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My Neighbor 99

(Part 1 from 1)

As I’m writing this, I can’t believe I’m living this story. It all started after my next-door neighbors wife had passed away from cancer at the tender age of 27. She had been dead for about seven months when one morning I walked out to get the paper and my neighbor was sitting on my lawn, roaring drunk in nothing but his under shorts. My husband was away on one of his business trips as usual, so it was left to me to get my neighbor back into his house. I helped him to his feet and couldn’t help noticing the huge bulge in his shorts and of course the thought crossed my mind as to what it looked like. I got him into the house where he made the announcement that he had to piss and started to pull his shorts down. I stopped him, helped him up the steps to the bathroom and being a good person, figured I’d better help him so that he wouldn’t piss all over the place. I stood him in front of the toilet, figured he was so drunk he wouldn’t remember and pulled his shorts down. I uncovered a cock that was bigger than my husbands cock hard and it was totally soft so I took hold of it and aimed it at the toilet bowl. Even soft it felt so good in my hand that I started to squeeze it a little while he was pissing. As soon as he finished pissing, it got as hard as a rock and as big as a stone mountain, making my pussy all wet. Now I was really curious as to what it would be like to play with this monster and began jerking him off, making him moan like crazy.

I found some lotion, worked it onto his cock real good and proceeded to give him a two-handed hand job, making my pussy leak pussy juice down my leg. It didn’t take long even in his drunken state before I felt that magnificent cock swell up even more and up to this point in my life, my husband’s cock was the only one I had ever touched or made cum. Now my husband would cum in three short bursts, a little in each burst but this monster shoot out cum like a fire hose. I felt hot cum cover my face, shoot all over my blouse at tit level and shoot more on my face when I jerked his cock up to keep it from covering my blouse in hot cum. I never saw anything like that even in a porno movie, he must have cum enough to fill a drinking class and it was now dripping off my face onto the floor. He thanked me, told me to come back the next day and went off to bed leaving me with the realization that he knew what happened. I cleaned myself up, went and sat on the bed next to him and held his prick while wondering what it would be like to have it in me. I got up to leave knowing I would come back tomorrow and went home to play with myself. I could hardly sleep with the anticipation for tomorrow’s fun and about 2:30 I got up for a drink of water and saw his kitchen light on with a shadowy movement. I took my night gown off, put on just a robe and went and knocked on his back door, which he opened totally naked with half a hard on. I couldn’t stop myself, reached out, grabbed the most awesome cock I ever saw, grabbed it with both hands and told him I really needed it.

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He pulled me inside, took my robe off, told me that was the last time I come into his house with clothes on, picked me up and carried me into the living room, depositing me on the couch. He spread my legs apart, held them like that and buried his tongue in my steaming pussy, making me holler out loud, something I never did before. My husband refused to eat my pussy, so this was a brand new experience for me and I was in a Heaven I never knew before. It was so good that I was begging him for more while he was still eating me and then the blood rushed to my brain so hard, I saw stars while cumming in his mouth. He spread my legs real wide apart then, started rubbing the head of his cock over my pussy and when I realized he was going to put it in my cunt, I started to say, “No, please no”, but he already had the head in. I first I thought my pussy was going to split wide open because his cock was so fat. It was about six or seven inches long, but it was bigger around then my wrist, like a soda can and the head was in my cunt. He was moving it in circles real slow while telling me how tight my pussy was and it was feeling real good stretching my cunt to what I thought was it’s limit. I was moaning like a bitch in heat at this point and I don’t remember my pussy feeling that full or being as hot as I was. Cum was flowing out of my cunt like a mini river and when I told him I wanted more, he pushed it in about half way, making me scream out loud but not with pain. Nothing ever felt that good in my pussy before and it was so big around; it was rubbing against my “G” spot, making me go crazy. I pushed my ass as hard as I could against him and drove that piece of fantastic meat all the way home and my pussy was stuffed full of hot hard cock, so I wrapped my legs around him and was screaming for him to fuck me. He started slamming my pussy like he meant it, making me experience feelings like I never had before and I would have done anything for that cock, just to have it fuck me.

He had my legs pinned back to my shoulders now, fucking me like a mad man, cum was pouring out of me like a faucet was left open and then I felt his cock get even bigger. I held my breath waiting for his cock to explode in me and then I felt red hot cum splashing against my insides, so much of it, it was leaking out of my cunt, coating my ass with hot cum. We were swimming in cum, both his and mine and I never felt so satiated or happy in my entire life and wrapped my legs around him again so he couldn’t pull out. I knew I couldn’t live without his cock any more, now that my pussy had gotten its best fuck ever. Even soft, his cock was the biggest thing I ever had in my pussy and my cunt was getting hot and wet again, so I started moving my ass around. He told me I had the tightest pussy he ever had the pleasure of fucking while his amazing cock was growing in my pussy. He asked if I ever had a cock as big as his before and when I told him he had the biggest cock I had ever seen, touched or fucked, he had a smile from ear to ear. He told me that from now on, I was going to give him a blowjob every morning before he left for work and when I told him I didn’t think his cock would fit in my mouth, he said we would work on it. Then I asked about what I told my husband when he was home about why I was going to his house so early and he said, “Fuck your husband, you belong to my cock now, so get used to the idea of servicing it every day. By that time his cock was raging hard, filling my pussy up to the breaking point, so I just laid back and let him pound my pussy, making me cum so many times I lost count. His prick was driving my pussy crazy, I felt it swell up, stretching my pussy even more, then I felt what seemed like a bucket of hot cum unleashed into my boiling cunt and as I drifted off to sleep from exhaustion, I was wondering how I was going to hold all that cum and his cock too, in my mouth. He let me sleep for two hours, then woke me up by rubbing his hard prick against my mouth and when I was fully awake, he told me he wanted to see how good a cocksucker I was.

It was all I could do to get the head of his prick in my mouth, so I wrapped both hands around it and started tonguing that spot under the head of his cock. He moaned really loud, his knees buckled and he came crashing down on me while filling my mouth with his hot cream, making me swallow like mad to keep from choking or drowning in hot cum. Even trying to swallow his cum, there was so much it was running down my chin and onto my tits, a feeling I really liked and I thought that I was going to jerk him off a lot so that he would shoot hot cum all over my tits. He wouldn’t let me clean myself up because he liked seeing me covered in his cum but said he was hungry so make him something. I never let my husband talk to me like that, so when I started to protest, he said that if I didn’t do what he said, he was going to fuck me up the ass and the thought of that monster invading my ass, made me keep my mouth shut. I started to put on my robe but he grabbed it away from me and told me that I was to never wear clothes while in his house. I had never in my life walked around naked and at first was a little self conscious but got used to it fast, making me wonder why I never did it before at home. He made me sit on his lap while we were eating so he could feel me up and it didn’t take long before he had two fingers buried in my pussy. That was the best lunch I ever had, he has fat fingers and he made me cum twice while we ate, giving eating lunch a new meaning as he ate my pussy too. After lunch he took pictures of me, downloaded them onto his computer, made a screen saver out of all the pictures and for the desk top, he used one of me sitting with his cock in my mouth and my legs spread wide open so my pussy is hanging out, my personal favorite. I was really glad he had never become friends with my husband because I knew it was going to be on his desk top for all to see that came into his house. He then said he was ready to fuck me again and to get my fucking cunt upstairs on the bed.

He then said he wanted me to run up the steps so he could watch my tits bounce and my ass shake. I was a little stunned as nobody had ever talked to me like that before, but I ran up the steps, making sure my tits were bouncing and ass shaking. When we got into the bedroom he told me to get my fucking cunt on the bed with my legs spread and I think I turned beet red but did what he said. He mounted me, rubbed his amazing cock over my pussy and then put the head into my super heated cunt, while telling me I was a good little whore. I came buckets as nobody had ever treated me or talked to me like he did and being called a whore sent me over the edge. While he was fucking my ravished pussy he told me I was the best piece of ass he ever had and my pussy erupted like Mount St. Helens. God, I loved having this man fuck me and the whole time he was driving that glorious cock into my pussy, he was talking to me, telling what a good cunt I was and he was going to make a great cock-sucker out of me. I now live for the times my husband goes away so I can sleep with my neighbors cock buried in my pussy and wake up in the morning with it in my mouth. There is no doubt that I am now his personal whore and he’ll fuck me whenever and wherever the mood hits him, even in a movie house or department store changing room. I love his cock to death and know I could not live without it now, I’m a lucky cunt.

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