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My First Time With My Best Friend

(Part 1 from 1)

Hello my name is Jessica. I have long blond hair, im 5'2", 125, 36c breast, and i was wearing a short jean mini-shirt with a low cut tank top. It was about 8p.m. and i was at home alone and bored when my cell phone rang.
Hey its Beth.
Oh, hey chick whats up?
Nothing much i was just wondering if you wouldnt mind me comming over and hang out tonight im so bored and mom and dad are fighting again.
Yea sure come on over.

As i was waiting for her to come over i sat there and thought of how beautiful she was she had long brown hair, about 5'3", is 120 pounds, had big sexy 34c breast. Oh how sexy she was. I reliezed i was starting to wet and thought about having some fun then there was a knock on the door.

Hey beth
Hey Jess
Come on in
(she was wearing a very short mini skirt and a shirt that you could almost see your nipples.)
So what do you want to do
Well i was wondering if we could go up to your room and watch this movie that i brought for us to watch.
That sounds cool.

We got upstairs and i sat on my bed as she put the movie in. I asked her what kind of movie it was and she said that it was a surprise. When she pressed play there was two girls having sex on the screen.

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Oh my god, you like porn?!?!
Hell yeah dont you its so hot to watch two girls having sex.
Well come and sit down so we can watch it.

I started to get really hot. Then i looked over and saw that beth was playing with her pussy. At that time i do not know what came over me but i leaned over and stuck my tounge out and started to lick her pussy. Up and down the taste and smell was just like cherries. I sread her pussy lips and started to fuck her harder with my toungue. She was surprised at first but i knew she liked it by the way she was moaning. OHHH!!! Jess baby that feels so good. she said. I started to kiss up her stomach and took off her shirt and started to suck on her nipples. With one nipple in my mouth i played with her other with my fingures. Then i told her to wait right there and told her that i now had a surprised for her. Little did she know i have been with a lot of girls and loved to fuck them with my strap on. I went to my closet and put it on. When i came back her eyes opened wide and then i said i want you to suck my cock. She started to suck my rubber cock and i pushed her down and started to put my cock in her pussy. I first started to pound it in her slow. With every moan she made it turned me on even more. So i started to go faster and faster.

Oh my god your going to make me cummmmm. said beth
Do you want it faster. i said
Yes baby i want it faster she said
I fucked her really fast then
she screamed


I slowed down and told her that it was her turn to fuck me. She then put the same strap on that i had used on her, she was going to fuck me with it. I was on my hands and knees and she put it in my pussy and fucked me so hard and fast that i cam with in 5 minutes. After about 3 more hours of fucking each other with the strap on we layed there and hugged each other and went to sleep.

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