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My Neighbor - My Lover

(Part 1 from 2)

I'm a forty two year old redhead, who was pregnant and married at sixteen and now was trapped in a sexless marriage. I keep myself in good shape, workout almost every day and my thirty four C tits still stand up by themselves and my pussy always seems to be hot, wet and ready to be fucked, but to know avail. My husbands job entails him traveling quite a bit and I thought after our son moved on his own, my husband would fuck my brains out whenever he came home from one of his trips. It seems nowadays all he wants to do is play golf instead of with me when he is home, so I have been pleasuring myself whenever the mood strikes, which is almost everyday anymore. He had just left for his trip and I was watching a soap with a steamy sex scene that got my pussy wet, so I went up to the bathroom, my favorite place to make my pussy happy. I got my toys, filled the tub and went to light some candles when I realized I was out of candles, so not to break the mood, I put a lamp on the edge of the tub with a towel over it and when I went to step into the tub, I hit the lamp with my foot, sending it flying into the tub.

There was a loud crackling sound, water seemed to be propelled into the air and then it calmed down and I realized the radio was not playing and when I tried the lights, nothing happened. I knew I did something to the electricity, so I called my neighbor across the street for help and their twenty year old son who was home from college, answered. He told me his mom and dad were on vacation for a few weeks and asked if he could help me, so I told him what happened and he said it most likely was that the main breaker was tripped. He said he was at their pool and would I mind if he came over in his swim suit and I really didn't care what he wore as long as he could fix the problem. I grabbed a towel to wrap around me as he was there in a flash and when I opened the door for him, he looked like a Greek God standing there, almost naked. I hadn't seen him to talk to in quite a while and was taken aback by what a handsome young man he had become. I was in such a state that seeing him hit my pussy with that feeling we women love and I got all wet, so wet I had to squeeze my legs shut to keep my cunt juice from running down my leg.

He said he would take the lamp out of the tub before he fixed the breaker and ran up to the bathroom, leaving me desperately wanting to touch my pussy while watching him run up the steps. He came back down with a funny grin on his face and I remembered that my toys were laid out on the tub ledge, which for some reason, made my pussy hotter. I followed him into the laundry room where the breaker box is located, he threw the light switch, telling me this way we will know if the power is back on and threw the switch. The overhead light came on, I was standing right behind him, he turned and I stepped back quickly, losing the towel in the process and the look on his face was priceless. I could see that he had gotten a hard on that fast and my eyes were riveted to his crotch as I made no attempt to cover myself, giving him a wonderful show. He saw that I was staring at his crotch and without saying a word, dropped his suit, letting me feast my eyes on the most beautiful cock I ever saw and at that point I wanted his cock so bad, I would have done anything for it. He strode over to me, put his hand between my legs grabbing my pussy while at the same time, putting my hand on his magnificent cock and then kissing me. I was in heat like I hadn't been for some time and every part of me was screaming for him to fuck me.

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He had a two fingers in my pussy now and when he took his tongue out of my mouth, he told me that he had been jerking off thinking about me ever since he was twelve and now he was finally going to fuck me. He picked me up like I was a feather and we kissed while he carried me to the couch in the rec room and I was so fucking hot he could have fucked me on the laundry room floor and I would have been happy. He put me down on the couch and I grabbed his hot cock and guided it into my waiting cunt and he drove it all the way home as I screamed and came all over his cock. I was in heaven having his cock buried to the hilt in my pussy and I wrapped my legs around him as I begged him to fuck me hard. I couldn't keep my legs wrapped around him as he pounded my pussy like he was a pile driver and I was in such heat that I was moaning like a porno star and dribbling out of my mouth at the same time. My husband had never even came close to pounding me like my new lover was now, every part of me was on fire as he pounded my pussy and was telling me what a hot fucking piece of ass I was and how good my pussy felt wrapped around his prick.

I was in a zone I had never been before, his cock was bigger then my husbands and was filling my pussy to the brim as I felt it sliding in and out of my cunt, touching every part of my boiling hot pussy. I came as he kept pounding my cunt, never missing a beat as he drove me to heights I had never attained before and it seemed like all I wads doing was cumming, like a broken water main. I don't know how long he fucked me for, or how many time I came, but the longest my husband had fucked me didn't even come close to the length of this fucking. When I was at the point of not being able to move anymore, he pushed hard into me and held himself like that as I felt his cock swell up inside my pussy and then he shot his load in my cunt. He came like a fire hose going off and swear his cum shot so far up my cunt I could taste his cum. I came again and then just collapsed on the sofa, totally fucked out and in a state of euphoria that I had never reached before. We laid there like that with him still in me and I could feel the mixture of our cum running down over my asshole, a wonderful feeling I might add. He looked at me with wonder in his eyes and told me he knew I would be an awesome fuck, but he never envisioned anything like what we just did and he was going to spend all his time making my pussy a happy pussy.

As he was talking to me I could feel his prick getting hard again and when he saw the look on my face he told me that I wouldn't believe how hot I made him and fucking me was a dream come true. I asked him if he really had been jerking off thinking about me since he was twelve and he told me the first time was when I was at their house in a bikini and he went into the bathroom and stood at the window watching me while he jerked off, three times. He told me that he wanted to fuck me in my bed, so he pulled out and we headed up to the bedroom and as we climbed the steps he was touching my ass and pussy, making me very hot. When we got to the top, he turned me around, pushed me down, got between my legs and sunk his hot tongue into my wet cunt. I went a bit crazy, to me it was so fucking hot that he was taking me right on the steps and eating my pussy, that my brain was like my pussy now, molten lava and before I knew it I was yelling and cumming and now not only the sofa in the rec room had a huge cum stain on it, so did the light blue rug that covered the stairs. After he got his fill of my pussy juice and had turned me into one big cunt, he got on top of me and kissed me, letting his mouthful of my hot cunt juice pour into my mouth and I went into a sexual frenzy because that was so fucking hot to me, him sharing my pussy juice with me and came again. That was how I became hooked on my own cum and would suck his cock clean after every fucking he gave me, just to taste my own cum.

We made it into the bedroom, he put me on all fours at the end of the bed and told me to take his cock in my hand and show it the way into my hot fucking cunt, which I did. As soon as I had the head of his prick in my boiling hot pussy, he pushed it in all the way to the his balls and started saying, “Come on you fucking cunt, fuck my cock with your fucking pussy, show me you love fucking my cock my little whore.” He was smacking my ass at the same time and I went a bit nuts and tried to fuck his cock as hard as I could, slamming back into his crotch and I was so fucking hot I couldn't have told you my name if you asked. My whole body was on fire like it had never been before and the whole time we were fucking like two crazed animals, he was telling me what a good piece of ass I was, my cunt was made to fuck him, I was the hottest fuck he ever had, that he loved how my pussy tasted and the really big one, that my cunt was his now and that he owned me now, which he then made me tell him that he owned me now. Then he made me tell him that I was his fucking cunt and that I would always be ready to fuck him and when I said it, my cunt exploded like a bomb had gone off in it, I never had an orgasm so strong in my life, my cum was pouring out of my pussy like a dam had broken, then he slammed his cock as hard as he could into my blazing hot cunt and filled my pussy with his hot cum, making me scream again.

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