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My Roommate Introduces Me to a Black Stud

(Part 1 from 1)

I was a college freshman. I had a boyfriend of one year, an older guy who was back home at community college. I was just starting a four-year college. My roommate’s name was Lauren. I am 5’10”, brown hair that flows over my shoulders. I have c-cup breasts that look great in the tight shirts I wear almost daily. I like to work out and have a hot ass to show for it. Lauren was also pretty hot, about 5’5” with long blonde hair and large breasts. She also had a boyfriend. 

After the first two months of school were over, Lauren and I were talking about sex. 

“Have you ever been with a black guy?” she asked. 

“No,” I shrugged off. “I have never been interested.”

“How big is your boyfriend?” she asked. 

“I don’t know, who cares,” I responded. “He is all I need.”

“I said that until I was with my first black guy. Don’t get me wrong, I love my white boyfriend. But black guys bring out another side of me.” 

“You sound like you’ve done this a lot,” I said. 

“I don’t know about that. Just enough to see how great it can be. White guys are great boyfriends. But sometimes I need a great lover, too.” She paused. “I bring this up for a reason. I am sort of seeing my black boss at Starbucks.” 

“But what about…”

“I know, I know. But what can I do, my knees go weak around him,” she continued. “Anyway, his brother is in town on Saturday. I want to see him, but he needs someone to hang out with his brother.”

“I am not going to cheat, Lauren.” 

“I would never ask you to cheat, Brooke. Just hang out with him, please.” 

“I just don’t think its right, Lauren.”

“Please Brooke, nothing needs to happen. Just help me out.”

I reluctantly agreed. Plus I was curious to see her black lover. 

That night Lauren was getting decked out. She wore tight jeans and a white shirt that hugged her tits. Of course I didn’t want to be outdone. I wore a miniskirt and tight shirt wrapped around my tits. 

Lauren’s cell rang, and we took the elevator downstairs. Waiting outside were two older black guys. “How old is Leon?” I asked. 

“32,” Lauren said. “You are with his older brother. Malcolm is 34.” I was not at all happy that I just found out about this. 

We came up, and they introduced themselves. Malcolm looked at me and said, “She is more beautiful than you had even said.” Malcolm was gorgeous. He shaved his head and had a body that was built and gorgeous. If I had been single I would have been excited about this. Malcolm opened the back door and slipped inside with me. We talked regular college small talk. 

I turned to Malcolm and asked, “What brings you to town?”

“I just got out of prison,” he explained. 

“Oh,” I said nervously. I must have looked scared

“I guess I was stupid. My girlfriend’s manager was harassing her, grabbing her ass at work. After closing one night I beat the living shit out of him. He was begging me for his life. I let him go. Then the police came to get me.” 

I didn’t know what to say. I had never met an ex-con. Yet I was oddly turned on by the fact that he fought for his girlfriend’s honor. We sat in awkward silence until we reached Leon’s apartment. He had a small one bedroom apartment. 

We went inside, and the drinking games quickly began. Malcolm started touching my leg. I let him as long as it didn’t go further. Besides, I kind of liked the contrast of his black hand on my white skin. 

At this point Lauren was making out with Leon. Soon she straddled him on the couch and was grinding into his cock. She whispered something into his ear. 

“Beg me,” he said. She whispered in his ear again. “No, beg me out loud.” 

Lauren pulled back, gave him a look of wanton lust, and said, “Can you please take me to your bedroom and fuck me with your big black cock.” 

He picked her up and carried her into his bedroom, slamming the door. 

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Malcolm and I just laughed. Then he said, “I sure have missed that.” 

Did he really get white girls begging him to fuck? I didn’t even say anything about it. At that point his hand was rubbing up and down my leg. Something about the contrast really turned me on. “Have you ever been with a brother?” he asked. 

I shook my head no. His hand moved further up my thigh. “Look, I have a boyfriend and can’t chat on him. I love him more than anything. I am really flattered, but I’d like to go home.” 

He slid closer to me. He leaned in and kissed my ear, whispering, “I have ten black inches that are hard for your hot, white pussy.” I let out a gasp, and I noticed that after he said that my legs were spread enough that he could reach my pussy. His fingers were quickly rubbing along my clit. 

I let out a moan and tried to push away. He smiled, “Baby, you are about to feel better than you could have ever imagined.” I let him kiss me and was already turned on by a black man’s tongue probing my mouth. 

I could hear a bed pounding into the wall with Lauren yelling, “Yes, yes, fuck me you big, black stud.” 

He began to kiss my neck, which always made me so hot. He was kissing all around, then lightly biting down. When he lightly bit my neck I let out a deeper moan. He then looked at me: “So you like it rough?”

“I guess,” I blushed, feeling guilty. He then bit harder into my neck and started giving me a hickie. I don’t know why I didn’t stop him – it meant that I wouldn’t be able to see my boyfriend until it was gone. But at that moment I didn’t care. 

He then picked me up and placed me right in his lap. I could not believe the big, hard dick rubbing through his pants. It was not just rubbing my pussy but also my stomach. I let out a deep moan as he took off my shirt. I just had a lace bra on. He groaned when he saw my hot titties. He quickly ripped off my bra and took my hard left nipple into his mouth. I let out a deep moan. He licked and sucked then lifted his head and moved to my right nipple. Instead of sucking it he bit down on it. “Aaaaahhhhhhhhhh,” I yelled – it was the type of thing that hurt so good. He bit down again, “Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh.” I realized that I was grinding my pussy and clit into the monster cock below me. 

He kept switching between my tits, biting, licking and sucking. Making me moan in ecstasy

I began to unbutton his pants. He looked at me and said, “What about your white boyfriend?”

“I don’t care. I need you inside me.”

“Isn’t he as big as me?” Malcolm asked. 

I took his cock out and gasped. I stared at his cock while I answered him. “Not half as big or half as thick. I have never had anything like this.” 

He pulled up my skirt and ripped off my panties. He couldn’t even see my shaven pussy. My God, I wasn’t even going to get naked. I was too much of a slut to even be romanced. He pulled me into his lap and my bear pussy rubbed into his huge cock. I began bucking into him. “I don’t think that I can fit you in me.” 

He laughed. “I’ve heard that before. It will fit, and you will love it,” Malcolm said. He lifted up my hips and placed the head of his cock at the opening of my pussy. He realized that I had shaved. “good girl, I like a shaved pussy.” 

“Whoooaaaaa, where is the condom?” I asked. 

“Sorry baby, I don’t do condoms,” he shrugged. 

“But I am not on anything. My boyfriend always uses a condom.” 

“That’s not my problem,” he said. I only fuck girls bare. He then started to suck my nipple and bite down. I let out a moan. He repositioned his cock at the opening of my pussy. Who cares about a condom? Life is short, and this was going to be a fucking like had never had before. 

I pushed down a bit, and the tip of his head was inside. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” I moaned. I stopped moving for a minute to get used to it. I pushed down a bit more: “Ohhhhhhhhh, mmmmmmmmmmm, baby.” The whole head was still not inside. Then I pushed down again. This time he pushed up at the same time. Half of his big cock slid inside me. “Ohhhhhh my fucking God.” It felt like my pussy was splitting in half. Any second thoughts I might have had were alleviated as I heard Lauren yelling, “Yes, fuck me, master. Thank you for fucking me. Thank you master.” 

I pushed my forehead into Malcolm’s and looked in his eyes. “I can’t believe your size. This is already more than I have ever had inside me.” 

“And you want the rest, don’t you.” He then pushed down on my shoulders while shoving his hips up. “Yesssssssss, yesssss, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” My pussy was now filled with black cock. I felt like his cock was splitting me in two. I decided to let him stretch me out. I pulled myself up, and slowly slid down on him, further lubricating his giant tool. I began to slide up and down, riding him in a slow and steady fashion. 

I couldn’t believe how good it felt. My pussy was bursting with cock like I had never experienced. I knew then that I would be seeing a lot of my fuck buddy. He started to bite my nipples, and I picked up the pace. 

He took his mouth off and smacked my ass hard. I loved the pleasure and pain. He smacked it again. He repeated this over. I picked up the pace and was close to coming. Malcolm asked me if I wanted to stop because of my boyfriend. “No,” I cried out. “I don’t ever want to stop.”

“No what?” he corrected me.

I let out a moan from this domineering man. “No sir,” I said. Then I started to buck on his cock with my arms wrapped around his head. “I am cumming. Your black cock is making me… me cum. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” I started breathing harder yelling that I was cumming, bucking up and down on him. 

Just then Malcolm started to tense up. His muscular chest looked great when he was about to cum. His body tensed, and he started to unload cum deep inside me. He first load felt like it shot right into my belly, followed by load after load of cum. It was dripping out of my pussy and down his long cock to his balls. 

When he finished he pulled me off of him. “That was great, baby,” I told him, looking at him with lust I had never had before. 

“You’re not done yet. I don’t want my cum on my cock.” He pushed my head into his lap, and licked his cock all over. I then sucked on his sweaty balls to get the rest of the cum. It was so dirty that it tasted so good. I let out a moan as I licked his giant cock and beautiful black balls. 

“Good girl,” he said. I got on the couch and laid with my head on his chest, watching his flaccid dick that looked magnificent. “By the time the night is over, you are going to be a new girl.” 

I already was and couldn’t wait to see what else he was going to do to me.

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