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My Neighbor’s Sister

(Part 1 from 1)

I live in a typically american suburban development and am friendly with most of my neighbors, especially Adele, who lives right across the street from me. I should also tell you that I was in quite a few beauty contests and won about half of the ones I entered in and even though I am now thirty-two, I still look the same, figure wise. Adele has a sister in the navy, whom she hasn’t seen in over a year as her sister was stationed overseas and her sister was now home and coming to pay her a visit. Adele told me she thought I would really like her sister and to come over to her house for lunch and to meet her sister. Adele and I had gotten pretty close and I was happy that she thought enough of me to meet her sister, Elaine. When I met her sister, I had a reaction I was totally unprepared for, her sister was a dyke, no doubt about it, a dyke. Short hair, carried herself like a man, not bad looking though and about four or five inches taller then me, but for some strange reason, my heart jumped when I first saw her and when she shook my hand, it was like an electric shock was passing through me. I couldn’t imagine why she was having this effect on me, I had never ever thought about being with another woman, let alone a dyke and my husband didn’t have this effect on me when we first met. My heart was beating fast, I had a strange feeling in the pit of my stomach and my pussy was wet, it was like I was a teenager meeting her idol. She had my hand in hers, was telling me that her sister was right, I was very beautiful and she could have taken me right there and I would have just moaned. She pulled me into her to hug me and when I felt her hard body touch mine, I did moan and wrapped my arms around her.

Elaine led me to the couch, I sat down in a fog and vaguely heard Adele say she had to drop something off at her kids school and would be a while. She said, “You kids get to know each other while I’m gone” and waltzed out the door. Elaine wasted no time, she pulled me into her body, kissed me and she made my toes curl, her kiss was so hot. Her lips were soft and just a bit wet, making me experience the kiss of a lifetime, my pussy went from flood alert, right to major flood stage and I just knew that the front of my shorts had a big wet stain on them. Elaine put her tongue in my mouth, it was like I had gotten hit by an electric shock, I was shaking, she made me so hot and I kissed her back. Both my mind and body were on fire, I wanted her to just rip my clothes off and take me, right on the couch. She put her hand on my pussy and said, “Look at beauty, she’s all wet for Elaine, don’t worry beauty, Elaine is going to fuck you so good” and I came a little. She undressed me right on the couch, kissed me from my mouth down to my tits and when she sucked my nipple into her mouth, I thought I was going to die, it felt so good. She sucked my tits for a few minutes, while rubbing my pussy so lightly, I was now begging her to touch my hot cunt and she looked up at me and said, “Ask Elaine real sweetly to eat your pussy.” I think my brain just exploded, I was yelling at her, “Eat my cunt, please eat my cunt, I’ll do anything you want, just eat my pussy, please, please, eat my pussy” and she spread my legs and kissed my smoldering pussy. She lifted me off the couch, put me on the floor, told me to spread my legs like a good cunt and my legs flew open like they had a mind of their own.

Elaine got between my legs, was kissing and licking my boiling hot cunt and it was so good, I was moaning and groaning so loud, I think I was heard outside the house. I was just at the point of cumming, when Elaine stopped sucking my pussy, I screamed at her, “Fuck, don’t stop, please don’t’ stop, I’ll do anything you want, just make me cum.” She told me that I would have to eat her pussy for her if I wanted her to make me cum and I was so fucking hot, I would have agreed to anything she wanted. She put her mouth back on my pussy, I made one really loud groan, my ass came off the rug and I filled Elaine’s mouth with my red hot cum, cumming harder then I ever had in my life before. I came so hard, it left me shaking and panting like a dog and good old Elaine just went at my cunt even harder. She was now sucking on my clit, had a finger in my ass and three fingers in my pussy and I had feelings I never had before, my two fuck holes were in fuck heaven and when she made me cum again, I screamed. She kept me on the floor, working not only my pussy over, but my whole body and I came so many times, there was a huge wet spot on the rug and when I couldn’t take anymore, Elaine said it was my turn now to pleasure her. She stood up, made me get on my knees and when I got between her legs, the aroma of her steaming pussy, made my pussy get wet again, I loved the smell of her hot sex and licked her pussy from bottom to top and got my first taste of a pussy in heat and I loved it. I was busy eating my new lovers hot cunt, on my knees, when Adele walked in and said, “I knew you ladies would hit it off” and sat down to watch me eat her sister out. I loved sucking and licking Elaine’s hot pussy so much, I didn’t want to stop and after I made her cum for the fifth time for me, she made me stop.

Elaine then sat on the couch with me still between her legs, looked at her sister and said, “Thank You,” Adele smiled and said, “My pleasure sis, my pleasure” and later on I found out that Adele wanted me to meet her sister because she thought I would be a good fuck for her sister. She was right, that fast I had become Elaine’s bitch and wanted her to have me so I could eat her pussy. Elaine picked me up cave-man style, over her shoulder, told her sister we would be in her bedroom whenever she wanted to loin us and carried me to her bedroom. Elaine put me on all fours, got between my legs and started playing with my pussy and asshole and I was panting like a good little dog in no time. I saw Adele walking toward the bed, naked with one hand on her pussy and the other one pulling her nipples, she got on the bed and told me that she really needed me to eat her pussy. She put her pussy in my face and I did want any good little bitch would do, I sank my tongue into her hot pussy and savored the taste of my second cunt that day. Elaine now had three fingers buried in my cunt and two fingers in my asshole and was pumping away at my two fuck holes while I tried to devour Adele’s pussy. Adele had hold of my hair and was saying, “Eat my fucking cunt baby, eat my cunt and mama will cum in your mouth for you” and that feeling hit my cunt like a sledge hammer. I screamed into Adele’s pussy as cum rocketed out of my pussy and then my mouth was flooded with Adele’s hot, sweet cum and I came again. The three of us stayed in that bed all afternoon and I must have swallowed a gallon of female cum and think I came almost that much. When I had to go home to cook dinner, they made me get on my knees to kiss their cunts good-by and to show me that I was now the two sisters bitch and I made them both cum for me standing at the door. Elaine was here for four days, which we spent in her bed and I was so sorry to see her go, I cried but on the bright side, she is coming back for Christmas and in the meantime, Adele is going to see my tongue stays in shape for her sister.

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