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My Plumber - Part 2

(Part 1 from 1)

I never noticed the man in the apartment above Mike. I could tell that Mike was thoroughly enjoying what I was doing, which was sucking my own massive cock, so I wasn't surprised when the phone rang. A rather frantic Mike, watching me all the time from his window, was on the line.

"Jimmy, stop! Please stop. Please. I gotta come over there. I want your load. OK?"

I had continued to massage my big cockhead as Mike talked.

"I don't think I can hold it, Mike. You get the next load. Ok with that?"

"Guess, I'll have to be. But shoot in the air, will you! I just want to see that cum fly."

As he was saying this I was beginning to pant, and squirm on the bed, and then moaned. "Oh, yeah, Mike! It's comin' fast. Oh, man, what a feeling! I never get tired of it. Oh. OoooH! There....there...." and my cum shot out of my prick, blasting almost to the ceiling, five huge shots, before slow down. At that point I pushed my cockhead into my mouth to suck up whatever cum was left, and there always was plenty left if I sucked my prick right.

I had dropped the phone and no longer paid any attention to Mike who had left the window anyway to spurt his own load onto a plate. He always lapped up every bit of his cum. Mike was a guy who would look for twenty penises a day, so much did he love to suck and the taste of cum.

I lay back, still unaware of the man watching me from another window in Mike's building. He too had taken hold of his dick and came at about the same time I did. He had never tasted cum before and watched me now taking my fingers and getting whatever of my cum had dropped on my stomach, then licking my fingers dry. The man tried his own cum for taste and liked it. He had squirted onto a towel, so he was able to scoop up plenty of his own cum which he sucked down greedily. Then he made a decision. Pulling up his shorts (he wasn't wearing a shirt) and gathering up his tools - he was a plumber - he walked down the stairs and came right over to my house and rang the bell.

Not having seen the man, but hearing my house bell, I grabbed a towel as I walked downstairs to the front door. As I wrapped the towel around me, I could see through the doorglass that it was a man ringing, so I opened the door. 

Handsome guy, I thought. Wonder what he wants.

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"Yes?" I asked, holding the door with one hand, and my towel with the other.

"I got a call you have need of a plumber," the man had a half smile on his face, but seemed to be telling the truth.

"Why...I don't..." I couldn't think straight just then. I did have a roommate who was away more often than home and maybe he had called.

"Sorry," I said, "I'm a bit confused. I didn't call but perhaps my roommate did. Please, come in."

The man was a beauty: tight shorts showing a big bulge in front, shirtless showing plenty of tan and muscle, the usual white sox peeking above work boots.

"If you'll sow me the various areas where there is plumbing, I'll check everything out," the man said. "No cost to you if I don't find anything. By the way my name is Ken."

"I'm Jim," I said. "I show you around."

The towel I had taken from upstairs was a too-small one and I could barely keep it on. I could see that Ken observed my difficulty and he said, "Hey, don't worry about holding that towel. We're both guys, you know." He laughed as I dropped the towel to the floor.

"Right," I said. "I was just going to take a shower when the doorbell rang. Grabbed a little towel, I guess."

We had reached the downstairs bathroom. And fortunately or unfortunately as the case may be, Ken let a hand touch my back, and it massaged ever so slightly, as he pushed past me into the little room. My prick had started its ascent. Oh, man, I thought. Is this good or bad? I tried to think of other things, but all I could think of was Ken's back and especially the ass cheeks straining in those too short shorts.

"Nothing here," Ken said. "All OK." He turned around and I'm pretty sure he saw my dick but pretended not to notice. "Maybe the kitchen?" he questioned, as he brushed one side of my body as he passed me, which cause futher rise in my penis. But I noticed that with out any doubt, his cock was on the rise as well. The bulge was no longer simply that...a big, thick shaft had begun its crawl down his shorts. By my calculations, at the rate it was going, a cockhead might come right out the shorts' leg at any moment. Ken seemed unaware of the action of his own large member. be continued...

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