to the door and knocked. Almost instantly a small Asian looking man opened the door. Judging by his dress and attitire I could guess he was a professional of some sort. "Laura, Laura!" Joe shouted "Come over here and meet Phil" He walked over, like a puppy following his master.

"Hey there Laura, how you doing?" Phil asked in a Asian accent.
"A little nervous and curious" I replied, my heart going at 100 miles an hour.
"Laura, this is my good friend Phil, we're going to stay at his place for the next few days." As Joe said that Phil walked us into his house.

It was only then that I realised it wasn't a house but a doctor's theatre. I squeezed Joe's arm. "What's going on?" I whispered to him.
"I love you" He replied back as we went and sat down in Phil's office.
"Laura," Phil said, "Joe tells me you like being a girl"
"Yes" I replied sheepishly.
"Ok, take off all your clothes and lay down on that bed" I began to follow his orders. Joe smiled as he saw my cock go hard.
I could believe this was actually happening my heart still didn't stop. I'm lying down on this bed with two men I hardly know.

Phil had a marker out drawing at specific points on my body. Circles around my breasts, small lines around my eyes, nose, throat even on my waist. Then the best part. Phil began looking at my cock and smiled "This is going to make you a great vagina" I felt him poke at my balls and draw lines all over it.

After about 20 minutes Phil had finished inspecting my body and gave me a bottle. "Go to the bathroom, put this cream all over you body and wash it off. It will remove all the hair on your body." He walked me to the bathroom, where one of Phil's nurses had already set a warm bath for me. I got in and followed the directions on the bottle. Within moments all the hair on my body was gone. I looked down on my body and realised this would be the last time it looked like this. I smiled. The thought of having breasts and looking like a woman aroused me. I looked at my cock and realised that this would be the last time I see it. I jacked off in the bath to this thought and came everywhere, savouring every stroke, knowing that after today I could never wank again. There was a bang on the door. "Everything ok Laura? Lets start" Joe asked anxiously.
"Ok, give me one second" I threw the bathrobe on and walked out. Joe greeted me with a smile and kissed me on the lips.
"I love you" He replied and walked me to the operating room where Phil waited with a nurse. I lay down on the table and looked up at Phil and Joe with a smile. Phil began "You are going to feel a slight prick then begin counting back from 10"

I woke up hours later with a burning pain on my face and chest. I felt my face, it was covered in bandages. I look down on my chest and see two thing I had never seen before. BREASTS, oh my goodness! Big ones. I couldn't play with them they hurt too much. The most excruciating pain came from my groin. I smiled. I never thought this would ever happen. I began to slowly walk my hands down my body till I reached the bandages. Slowly rubbing my hands up and down. No balls. No penis. Just flat. It was amazing. "JOE, JOE" I screamed. I heard some footsteps race down the hallway. Phil and Joe both bust in. "Laura! Your awake how do you feel?"
"In pain but i cant wait to take those bandages off and see my new pussy!" I exclaimed.
"You will in time" Phil stated "By the end of the week it should be good to take everything off but for now. Rest and imagine your new life as a woman.

I looked at Joe. "Thank you babe"
He looked back into my eyes and smiled "Your all mine now. Rest my girl and I'll see you soon"

Well a week had come and all the bandages had been removed. My breasts were big and bouncy, joining them were some nice big nipples and areolas. The face bandages were next. Phil had sculpted my nose to make it more slender, my eyes smaller and lips bigger. Finally, the best part. My vagina. Slowly they peeled away. Joe looked on excitedly. When they were all off A nurse pointed a mirror at it so i could see. Perfect. Like artwork. I don't think I'd ever seen a vagina look this good and I had seen alot of porn! Joe smiled too. I mouthed to him 'I can't wait for you to fuck it' He gave a dirty smile back.

"What do you think" Phil asked, looking at Joe and I.
"I love it" Joe replied
"Thank you" I replied. Phil handed me a box.
"Take one shot of this once a month and these pills once a week. They are hormones, to make you even more girly." He stopped and looked at Joe "If there is a problem, call me"

The nurse said "Laura, come with me." I followed her to the bathroom. Joe admired my naked body as I followed the nurse to the bathroom. "Laura, peeing like a girl is much different than peeing like a boy. I can talk from experience"
"You were a b---" She cut my off and continued. "So sit down and try to force a pee" I did and out pee sprayed everywhere. "See, much different" She was right it was much harder and uncontrolled but I loved the feeling so feminine and beautiful. "Squeeze your legs together and let your pee out now. As I did it made a brilliant stream, pouring into the toilet. Once it stopped she said "and there's no more shaking you need to wipe". I did as she said and wiped, it felt so good and feminine. I have to sit down to pee now. I am a woman!! Thought to myself and walked back to Joe. The nurse pulled me aside and whispered in my ear. "Its the best thing I've ever done- sex is incredible and the feeling of panties against my pussy is amazing. Your going to love it." I smiled and thanked her and kept walking.

Everything hurt but my happiness masked the pain. Joe left the room. He came back moments later holding a long slender box. "I want you to wear this" Joe said. I opened it. It was a white traditional wedding dress. I nodded and put it on. There were no panties but I think that was on purpose I put it on and Joe smiled. "Perfect" he said. Oh it was perfect for me too I thought to myself, the feeling of my new pussy rubbing against the smooth dress made my clit hard and pussy wet. "We gotta go now Laura, the boats been docked for 3 days more than we were supposed to" I bought you a big box of clothes and toys we can work the rest out on the boat.

"Thanks Phil, I'll see you soon" Joe said.
"Thank you Phil" I said.
"No problems. Its my pleasure turning boys into a girl.

Joe grabbed my ass- "Lets go". There was a taxi waiting for us. It drove us to the port. We got onto the boat and set sail. It would be 4 months before we saw solid ground again. Joe gave me a box and told me to look through it. So many panties and lingerie. I was in heaven. Then I saw it. 'The rabbit' is what it said on the packet and I had seen them many times in porno's but I never thought I'd get to use one. I ripped out and tried it. It was amazing. The vibrations on my pussy were beautiful and I loved the feeling. "I see you found it" Joe replied. Now we need to have some rules about here Laura"

"Like what?" I asked.
"1. You are to always be naked. Unless I ask otherwise.
2. You are to cook and clean like good girls do.
3. You must refer to me as daddy.
4. If you want to pleasure yourself you need to ask my first.
5. You are to give me an orgasm everyday. At least once.
6. You need to keep this near your bed" He threw me a photo of me as a boy.

"I understand all of them but the last one." I asked
"I want you to always remember you were a boy" He looked at me and smiled. "Do you understand now Paul?"

"Yes" I said. "Now about that orgasm"......

****3 years later****

Apparently they found all the bodies from the plane wreck but one. I'm still living on Joe's boat, giving him an orgasm everyday. He loves me and I love him. Sex is wild and so much better as a girl. Joe can't believe how well I have adapted to the boat life and how well I've grown into a woman.

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