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My Plumber

(Part 1 from 1)

I could feel the heat of the day on my naked body before I got out of bed. Sun streamed through the large window. Barely a breath of air stirred the garden trees. As usual my neighbor, Mike, who lived just across the tiny lawn, had his eyes glued to my penis which was large, hard and wanting action.

I waved to Mike and he waved back, pulling on his long penis, fondling his heavy balls, now and then touching his nipples which I knew he loved having sucked. I began rubbing my own always erect nipples, my favorite pleasure spots. With thumb and forefinger I squeezed each nipple hard, painful but I loved it. My dick was throbbing now, rising and falling, feeling like it wanted to come before I even touched it.

I tried to calm down. But watching Mike jerk off didn't help any, so I gave a final wave and went into my bathroom. I pushed my shaft against the sink corner, one of my balls on either side. Up and down I went, with the cock laying over the sink when I rose up and pressed against my stomach when I moved down. 

I stopped and went back into the bedroom, gently masturbating my penis as I opened a desk drawer and took out two clothes pins and a piece of string. I clipped the pins to my nipples and threaded the string through each pin so that I could control pulling both nipples, and the pain thrill I got from it, while I yanked my dick with my other hand. I concentrated on the beautiful penis head, rubbing the underside and then the edge of the head, round and round.

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Mike was all eyes and masturbating fast, so I pulled a little on my string and agony must have gone all over my face. Mike was on his bed now with his legs up over his body with toes almost touching behind his head. His huge prick was aimed at his face and when he came the cum filled his mouth and he swallowed quickly several times.

After watching Mike, I returned to the bathroom and continued to push my shaft against the sink corner. Pain in my balls, pain at my nipples - it was full pleasure for me and I planned to keep it up for an hour or so. 

I returned to the bedroom and sat on the end of the bed with my big dick pointing towards my face. I knew Mike was watching, but I didn't realize someone else was looking at me as well. Just above Mike's apartment, a studio was being prepared for rental and at that moment a good looking guy was staring out the window, eyes on me, his mouth open in surprise.

Because my cock is nearly a foot long, I could easily suck the huge head, which I started to do, knowing it would give Mike an extra thrill. And indeed he was almost hanging out his window, probably wanting to suck my cock himself. What I didn't know then was that the guy above Mike was almost in a state of shock, never having seen anything like what I was doing before, in fact never having been involved in gay sex at all. But the bulge in his pants was telling him something. His new found excitement knew no bounds. 

To be continued......

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