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My Jill

(Part 2 from 3)

It was around 7:00 AM when I heard the water running, it took a minute to figure out who was in the house, I walked out into the living room, and saw the blanket folded on the couch with her flannel shirt and bra. Then I smelled coffee in the kitchen. I walked in and there were two mugs on the counter. A few minutes later she walked into the kitchen, fresh showered, with that long blond hair in wet curls cascading off her shoulders and down her back. I then noticed she was wearing one of my white tee shirts which hung to her knees, and, well I wasn’t sure what else. Her nipples were standing out against the fabric of the shirt. 

“Hope you don’t mind, I borrowed one of your tee shirts this morning.”

“No, looks a lot better on you than me” I stammered. 

I was wearing sweat pants and a tee, the moment I saw her I felt that old familiar feeling I got whenever a sexy girl was around. At 20 my hormones had just gone into over drive, and I was about to embarrass myself. I didn’t really know how I stacked up against other guys, and frankly didn’t care. But the few young ladies I had been with never complained. The only thing was I wasn’t wearing underwear, and so there was nothing to hold it back. 

She walked around me to get to the coffee and I noticed she glanced down as she passed.

“Cream or sugar?” I asked. 

“Not yet” she replied and turned around and walked through the dinning room towards the living room I noticed a little extra wiggle when she said it. She turned on the stereo to a Windham Hills sampler CD. The sun was streaming in the stained glass window on her. I couldn't help but stare. Wow, she was beautiful. 

“John, Thank you for saving me last night” she said. 

“No problem. Do you need anything, I’m going to grab a shower.” 
“No thank you. I'll go back to my dorm in a little bit and get soem clean cloths. Looks like you need a cold one though.” Jill laughed. As I walked out of the kitchen towards the bath.

“No thanks to you.” I replied.

As I got into the shower, there was a soft knock at the door. She cracked it open ever so slightly and I looked around the shower curtain.

“I know you really don’t know me that well, but can I borrow your truck to run to my dorm and pick up a couple of things.” 

“Sure, I guess” I said. “The keys are on the bookcase by the door.” 

“Thanks, I’ll be back in about an hour.” Jill replied


My mind was racing, she’ll be back in an hour. “YES! She’s coming back!” I said to myself and doing the CHA-CHING! slot pull in the shower. Then I wondered if I would ever see my truck again. I got out, dressed, and started to fix breakfast for two. An hour on the nose, I heard my truck pull in the drive by the back door. In she came with two backpacks, a couple of stuffed animals, and a flowery pillow. 

“Moving in?” I asked. 

“Yep”, Jill said as she went down the hall.

I nearly fell off my chair and choked on my coffee. “Need any help?” I asked.

“Nope I’ll go back and get the rest later.” Jill replied as she headed towards my room.

I’m not sure why, but even though I hadn’t known this girl for 24 hours the thought of her here with me didn’t bother me the least bit. Somehow I knew she fit, like fingers in deerskin gloves.

She came back out a few minutes later with my tee still on, but wearing a bra and shorts now. She sat at the table and eat breakfast with me, Gooseberry waffles, warmed syrup and coffee. 

"These are really good, can we have them again tomorrow?" she asked.

"Sorry, Thats all I had left. I made some muffins earlier in the week with the rest."

"What kind of berry's are these?" Jill asked

"Gooseberries, I found a couple of small bushes near the lake a couple of weeks ago and picked a small container full. Thought this was a good occassion to use the last of them for a special breakfast."

"More Eagle Scout stuff I guess?" she smiled. 

"No, my grandfather who was a railroad conductor, and a reformed hill-billy." I answered. "I grew up hiking around the old family farm when we had time, and he used to teach me about the different plants that were usful in the woods."

We finished and stood at the sink washing up. Me washing, her drying as I told her where things went in the cabinets.

After the last of the dishes were put up, she walked up, put her arms around my waist, looked up, and kissed me. I just stood there stunned in the moment. Her green eyes were piercing right into mine.

“You know last night while you were sleeping, I came in and watched you sleep. I thought here is a guy that is a total stranger, who saved me in the woods, took me to the ER, brought me home to make me dinner, and when I fell asleep, tucked me in, and never even attempted to make a move on me. A true gentleman. Most guys I have met usually would have blown it by now. They would have said something rude, or tried their luck with me. I don’t work that way. I expect to be treated like a lady. My mom and dad have been married for nearly 25 years and my dad still opens the door for my mom, and is polite. They have their occasional spat, but he is always a gentleman. Guys today just aren’t gentleman any more, at least until I met you.” 

I held her for a moment longer then said, “My folks raised me to respect other people. My granddad told me the day after my senior prom when I got thoroughly wasted and was out all night with my date, to always treat a young lady with respect. “You never know, you might wind up married to her.” That has always stuck with me; that and I am a Boy Scout.” I grinned. She hugged me and put her head on my chest.

I suddenly noticed the time, it was 10:30 and I had to get to the lumberyard and pick up some items for working on the stairs. 

“Come go with me, I have to go to the lumber yard.” I said.

“Now!” She said,

“Yes!, I have to get more work done on the stairs this weekend, and they close at noon on Saturday.” She was disappointed, and I knew that I maybe had just messed up a chance with her, but she did say she was moving in.

We got to the lumberyard and the yard guys were all staring at Jill. I went in to finish my ticket, which I charged to the house account when Jack one of the counter guys saw Jill. 
“Can I help you young lady?” 
“No, thank you. I’m waiting on my boyfriend.”

I momentarily thought I had been shocked. Boyfriend, man she moved fast. I just looked at Jack and shrugged, he threw me thumbs up as we were walking out the door. I reached down and took her hand, walked her to the truck, and opened the door for her. On the way back from the lumberyard we swung by her dorm and picked up most of her stuff. Her roommate was stunned when Jill explained what was going on, then told her she could now mess around with her jerk of a boyfriend whenever she wanted and closed the door. 

We stopped at Mamma’s a local restaurant which served great burgers and fries, and home cooking at really cheap prices. Mamma’s was a old bungalow styled craftsman house. The down stairs was her restaurant and she lived upstairs. It was the kind of place when you walked in, if you didn’t have enough money, which college students frequently didn’t, sometimes could wait or bus tables for a bit, or wash dishes and to cover your balance, or get your meal for free. Jill loved it. Mamma was one of my favorite people. She let me handyman things around the restaurant and her house for her. I always ate for free. She saw Jill, looked at me, then grinned. 

She leaned down next to Jill, “Baby, whatever you do, don’t let this one go. If I were a young women, he would have never made it out my front door once he came in.” Mammas brown eye’s twinkled and she winked at me while holding her hand on Jill’s back. 

“I don’t plan on letting this one go. I think I have a keeper.” Jill said looking up at Mamma. 

Mamma smiled and looked at me “You better hang on to this one Johnny boy, she’s got her head on straight, and she’s beautiful too!” 

“I’m not sure I have a choice” I grinned.

Mamma leaned over, “Sometime in the next day or two, can you look at the back door baby, the door knob is coming loose again.” I told her I would come by Monday afternoon after classes and fix it. She gave me a hug. “If I were only younger, Mmmm Mmmm. You bring that young lady back with you when you come Monday, ye-hear.”
“I'll be here” Jill giggled.

After a great lunch we headed back to the house.

I unloaded the truck, carried stuff upstairs, and put the rest away in the garage which I had converted into a make shift workshop. Jill said she was going in. I told her I would be there shortly. In my usual form, I started working on a couple of new stair balusters I had made, then moved on to working on some rosettes for trim in the upstairs hall way. After an hour or so, I heard someone calling me, I turned to see Jill standing in the screen door, with my tee on, but no shorts.

“If this is shortly, I can hardly wait to see what happens when you take your time.” And walked back into the house. 

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