My First Bi Encounter

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My wife and I have been married 18 years own and run a health club which we frequent 3-4 times a week. We both are in excellent shape at 35 yrs. She is 5’6” long black hair green eyes sensual puffy red lips 118 lbs well trimmed body. She has 38c breast that are firm and nipples that protrude about half an inch when excited. Long trimmed legs when she wraps around you during climax draw you even deeper into her hot demanding pussy. And that pussy just enough black hair round half inch long that she shaves and shapes to draw all your attention to her hungry pussy. I am 5’9” blonde hair hazel eyes muscular weightlifting body with 8inches of hard dick I weigh round 185 and keep well tanned. We make a good living and have plenty of leisure time. We have a great sex life and enjoy oral as much as any other. Lately we had been talking a little about swapping and maybe threesome she asked me what I thought if we encountereda man that was bi I told her I would have to think about it but already was thinking may be interesting. I know when we are haveng sex and at the climax she sometimes will reach around and shove a couple fingers up my ass and wow it feels so good I pour even more hot cum in her pussy or down her throat.

And I will do same for her she squeals and squirms and wants more even though we have never had anal sex. So over the next few weeks we had discussed this new adventure and by now I was getting curious and craving the thought of watching another man shove his cock down her throat and fucking her hot pussy. Again she quizzed me about a bi man and I told her I was curious as she was with another woman but didn’t think I would be able to initiate it so we just play it by ear if it were to happen. We agreed that she would do a little shopping see what she could find. Bout a week later she told me she had found a couple that would love to come over and swing with us but all was to be a surprise. They were to come over Friday night and if all went well if we wanted they could stay the weekend. Friday 8pm they were there and Karla let them in. Well dressed black.

Couple stepped into the room and I gotta say she was stunning, beautiful, hot dam and had that saucy look that promised if you got the chance you would never forget, other than beautiful black she was built like Karla and her husband beside her was 6’2”built as I a weightlifter and maybe around 215 handsom with shaved head. Karla introduced as Tonya and Craig oh by the way my name is David.  Craig and Tonya owned the Night Club where Karla met them. We sat and visited about hour and a half and were hitting it off well they told us that they were fairly new to this and would introduce us to the 3 different couples they had met if all agree. Tonya lead us to the sex and told us they were bi but up to us how far we went. Karla suggested we all take a quick shower and get into something comfy. When I came out of the shower being the last they had put cushions and pillows around the tv on the floor and had a fuck film rolling Craig was already passionately kissing my wifes lusious lips and squeezing her tits and nipples I could tell she was stroking his cock. In the middle of the floor sat this goddess wiggiling her finger to me to come to her.

She sat naked and my eyes were taking in her beauty my dick not ashamed already at full mast Isat beside her and she reached over and undid my towel saying “You wont need this”I leaned over and kissed those hot lips and she took my cock in her hand and said”Nice Craigs is so huge that it hurts sometimes if we go to fast”As we kissed and touched each other she pushed me back on the pillows and said “Let me see what we can do here” Slowly she worked her way down my body to my throbbing cock kissing, nibbling and licking the head down 8 inches of shaft to my balls doing the same to them I was fighting to keep from blowing a nut as she worked me. Then she reposistioned herself proped my legs up and my god she was running her tongue in my ass hole my god that felt good she ran her tongue in and out while she stroked my cock and was all I could do to fight off a nut.

A few minutes of this and she raised up got a pillow had me raise my as and placed it under me then she moved to the side of me had me spread my legs wide from the side she took my cock in one hand and the other she spread some lube around my asshole the she took my cock in her mouth working the head then she took my hand placing it on her head pressing down I knewwhat she wanted the other hand went to my ass hole and she teased the ring of my asshole as she slowly took my cock deeper in her mouth then sudenly she shoved two fingers up my ass as she took all my cock down her throat I humped and pressed down hard on her head finding new depth and her fingers up my ass was driving me crazy then wham wham wham my cock was exploding hot jizz pouring out slaming against the walls of her throat as she finger fucked my ass tryingto take more of my cock I was holding her head down hard grinding into her face.

Wow I’ve never had a nut like this before and realized I was screaming out in ectasy. Finally what seemed like hours she slowly backed off my cock and kept draining my cum until I had no more to give. She layed beside me grinning and said wow now that was something I even came with you. At this time I glanced over at Karla and Craig and Karla had Craigs cock in her hand and my god what a cock Beautiful black 9 inches of cock big around as a silver dollar I was mezmerized as my wife started taking that huge thing in her mouth struggeling at first but managed to take him all deep in her mouth and went to work on it. I actually felt a little jealous and knew then I had to have that cock. Right now though I had a black goddess to deal with. I don’t know how long we fucked and she went to work on my cock again and somewhere came up with a small dildo she introduced to my now hot ass hole while she brought me to another orgasam almost as strong as the first time this after I had cum in her hot tight pussy twice. And from the sounds of it my wife was enjoying that black cock and I know she had already came three times and didn’t look as if they were close to stopping.

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Finally spent we all took another shower returned to our love nest chatted about what we all just experienced until we fell asleep. At one point I woke to some moaning looked over to see my wife and Tonya engrossed in some hot sex with each other I watched for a bit until I feel back asleep. Slowly I came out of my slumber feeling someone teasing my semi hard cock and realized that it was Craig between my legs and my cock became instantly stiff and Craig looked up at me smiled and said yeah you ready arent you then took me in his mouth I grabbed his slick bald head and started pumping my cock down his throat and what a expert he was he knew just what felt good and made me wait for about 15 minutes expertly working my cock and balls while he fucked my ass with the dildo finally helet me blast and blast I did at the same time he drove the dildo hard up my ass and deeper than it had ever been and no way I could measure if was better or not cause I thnk I passed out from the extreme ectasy andflowing cum when I was able to gather myself Craig was beside me kissing me telling me that hewanted to fuck me I gave into his kisses and got lost in the feelings that had overtaken me.

It felt natural to be passionatly kissing and feeling this mans hard body running my feverish hands down his back squeezing his hard buttocks pulling him closer to me. He was kissing me all over nibbling my ears down my neck to my chest sucking my erect nips god he had me hot I wanted this to last forever as he covered my mouth with his I could feel his large hand workbetween my legs searching for my hot man pussy he spread my cheeks and his thick finger was teasing my rim my hot hole quivering with antisapation. I felt the weight of his chisled rock hard body as he move on top of me placing hisself between my legs and felt the heat of his hot throbbing 9” cock as he grinded it against my cock I raised my legs up around his hard buttocks wrapped them around him pulling him into me humping back to meet his thrust my head in a fog from all the new sensations my body had experienced. I reached down between us and gripped that hot black beauty and begain strokking his cock my god it was a hand full.

He whispered in my ear “David you like that cock don’t you baby you want it. ””oh my yes Craig I want you to take me take my virgin hole fuck me Craig””Oh yes baby im gonna fuck you, Imgonna take your little cherry hole fuck you silly god you make me so hot baby give me that hot little ass. ” “Oh yes baby yes I want your cock deep inside me I want to feel your cock in me” “Craig “ Yes “ I want to suck you first I want to taste your hard cock. ”He kissed me then moved off me and said that he would lay on his back and I mount head to toe that way he could play with my hot little ass by the time I got my legs each side of his broad shoulders mycheeks were spread pretty wide and his big cock was standing and waiting I tongued the head teasing him a bit then started stroking it as I licked and kissed around his pelvic area working to his big balls taking one at a time in my mouth sucking tasting working them teasing him. Craig was kissing and licking my ass then he widen my cheeks some more and drove his tongue in as deep as he could my body shuddered from toe to tongue wow what a sensation thought I was gonna cum right then. I noticed that Karla and Tonya were taking a break and was watching us with flushed faces they were getting turned on watching us. I focused on that big piece

Of meat in my hand and slowly I took it in my mouth it streched my mouth to the limit up and down that hard pulsating cock but soon realized this was going to be a task, bout that time I heard my wife saying take it baby suck that cock. My wife was coaching me how to take it all she even took it from me and had me watch her swallow all that enormous meat. I practised and was gaining bout 5 minutes I had all it in my mouth for a short time. So involved in Craig’s cock and listening to his sounds of pleasure I didn’t notice Karla had slipped her head between Craig and I and I was plunging my cock down her throat. Craig had lubed my love hole and suddenly shoved a thick finger in deep and was finger fucking me I could feel his meat getting larger and knew it wouldn’t be long before he would pop. I picked up the tempo and knew anytime now and just then Craig shoved the second finger up me and I was pouring juices down Karla’s throat and boom that huge piece of meat was pouring wave after wave of hot jeez down my throat I couldn’t swallow fast enough and it was running out my mouth and nose wondered if I was going to drown I kept sucking and stroking that meat until I had drained it then I licked all the escaped cum off his meat.

I crawled off and turned around to lay beside Craig and he grabbed me and pulled me tightly close and smothered me with kisses saying yeah baby that was great. We lay there a minute me in his arms and kissing like sex starved lovers and I could feel his cock begain to grow and become ridgid I reached down and yes he was ready for more. Craig kissing and grinding on me said “You ready baby to give me that tight hole You want this cock baby cause I’m gonna fuck you till you cant take no more”as he was slowly finger fucking me again. As Craig was kissing me he pushed me so I was laying on my back. His passionate kisses kept coming as I felt him putting more jell around and in my hot ass. He gave his cock a jell rub down then spreading my legs wide he moved between them and began grinding or cocks together. ”You ready baby to get that hot little white ass fucked huh tell me you want this black cock. Yeah you be my little bitch when im done tell me. Oh dam Craig yes I want your cock fuck me give that cock. Show me where you want that cock. I reached down grabbed his hot cock and guided it to my quivering hole rubbing it around my hot sex tunnel he moved forward putting pressure on my love channel slowly more pressure until the head forced itself in.  I guess I must have yipped in pain he stopped and slowly moved around until my ass hole relaxed then slowly back and forth gaining tiny bits until he was half way in me he stopped letting me get relaxed.

God he was big and it hurt but I was so wrapped up in the sensations that I didn’t care I could feel his cock pulsating inside me feel the heat of his dick inside me god it felt good. ”You ready baby you ready to get fucked””Yes Craig give me your cock baby fuck me. ””Dam your so tight baby”I brought my legs up planting my heels in the small of his back spreading my ass a little more accepting his cock invading my virgin ass. hoverying over me are burning lips glued together as he backed out then back in until my ass was accepting him.  Few more strokes he stopped.  You ready to give me your hot white little ass baby huh you ready for some dick. Yes baby take me Craig take me now. He started the same motion as before but faster one of his hand grabbed my ass our lips met furiously we kissed and I felt him on the out stroke hisatate a second then he drove his cock back in me but not stopping this time he plowed deeper shoving 9 inches of cock to the hilt and my god I was cumming seemed like I would never stop shooting jeez between our stomaches jeez rolling off me onto the bed finally the climax subsided and I was able to breath again I realized Craig still had a firm grip on my ass and he was still holding his cock full depth in me.

Then he slowly started backing out my senses so awakened I swear I could feel the blood roaring through his cock. Craig backed his cock all the way out then reentering me he slowly forced his cock to the bottom again with my legs wrapped around him squeezing pulling him deeper inside me. Craig grabbed my ass with both hands and begain fucking me faster now burying his cock hard and deep. Pile driving my ass now in a frenzy harder digging for unexplored depth I could feel his cock growing larger as his load was coming closer his cock so hot his load was boiling then he let out a huge groan as he buried his cock and exploded deep in me surge after surge of hot cum filling my ass overflowing and running down my ass crack I realized I was cumming. My own jeez pouring out. I had never cum like this before the ectascy overtook me.

I think I passed out for a minute while Craig begain pumping in and out draining that huge black cock in me. Finally he was done and relaxed on top of me and we both layed there holding on to the bliss not wanting it to be over. Craig said”Oh my god that was great what a hot fuck you are I want more and more. Kissing him and drawing my legs tighter around him feeling his semi hard cock still in me I told him “You didn’t think you were done did you that’s my cock now. We all fucked several more times that weekend and Craig and Tonya postponed their engagement for the next weekend to come back to our place and we were looking forward to next week and many more.

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