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My Husbands Best Friend

(Part 1 from 1)

So I am tall, long blonde hair, beautiful blue eyes, and a sexy smile. I wear a 36 D bra size, and have a lot of sexual desires. You see my husband (James) doesn't really enjoy sex, he is pretty much a germaphobe. And come on, every girl has those sexual needs.

My husband has this amazingly sexy friend (Paul). Man he is a babe. He has perfect dark brown hair, amazing big brown puppy eyes, and he is super buff. A six pack and all. He is strong and fast. But, fir some odd reason, he's not married. I mean this man is as hot as hell and has the perfect ass and all. I have always secretly liked him.

So one day James calls and says he'll be home late. I hoping to have sex that night was very dissapointed. So I started touching myself but then suddenly hear a knock on the door. I jump up and go to answer the door and standing there, shirtless is Paul. "Paul!" I say quickly, "what are you doing here?". "umm James told me we could watch a game tonight. Me and him."

So I bring him in and explain that James is gonna be late tonight but I would enjoy his company if he wanted to stay. So he agreed and before we knew itself were making out on the couch. I knew it was bad but I was so fuckin horny I wanted his dick. I wanted it bad. He slid of my pants and thong and started touching my already wet pussy. I started moaning and took off his pants and boxers to expose a 9 inch dick. It was hard. His slid his fingers in and out of my pussy. "just please Paul. Please just fuck me. I want you. I want you so bad. Please."

He rolled on top of my and pit his rock hard dick in my pussy. "ohhhhhhhhhhh!!!! ohhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Harder. Faster ohhhh my god!!"

So he is fucking me hard and fast now. But suddenly, the door opened! Ahhhhh! We both screemed! It was James. He caught me. Now to this day I have never had sex with another man.

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