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My First Time Tied

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I was dating an older guy who my parents didn't know about. He made me feel special and he did things to my body that were electrifying. Even now, I think he had one of the largest cocks I've ever seen. Not much when soft but once aroused, he must have been eight or nine inches long and so thick.....

He was a mechanic and used to drive a sporty BMW, convertible. We drove out to a place called Callandar and on a hill out of the village he parked the car. There were aa few paths leading from the car park and he said, 'C'mon, let's go a walk."

I left my bag in his car and taking his hand let him lead the way. As we walked he withdrew his hand from mine and cupped the cheek of my ass saying he liked to feel my ass sway and ripple under his hand. I smiled and stopped walking turning to look at him and, his hand still on my ass, I moved closer to him and tip-toed upwards to let him kiss me. He was a strong guy he pulled me into his body, his other arm around my shoulders as he plunged his tongue deep into my mouth, his other hand lifting my skirt and nipping my ass hard. I gasped with his tongue in my mouth and put my arms around his waist. I could feel his erection bulging through his jeans pressing against into my tummy and sending butterfly tingles down to my pussy which I knew was already wet.

"I want to fuck you, right now," he said, breaking our kiss and, before I had a chance to respond, he pulled me roughly by the arm away from the path towards the trees. I squealed, half in fear, half in excitement... I wanted to be fucked but wasn't sure about being fucked outdoors. The path seemed quiet but anyone could walk by. Even if he pulled me deep into the trees, someone could hear us, even if they couldn't see us.

As it turned out we didn't go far into the trees and about 10 metres off the main path he spun me around until my back slammed against a tree and as my mouth opened to yell at the pain of the impact, he pushed his tongue into my mouth again. He put one hand behind my head held me tight whilst his other hand lifted my skirt and he fingered my labia through my soaking wet panties.

I tried to push him away, telling him I didn't want to do it here.

"Doesn't feel like it to me," he laughed, moving his hand away from me before pushing it down into my panties, one and then two fingers quickly being pushed deep into me.

"No," I protested, at the same time opening my legs slightly to ease the discomfort of his fingers inside me.

"Are you going to fight me off?" he asked.

"I might," I smiled, feeling him pull my legs open wider and insert a third finger into my wet pussy, making me gasp and push my head back ecstatically against the tree.

"Well, I only have one option," he said, removing his tie from around his neck with his free hand.

I slumped a little as he removed his fingers from my pussy, the elastic of my knickers pinging against my skin as he took the tie and quickly grabbed my arms behind me. In a matter of seconds, my arms were uncomfortably secured at the wrists with my tie, stretched back behind the trunk of the tree.

Coming back around to face me, he noted the excitement in my eyes, my still breasts heaving against the tight school blouse. He undid the buttons until it was open to my naval and, although not taking my bra off, pulled it down over my breasts, exposing them to the air.

I watched him do it and held his gaze defiantly. I wanted him to fuck me and he knew it.

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He lifted my skirt and with a quick tug of my panties, wrestled them down off my hips and waited until I stepped out of them. He then brought them up to my face and I blushed as he wiped the wet material against my cheek. The smell of my own juices was powerful and as I gasped, the smell pungently erotic in my nostrils, he shoved them into my mouth.

"That should keep you quiet," he laughed, "we both know how much of a screamer you are."

My eyes were wide with desire and a little fear and I thought about spitting out the panties but could only watch as he undid his belt and used it to tie around my head, buckling it behind me to secure the panties in my mouth. I made to yell out but all that emitted was a restrained muffle as he unzipped his jeans and let his cock free.

He put a hand at the back of each thigh and lifted my legs from the ground, my arms sliding down behind the tree until he lifted me higher, opening my legs as wide as they would go. I was helpless to resist his ministrations and felt the head of his giant prick nuzzle against my wet and swollen lips.

"You want me to stop?" he asked.

I looked at him and shook my head, before leaning it against his shoulder.

"You want me to stick this cock into your willing little cunt?" he asked.

My head, still against his shoulder, I nodded.

"You sure?" he asked again. Again, I nodded. "Ask me to fuck you," he said, pushing his cock passed my lips until almost his whole head was inside me. I tried to lower myself onto his cock, my bum writhing but his hands held my thighs at a level he controlled. I tried to tell him I wanted to be fucked but all that came out was a silly, desperate sounding muffle.

There was a moments inactivity, his head inside my pussy, me struggling to keep from gagging on my own knickers, stuffed into the back of my throat and secured by his belt, before he pulled his hands away from supporting my thighs and I plunged down on his full length of rock-hard cock. Stretched and skewered in such a rapid way, I felt his whole cock fill me. With a muffled scream, my body writhed against his and I wrapped my legs around his waist to ease my discomfort.

He began to thrust into me, slowly at first, watching me, my eyes wide and wild, my hair cascading over my face.

"You are such a horny little bitch," he whispered, as he began to pump into me more quickly. " I know you want my cum in you and I'm going to give it to you," he said. I couldn't believe how turned on his words made me.

Moving his hands back under my thighs, he lifted me up and began bouncing me on his cock, lifting me up until he was nearly out , only his head still in me and then letting me fall onto his length again. Impaling me with every fall.
He leant forward and every time he dropped me onto his prick, he used his teeth to bite my nipples, alternating every time and getting steadily rougher with each bite.

After what seemed an age, he warned me, "I'm going to cum now" and I felt the inevitable pulsating of his prick as it neared explosion. I clenched my muscles and squeezed my pussy on his pole as he came, throwing my head back and spasming wildly with my own orgasm. I thrashed against my bound hands, my wrists aching and my mouth sore as he began to subside, his cum already dripping copiously down my thighs, the air cooling it quickly.

He let go of my thighs and I had to wrap my legs, once more around his waist. Still tied and gagged, he wrapped his arms around me and kissed my neck gently. He held me close and in silence for another fifteen minutes before eventually, untying me and letting me remove my gag.

My panties were ruined, covered in my pussy juices and soaked with saliva. I travelled the whole way back in the car with no knickers on, and ever since that day, I always carry a spare pair of panties with me - just in case.

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