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My Innocent Mother

(Part 1 from 1)

100% fiction!

My father is a alcoholic and once he started to drink he will drink for days. My mom is a simple lady. I’m the eldest and I have 2 sisters and the youngest is my brother. My mom really gone through difficult time bringing us up. I didn’t continued my studies to the higher level because I wanted to help my mom with the finance.

So I started to work in a factory. After her secondary school level, my sister started to work and help and 1 year later she got married. The other sister also got marry 2 years later. My brother was not good in his studies and he leave school and started to work in a furniture company. He will help the lorry driver to deliver furniture even out of town. Now I’m 24 and my mom is 43.

I realized my mom was getting sad since my sisters was not around. I have a pity on my mom and 1 day I went to her……

I : “Mom, how’re u ? I’m so sorry as all this years I was not so obedient to you. I even was rude and use to show my anger to you…please forgive me”
Mom : “Oooh no son……don’t think about that….. you are a good son, I forgive you. Only you now is helping with the house finance.”
I : “I promise mom…..from today onwards I will take care of you and make you happy always.”
Mom : “Thank you son….”

From that day onwards I want to make my mom happy, and I always be good to her. My father as usual, sometimes ok and most of the time drunk. I never let my father shout to my mom anymore when I’m around. I always give her a hug when going to work and coming back. My mom looks happy that day onwards. We were becoming so close, and sometime I brought her shopping for house things. My brother use to come back late sometime and even sometimes he will be out of town sending furniture.

I begin to kiss her cheek when hugging her and my mom was happy that I’m close to her. Later I was starting to have a hard on every time I hug her. At first I was ashamed of myself but later I realize that I want her. That really make my heart beat fast when I think of that.

Then 1 day I looked at her up and down when she was facing her back to me, and I feel that I want to have sex with her !What ?? I don’t believe myself that I want to fuck my own mom! She told me once that I’m the man of the house now, so now I want her as my woman too.

I dare not ask her for sex, so I only can hope that 1 day she will be horny for me. So I begin to get more closer to her and hold her face and talk really soft and sweet to her. It seems she was getting happier with me.

The 1 day, when I came back from my 2nd shift work at around 11.20pm., my mom came and hug me straight after she open the door for me. I asked her why….

Mom : “Your father nearly beat me today……he was drunk and was treating me and asking money from me. I became really afraid…..”
She was crying…….
I : “How dare he do that to you !! I will teach him a lesson…..”
Mom : “No son…… I just want you to be near me, please”
She hug me crying and I really had pity on her. I sit her on the sofa and have my dinner near her. She was really shivering. After I taken my dinner I ask her to sleep but she was too afraid to sleep alone.
Mom : “I’m very afraid son……please be with me…”

I : “Ok mom, you go and I will come to your room, ok”
After switching off all the lights I went to her bedroom. She already light the oil lamp beside her bed. I went and sit next to her.
I : “Sleep mom, I’m here….don’t be afraid.”
Mom : “Ok son….but please lay by my side…”

I lay on the other side and she came close to me. My cock was really getting hard, because I’m laying beside my mom on her bed. I covered our bodies with blanket and I kiss her forehead and ask her to sleep. I felt she slept a while but I can’t sleep because I’m laying beside the woman that I want to fuck. My cock was really getting so hard. Then she put her hand on my chest, and I was hoping for more. I kiss her cheek slowly. She turn and look at me, and I never thought she was awake. She return a kiss to my cheek. Wow….that was really good. I started slowly to hug her and play with her hair. When she look at me, slowly I kiss her lips.

Then we hug tight and she fall asleep again. With the oil lamp I can see her sweet face, I was really hoping something special will happened that night, but nothing happened.
I woke up hearing her voice calling me…..

Mom : “Son…..wake up and go to your room, your father might come back anytime now.”
I woke up and kiss her lips and went to my bedroom and slept. That day at work I was always thinking of the progress with my mother. I’m already with her on her bed, that was something good happened. I was thinking when will the time I will see her naked body and have intercourse with her. I shiver whenever I thought of having sex with her.

When I return home, my mom was waiting for me and she gave a hug and wish me ‘happy birthday’. Wow…..i myself forgot it was my birthday ! She was wearing a orange long nightie and her hair was left untie and she was looking so sweet. When I went in, I saw a cake that was made she herself. I was really happy and surprise by my mom. After cutting the cake we feed each other and later my mom brought dinner for me. I had my dinner and then we sit and chat while watching TV.

My mom was feeling sleepy and I told her to put her head on my lap and sleep. She lay down and I play with her hair. Her eyes was close and I look at her, she look so sweet and my cock was so hard. Later I woke her and ask her to sleep in her room. She persuade me to sleep with her as yesterday, I agree. She went in her room and after offing the TV and the lights, I went into her room. When entering her room I was wishing that this will the day I will fuck her.

My mom had already light the oil lamp beside the bed, and she was sitting on the bed. I went and sit beside her and then we lay on the bed and my mom put the blanket on both of us. She slept near me and I can feel her breath. I was tired and I slept. I woke up sometimes later and I saw my mom was sitting on the bed with her legs on the floor.

I : “ Mom, why can’t you sleep ?”
Mom : “Nothing, son. I just can’t sleep.”
I : “No mom, I know something is wrong ? I can feel your heart is beating fast.”
My mom look at me and I kiss her cheek. I know that I had made her horny and she want me now but I’m not going to rush.

I : “What is it mom ? I feel that you had no peace and you’re afraid, why ? I’m here for you, mom.”
Mom : “I don’t know what to say, son.”
I : “You trust me, mom ?”
Mom : “Of course I trust you.”
I : “Then…..will you listen to me, mom ? Will you agree with me ?”
Mom : “Yes son….what is it ?”

I : “If you trust me mom, you just follow what I say. You don’t need to be afraid, is it right, mom ?”
Mom : “Yes son…….ok “

At first I was afraid to tell her but then I know that it will work but I need to make her comfortable. So, with all the courage……..

I : “Mom, take off your clothes…..”
Mom : “What, son…… no…..!”
I : “Mom, I know this is what we want and you will be in peace later…..”

I kiss her shoulder and try slowly to pull her nightie zip down. She look at me and shook her head. I just hold her face and kiss her lips which I feel she response softly. So….I pull her nightie zip down till her back was naked. I rub her back slowly and kiss her back and shoulder. Then I unhooked her bra and she hold it so that it won’t drop.

I : “Come on, mom…….. We are alone tonight and we can do this.”
Mom : “But son,……..this is not right.”
I : “Not right ? Just because we are mother and son ? This is what you want, so don’t be afraid. This is love……”

She just look at me and I pull down a bit my short as I was not wearing a underwear. I took her hand and make her to hold my cock. Her hand shiver and she look at me. There were tears in her eyes and I rub them.

I woke up and went to the door and lock it. Then I pull out my T-shirt and my short and I was standing there naked. My mom put her face down but later she pull out her nightie and her bra. I was so happy as I knew this is it ! She threw the nightie and bra down, then she look at me as I was still standing there. Then she put the oil lamp light off, she lay on the bed with the blanket and I went and lay beside her under the blanket and we kiss.

I : “It’s ok, mom. (I wipe her tears with my hands) I want to make you happy and I want to take care of you. You told me that I’m the man of the house so now I want to be your man also.”
Mom : “Oooh son, if someone find out we will die.”
I : “No, mom. No one will find out, I promise you. I love you so much.”

We kiss as I rub her breast…….

Mom : “My breast are small…..”
I : “I like them…..they belong to my beloved mother….”

Then I try to pull down her panty but she stop me…….

Mom : “Son…. I’m shy that my son is taking off my panty……”
I : “Then u take it off yourself mom……..”
Mom : “Oooohhh……son, I hope no one will find out about this……. I will die……”
I : “No mom……no one will know and nothing will happen…. I’m always with you…..”

Then she took off her panty and throw it down. We kiss and I get on top of her and we hug and kiss. My mom adjust the blanket and cover our naked bodies and she look at me, she was a bit confuse………

I : “Why mom….. what is the matter ??
Mom : “Son….. is this right, a mother and son having sex ?? I’m very sacred………”
I : “Mom… you want this…? You want to have sex with me ??”
Mom : “Yes son…… I want to have sex with you….but I’m afraid……”
I : “It’s ok mom…..we are in our own house and we are not outsiders…… we shouldn’t be afraid. We will keep this secret and we will love each other always……. Hold my cock and put it inside you mom…… I want to feel you and love you……”

She look at me and slowly, hold my cock and bring it near to her pussy. I shiver when I feel my cock touch her pussy lips, I got so excited and we kiss. As she put it near her pussy lips, I push it in slowly and we kiss passionately. She hug me tight as my cock went inside her. We kiss as I slowly push it into her till it was completely in her. Then I stop and we look at each other and I smile at her. She smile back……

Mom : “Push slowly son…….don’t be rough…..”
Mom : “No mom…. I will fuck you slow and lovingly….. I promise…..”

I start to push in and out of her. It was so wonderful and it feels so much better than my fuck with others. I couldn’t believe that I’m on top of my own mother and pumping her. We fuck and kiss……

My mom was so wet and all the her juices feels so good touching my cock……. Wow !! I never before in my life feel so wonderful ! I continued fucking my mom and we kiss passionately…… later we are in the rhythm fucking each other. This first night is really important for me, I must fuck her from my heart, make her cum and give her orgasm.

I can feel my mom moving up and down slowly fucking me…….. I want this fuck to last long, I want to feel her and I want to satisfy her good. I want to make her forget my father and be mine alone.
Our fucking gets a bit faster……we look into each other’s eyes as we fuck, through her eyes I know she is enjoying this union. As I fuck her and continued kissing her, I feel our love juices mixed and flowing down. I feel her love running through my body.

I : ‘Oooohhhh….mom….. I love you so much…..”
Mom : “ I love you too son……. Yes, don’t leave me…… I need you…..”
I : “I wouldn’t leave you mom….. I promise……”

As I pump her a bit faster…. I got lost in this love making with my own mother. I only want her to be with me…….. I don’t bother about anything else.

As our fucking and kissing goes on…..i hear a small moaning from her. Her eyes was closed, and her hands was on my shoulder receiving every stroke I was giving her. Her moaning was getting faster and I know she is close to cum…….. I fuck her faster and she does the same…….. we fuck and fuck and the sound ….. chaaaap…..chaaaap…..chaaaap……chaaap and the sound of her bangles fills the room.

As we fuck each other faster, the bed was making a bit of sound, and the sweet sound of her bangles makes me pump faster and faster……and I started shooting load after load of my sperm into her. She hug me tight and her body shivered as she received my loads of sperm inside her. I was shivering too…… Wow……. What a fuck……… it’s a tremendous fuck I had all my life!! We kiss and I roll down of her, exhausted and slept.

I’m happy that I success to seduce and fuck my innocent mom. Now I know that I will fuck her always and I really want to make her happy.

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