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My Rock DJ

(Part 1 from 1)

Its midnight on Saturday night, you've had a hard week at work but got the offer to dj at the club .. guy they had got sick. 
How could you say no, you've missed doing it so much and even though your tired you jumped at the chance to work at the club again.. you need your 

Its part of you, the dj part of you... music is your drug now and you create emotions in people by working the club. You need it and miss it.
So there you are now standing in your booth up over the dance floor playing your mixes.. totally high on watching the crowd dancin to your music, when I walk in.
You notice me immediately, maybe its the tiny red tight dress I have on little straps barely holding it on my body, or is it the bare legs in strappy sexy heels? 
Maybe its all of that plus my totally "I need to be fucked by you" attitude walk as I strut towards your booth, red lips slightly parted in a smile and my hair bouncing round 
my shoulders with every step.

You take my hand and pull me into the booth and devour my lips completely in a kiss that stirs every emotion my body possesses and I fall into you as your tongue plays with mine, and my body quivers at the first taste of you finally.

"Beth.. you say so hushed. "Mark".. I whisper back. Our eyes lock and the look in them says that this moment is one that will be burned forever in our hearts and souls.
I notice the stool to the left.. and go over to it letting you go for just a second, as I pull it out
to the center of the booth. 
I take you by the hands and lead you to 
it and push you down hard onto it.
"Its fantasy time Mark.. enjoy it cause its now your reality."

I take a step back from you and pull my slinky dress up, no panties, 
and you get your first glimpse of my pussy all trimmed landing 
strip style, you drink in the sight of me and notice right away the 
sweet scent of my wetness.

My hands slowly run down my body over my hips towards my pussy and I 
begin rubbing myself in front of you. "No touching, Mark, only 
watching to start with!" I say, and lean in to kiss and suck your 
lips. I pull back and take my hands and run them back up my body to 
the neckline of my dress and pull it down under my tits and right 
before you eyes they fall out of my dress, nipples so hard and 
puckered waiting for your mouth to be on them.

I step towards you and spread my legs wide so I can straddle you, 
lap dance time, Mark, your tunes still blaring, lights flashing, 
crowd dancin below us.

I begin moving my body to the music and my tits are hanging right 
in front of your face so close to your mouth and I grind my wet 
pussy against your crotch and feel your hard cock as I grind down 
harder on you.

You can't handle not touching me its driving you fuckin crazy so 
you reach for my thighs and move your hands back and forth on them 
gripping them and feeling the muscles in them tighten as I continue 
to grind my body down on your lap.

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I lean in to lick your lips with my tongue, then slowly raise myself 
up off you and step back and turn around. I pull my dress up even 
higher my bare ass so close to your face , first thing you focus on 
is my tattoo and as I back in towards you I bend over spreading my 
legs apart showing you my pussy and asshole.

You reach out and grab my ass on either side without even 
hesitating and pull my cheeks apart slightly for a better look.. I 
reach back and take your hands in mine and guide them over my ass and 
under across to my moist pussy.

You stroke my pussy it seems in time to the music which makes me 
lean over farther and I moan softly with every stroke you give me and 
you can feel my pussy start to contract as I begin to orgasm and you 
feel my cum squirt out down your fingers and it runs down your hand.

Your cock is getting harder Mark and the next thing you know I'm 
on my knees in front of you stroking your hard dick through your 
clothes. " I need to see you and taste you Mark, now." I whisper 
and start to unbutton your jeans lift your ass off the stool 
just a bit and I work them down your legs, over your shoes, and 
toss them on the floor behind me.

I quickly take your cock in my hands and lean over it and take it 
all the way down my throat and you feel me squeezing the muscles at 
the back of my throat around your throbbing cock as I suck my way up 
and down in perfect ryhthm to your music.

My tits brush the inside of your thighs as I work my lips and 
tongue around your balls and back to your dick, sucking harder and 
harder and moving faster and faster.

You hold your breath as I gently scrape my teeth along your cock as 
my mouth moves up and down and back up again and again. You feel no 
pain at all from my teeth, but instead you get the sensation that you 
need to cum each time I drag my teeth along your hard shaft.

You reach up to grab my tits, first one and then the other, 
instantly my nipples react at the touch of your fingers pinching 
them and you hear me whimper softly even with the loud music playing 
and you watch as my head bobs up and down over your cock and you know 
you can't take it any longer and you're gonna drown me in cum soon, 
so you try to pull back and out of my mouth.

"No I need you to cum Mark for me now, I need to taste and swallow 
you now, I'm so close to cumming again, do it for me now Markkkkk!!"
I grab your hips and jerk you deeper into my mouth down the back of 
my throat and feel your body tighten up as you start to shoot your 
hot load in my mouth I open it wider and work my tongue all over it 
to catch every bit selfishly making noises as I swallow every drip 
of you. My mouth is full of your hot white sticky cum and it slides 
down so easily with each swallow I take.

I slowly raise my head up, your cum clinging to my chin, our eyes 
meet and looking at you I know your thinking what I'm thinking... no 
words are there to describe what we just made happen.

Its only at that moment we notice the music has stopped and everyone 
is looking up towards the booth!! BUSTED!! BIG TIME!!!

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