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My Friends and I fuck my Mom and Sister

(Part 1 from 1)

100% fiction!

My two friends Sam and Justin were swimming in my pool were all 18, so we were just acting like normal teenagers. It was a really hot day so My sister decided to go on the pool deck and lay out. My sister is 20 years old and she's about 5'5" and has that perfect body size not skinny but not big, she has C size boobs and a nice ass.

She came out in a bathing suit but for some reason she decided to wear a thong today. My friends and I instantly noticed, she was oiled up and looking really sexy. At this point my friends didn't know I thought this way about my sister but, I think they noticed my staring along with theirs.

My sister was laying on her stomach giving us a great view of her ass and we took full advantage of it. Now as for my friends and I Sam is about 5'8" he's pretty toned and has nice abs, Justin is 6'1" mixed and is skinny. I am 5'11" athletic and i'm 8.5 inches as for my friends I didn't find out their size till later.

At this point we had gotten out of the pool and we were sitting around the table about 5 feet from my sister occasionally glancing over. She flipped over to her back so we could now see her boobs and she started to notice our staring but we didn't care. She finally spoke up and said "What are you looking at?". Sam responded "Your body is sexy!", she just winked and I spoke up and asked "Why are you wearing a thong?", "Why are you looking at my body you're my brother?" I said "Because you're sexy so I don't really care". Now she asked if someone could put more oil on her back and Sam was the first to volunteer.

So he starts oiling her back and it more just becomes a sexy massage but my sister said "Don't be a pussy get it everywhere". So, then he starts oiling up her ass and eventually her thong came off and Sam was rubbing her pussy getting it wet. Justin and I were getting hard and were beating off under the table then, all of the sudden my mom came home and came out the back door yelling " What the fuck is going on out here!!".

My mom is 5'7" has a perfect body DD boobs and a nice firm ass. But, they stopped and my sister covered up with a towel "Why the fuck are you out here naked and rubbing each other?" then she noticed me "Why do you have a boner? Do you enjoy seeing your sister naked?". I responded "She's really sexy anyone would get a boner seeing her naked".

She stormed inside without responding and it was silent for a second then my sister broke the silence by saying "So you got a boner by seeing my pussy?", I said "Yeah it looks nice!". She then said "Creep!, just kidding come over and you can see more of it", I didn't even hesitate about it it's a great opportunity I didn't even care if my mom saw me.

I went over and was fingering her ass and eating her pussy when I heard her say "Justin come here", I glanced up and she was sucking his cock. Justin's was about 10 inches and thick, it was weird because he is so lanky like a basketball player for him to be so thick. But my sister was enjoying it and was moaning while sucking him. Sam was Beating off in the chair, he is about 8 inches but also really thick. He soon got up and took my sister's top off of her and was sucking on her boobs, they are perfect size.

We continued to mess with each other for about five minutes when my Mom walked out the back door, upon the door slamming we all got up and covered with towels expecting her to yell but she just called Sam over silently and he was still naked and she said "Oil me up like you did my daughter", he proceeded to do so but didn't make anything sexual out of it, though he would like to being how sexy my mom is.

My sister got up and sat down next to Justin and I, us all still being naked. I now have seen my sister completely naked and she wasn't hiding anything even with my mom outside, after a few minutes Sam was still being really cautious with my Mom. I then look over and my sister is rubbing her pussy she saw me look and walked over to me and pulled my towel off and I was still really hard but my sister was sucking on my dick and I was loving it, Justin then got down on his back and put his head under my sister and started to eat her out.

Then as I looked up my Mom was giving Sam a hand job! I don't know what exactly he did but she was going to work and he had move to oiling her ass. My mom looked up at me and said "You like your sister sucking your dick?" I just nodded and she waved me over so I got up and went over(still naked).

She said "let me see your dick" so I did as I said and she started sucking on my cock, I look over and Justin is in the sixty nine position with my sister and Sam is eating out my Mom's pussy and ass. I was getting really turned on out of all of it so I got Sam to stop and I stood my mom up ripped her top off and started sucking her titties and squeezed her ass, I picked her up and stuck my dick inside of her tight vagina, letting out loud moans you could tell I was stretching her tight pussy a lot, then I set my mom down on top of Sam who was laying down on an long pool chair, I was still fucking my mom as Sam stuck his wide cock inside my Mom's asshole and my Mom was also sucking Justin's dick, just as I was wondering where my sis was I felt something near my ass she, she started eating my ass out which felt surprisingly great.

My mom was being triple penetrated and was loving it. She was a pro at everything, My sister walked over to my mom and my mom let go of Justin and started making out with my sister, Justin hit my sister from the back, Sam and I sped up and fucked my mom harder and harder, she was screaming in pain and pleasure loving every second and we both unloaded big loads in my mom and I didn't even care I loved it, Justin came inside of my sister as Sam and I were pulling out of my moms amazing body, we took a break but my mom and sister were in the sixty nine position eating the cum out of each other.

Stay tuned for part two when we continue our fuck spree and get in the shower. Leave feedback on what you think so far and what was your favorite part so far.

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