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My First Experience at a Swingers Club

(Part 1 from 1)

My husband Dave and I had talked about getting involved sexually with another couple or a single female. It had just been talk never really did anything to make it happen. I had never done bi and had not been with any other guy since Dave and I started dating and at this point we had been married for 10 years.

Dave told me one morning over breakfast that he had found a swingers club website. He mentioned that they sponsored different events or themes on different nights. One night it might be pimps and whores. The guys dressed up like pimps the females wear lingerie or sexy negligťes. Or another night it might be a toga party or some other costume theme. Or some nights no costume just come dressed sexy.

Dave points out the club is not very far maybe we should go one night, and start swinging, he laughs so I am not sure how serious he is. He smiles, asks if I would want to go when it was theme like pimps and whores. I smile say no I would not want to just have on lingerie in front of a room full of strangers.

As he finishes breakfast and leaves for work he laughs saying, then we should go on a night they are just into sexy street clothes.

He does not bring it up again for a week. He says so we are on for club raven for tomorrow night? I look at him saying you really want to go? He say yes, but we donít have to really swing we could just watch this time. I say ok, He suggests that even though we are not going to do anything I should still look nice and sexy to fit in with the crowd.

Before he arrives from work I shower and I decide that instead of just trimming my pussy to shave it bald. We are not really going to swing but I want to feel especially sexy. As part of picking out what to wear I put on thigh highs and look at myself in a full length mirror on my closet door. I stand sideways and pat my ass. 37 inches and still nice and firm. I put on size 7 red lace cheekies to accent my butt. I face the mirror and check out my boobs. I cup my 36DD still nice and firm. I give my large dark brown nips a few playful tugs. They quickly respond by swelling. I kept tugging until they were nice and large. When I am fully aroused they can be ĺ of inch. I couldnít help but enjoy both the tugging and admiring the way my boobs looked with my nips nice and swollen.

Dave loved seeing them this way and loved playing with them when they are like this. I took one more admiring glimpse before I put a red strapless bra on that matched the red lace cheekies. The bra is paper thin my nips are showing. I look at myself in the mirror. I think not bad for 32. We talked about not really doing anything, just looking but I want to feel, as sexy as I can. I put on a low cut red top that is tight. With my nips still swollen they poke thru and look so nice I give them both another pinch. I put on a short black skirt, not at all tight, loose fitting but it lies nicely at the top of my ass. I put on black heels 4 inches makes my legs and ass look great. I wait for Dave to come home.

When he arrives he likes what he sees and quickly changes into something less formal looking than a suit. We drive to the club and walk in. Seems like any other club at first, everyone looked normal and was behaving no get naked or anything. After having two drinks a woman came over to us introduced herself as Nancy. She was my height pretty face maybe 34 24 35 with a skimpy black dress. No bra faint hint of her nipples poking through. If my husband had starred at her any harder the dress would have caught on fire. She was very friendly and was seemingly very happy that we were first timers. She waved her husband Tom over to our table. He was maybe 6ft 2 muscular very friendly as well.

He seemed to hit it off with Dave, as well as, I was getting along with Nancy. I danced a few dances with Dave and a few with Tom. While I was having my 4th drink and get rather mellow Nancy told me that she and Tom were going over to another coupleís house later and that we should come. She squeezed my hand and said, the after the club get together would be lots of fun and a good start for Dave and I as beginners at becoming swingers. By the time I finished the 4th drink they announce a womenís only dance. Nancy took me by the hand and lead me on the dance floor. The woman sort of danced in clusters. Nancy started to dirty dance with me rubbing her boobs up and down on my mine. The drinks were working well I went alone and danced with her rubbing my boobs against hers. A few more women came over and one started grinding up against Nancyís butt and another started doing the same to me. I was high; I was at a swingers club so what the hell. I rubbed by boobs with Nancy and push my ass back and grinded against this other woman just hard as she was grinding her pussy against my ass. I had never had this kind of contact with other females and It and the booze was having an effect in the form of I could feel my nips swelling.

Nancy notice and reached up and pinch both of my nips commenting on how sexy they looked. Nancy started tugging and pinching my nips. In seconds they started swelling more and more and showing more thru my bra and blouse. She laughingly commented on my boobs being big and my nips getting really large. Whispering in my ear relax enjoy. When the music stopped the two women we did not know walked away and Nancy let go of my nips. They were so swollen and sensitive I was sorry the music stopped. As we walked back to our table Nancy had her arm around me. While having the next drink another female came to our table. Nancy introduced her as Barbara. Barbara immediately said that Nancy had mentioned me and Dave to her in the lady rooms earlier and she invited both of us to come with them later to her place for a night cap and more she winked at me as she said more.

They announced another all gall dance and Nancy grabbed my hand and we went on the dance floor Barbara was close behind. We started to dance and Nancy and Barbara made it a sandwich with me in the middle. Nancy started rubbing her boobs against mine again but this time instead of rubbing them up and down on me she rubbed from side to side across my nips. Barbara was a redhead with average size boobs but a nice big ass in tight black slacks. She was behind me grinding her pussy against my ass. They were definitely succeeding at turning me on. As Nancy kept rubbing her boobs across mine the rubbing opened two of the buttons on my blouse. Nancy commented on being able to see cleavage and my red bra. Barbara was grinding against my ass and slowly pulling on the upper part of my skirt till she got it up and out of her way so she could grind against my ass commenting my red cheekies. I was so high from the drinks and getting so aroused I just went along. As the music continued Nancy opened the remaining buttons on my blouse. The dancing made it easy for her, she told me to just let go and have fun after all that why we came to the club. Everyone was busy doing their own thing so as not to notice.

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She comment to Barbara that I was wearing a red strapless bra and she reached in to my open blouse and grabbed it near the two snaps that held it close and said, hey look it opens in the front as she said that she gave it a yank, it opened she yanked two more times quickly and she got it off me and out of the open blouse she quickly folded it and held in one of her hands. With the free hand she grabbed my left nip and started working it, tugging it pinching it I could feel it throbbing in her fingers, god it felt good. She kept doing it I felt like I would explode right off my tit. As we danced she leaned into me saying you like that donít you? It feels good doesnít it? I gulp out a yes. She told me to enjoy it to go with the beat of the music, that I was safe with them.

Barbara still had the back of my skirt up and her pussy pressed tight against my ass grinding and she hooked her fingers into the waist band of the cheekies and quickly moved down on me like she was dirty dancing and moved down on her knees behind me taking the cheekies with her right down to my ankles and she lifted my feet out of them as Nancy kept working my left nip commenting on how pretty my breasts were, how sexy my big swollen brown nips looked. Telling me how much it aroused her to see and play with my big yummy looking nips. Barbara moved back up against my ass taking the skirt up rubbing her black slacks against my ass. I felt so high, I felt so hot so consumed with lust I started to shake in an orgasmic rhythm to the music. Nancy whispered in my ear, thatís a girl just go with it enjoy it, you are safe with us. Show us how much you like. Show us how much you want it. Come for us. I felt my pussy gush. I could feel the cum squirt on to my thighs. I felt so sexy. I felt so slutty Cumming on the dance floor. But it also felt so good, so ok, so right. When the music stopped I quickly button most of the button on my blouse. Nancy asked me to leave a few open that it looked so sexy. Nancy and I walked back to the table as we did she handed my bra to Barbara and she disappeared with it and my cheekies.

At the table Tom and Dave were waiting with new drinks for us. Tom starred really hard at my boobs and enlarged nips. I was flattered rather than embarrassed. Barbara and her husband Steve came to the table and suggested that it was time to leave for their place.

As Dave and I followed in our car, he seemed to be having second thoughts. He suggested that if I was uncomfortable with going to Barbara and Steveís we could just drive home. My left nipple was still very swollen form the work out Nancy gave it and I wanted more. I wanted to see her and Barbara naked I wanted to experience it with a woman or in this case two, not to mention their husbands. I reminded him that swinging was his idea and that I did not want to chicken out.

When we got to Barbara and Steveís they offered everyone a drink I sat on couch with my drink, Nancy and Barbara quickly moved into position one on each side of me. When I finished the drink Nancy kissed me and Barbara started opening my blouse. They wasted little time getting it off me and playing with my boobs. Between the alcohol and my wanting it I did nothing to resist. Nancy told her to work my nip and make it nice and large to suck on. They each took a nip in their fingers and worked it like they were having a contest to see who could make my nips swell larger, and faster. What they were doing felt so good I looked over at the guys they were all starring at my tits and the girls getting me all worked up.

First Barbara then Nancy took a nipple in to their mouths and started sucking. I looked down and watched two women do this to me. It made me come unglued. I started squirming, moaning, and shaking. Barbara quickly unzipped my skirt and opened the button they worked it off me. Without even thinking or caring I lift my ass to make it easier for them. I sat there with just thigh highs and heels on. I was not the least bit embarrassed. Barbara moved down on her knees between my legs and started to lick and eat me. Nancy looked over at the guys they all had their pants off, tom had is underwear off working his cock as they watched the girlie show. I watched Nancy strip. Her breasts were so firm and she had large bright pink nips. She moved close to me and fed me one as Barbara kept licking and sucking at my clit. I didnít hesitate. I took Nancyís nip in suck it hard like she had milk. Between me sucking Nancyís tit and Barbara eating me I started to shake and moan I could feel my stomach muscles starting to convulse. I sucked as much of Nancy into my mouth as I could and ran my tongue around her nipple. I could not hold it back my pussy exploded and I came in Barbaraís mouth.

Before I could even calm down Nancy moved me off the couch on to my knees. She motioned for Tom to come over she grabbed his cock waved it in my face. She moved him closer to me pressed the tip of his cock to my lips and said, show us what a good cock sucker you are. Between the booze and the lust not to mention his nice thick cock I opened my mouth and started sucking it. With encouragement from the girls i swallowed his cock I looked over a Dave and Steve they both had their pants off now. As soon as Tom shot his warm creamy load in my mouth he pulled out. The girls moved to Dave with Nancy going after his cock and Barbara straddling him and feeding him one of her pear shaped tits. Tom and Steve stood me up Steve went down on his knees and went after my pussy with his long tongue and Tom moves behind me and started to play with my ass cheeks commenting on what a big fucking ass I have. Tom got on his knees behind me and began to lick and kiss at my ass, Steven sucked hard at my pussy took my labia in his mouth pulling on it. I feel Steven sucking at me so hard and Tomís tongue running up and down the crack of my ass. They have me shaking I held Steveís head and hump against his face I came hard. Steven pulled me down to my knees, he stood up and pressed his cock to my lips I took it and start sucking it. I looked over at Dave. He was fucking Barbara doggy style while Barbara seemed to be eating Nancy.

Steve started fucking my mouth and Tom still behind me started to push his cock into my pussy. Steveís cock is longer than Toms but not as thick. Steve is fucking my mouth now faster and faster as I feel Toms cock pushing deep into my pussy fucking me good and hard.
I see Barbara pushing Dave on to his back and sitting on his face. Nancy moves up on him and takes his cock in her pussy as she straddles him. Steve fucked my mouth like he was humping a slutís cunt in a porn flick. Tom is pounding my pussy good and hard. I feel Steve shoot his load in my mouth. It shoots in really fast and hard, lots of it, he pulls out and shoots more of it on my face. Tom pounds me a little more and cums inside me, and pulls out. Barbara gets off Daveís face and Nancy gets off his cock. I see it go limp. He must have cum. The girls move back to me. Their husbands went and sat on the couch, they are spent for the moment. Barbara sits in front of me on a chair pulls my hair to guild my mouth to one of her yummy looking tits I take it and kiss it, lick it and go after her nip. I lick it and suck it deep in my mouth. Nancy is behind me I canít see her. She opens a draw and puts on a strap on.

She moves behind me on her knees and starts to push it into me. Once she gets the tip in she rams it into me I let out a yelp. She starts to fuck me and Barbara moves my mouth back to her nip. As I suck at Barbara, Nancy makes me admit that what she has in me is bigger than any guy I have had and that she is fucking me longer and better than any of the guys. I cum once but she keeps fucking me. I keep sucking at Barbara boobs going back and forth between her nips. Nancy keeps fucking me until I scream and cum again. She pulls out of me and she changes places with Barbara I go to work on her nipples and Barbara puts the strapon back inside me ever so slowly and very slowly fucks me. I get to aroused; want it so much I start pushing back at her wanting it deeper, faster. I look over at Dave and the guys, they seem to enjoy watching the girlie show and I am enjoying their watching as well.

Barbara says, yes baby thatís it, you want it fuck it donít you? I gulp out a yes. I start rocking, back and forth on my knees wanting it deep and her giving it to me so slowly. Nancy moves down and whispers in my ear you like it with us donít you? I gulp out a yes. She says you like eating pussy now donít you? I gulp out another yes. She pulls my head down between her legs and I gobble up her pussy. Licking and sucking for more and more cum. Barbara starts fucking me faster and harder I lick and suck at Nancy faster and harder. Barbara slams me really hard and my pussy explodes and I squirt all over the place uncontrollably. I donít normally squirt. Nancy holds my head and gushes into my mouth I lick and suck at her to get it all. While I am calming down on my knees Nancy waves the guys over. She positions Tom to sit on a chair nearby she moved me on to his lap and guides his cock into me and Barbara lubes Steve cock and hold my ass cheek apart he starts to slowly press it into my ass she smacks my ass asks, if I have had a cock in my big ass before. I say no. She smiles and says well you do now.

Nancy moves Dave into a position standing over Tom. Nancy grabs his cock and puts it in my mouth. Tom start humping up into me and Steve slowly pushes it all the way into my ass. Dave seems very aroused by seeing me with all my holes stuff and he starts fucking my mouth. The girls on are the side lines cheer the guys on. I hear Barbara encouraging Steve to fuck my big ass good and hard. I hear Nancy telling Tom to fuck me harder. She wants to hear me moan. They both tell Dave to fuck my mouth to get it all in me. One of them pushes on the back of my head says, go on take it all you cock sucker. The girls keep telling the guys to fuck my holes good and hard. Tom was the first to cum in my pussy. Then Steve pounded my ass really good I felt so hot so sexy so slutty taking it in my ass. Now I was drunk and consumed by lust getting fucked in the ass by stranger with my husband watching and 3 other strangers watching, it greatly added to my arousal. I felt his sperm shoot in my ass. That aroused me a lot. My pussy exploded again. I squirt uncontrollably while Dave pulled it out of my mouth and shot it on my face at the girlís request.

The girls helped me up and Nancy quickly put my blouse on me, followed by my skirt. She walked me to the front door stopping at a mirror I look at myself, hair messed up, Daveís sperm on my face and in my hair. I could feel Tomís and Steveís sperm dripping out my pussy and ass. I felt so sexy so slutty. She walked me out to the car. I got in Nancy leaned in tossing my bra and cheekies in the back seat and kissed me. I looked over and Barbara was leading Dave out to the car by his cock helped him in the driverís seat tossed his pants and underwear in back seat. She kissed him. My blouse was open somewhat and Nancy wrote her phone number on my right tit saying, this is a titty tag and if you want more call me. We drove home. We did not bother to shower.

We were both too tired. But I knew that after what I have experienced I would be using that phone number.

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