My Day With Daddy.

(Part 1 from 1)

100% fiction!

It was the begging of summer and all the snow has just melted from the ground and I have decided to go along and pull out all of my outfits for the summer.

All I can hear from down stair was my Mother yelling at my father so I went down the stairs to go and peek at what was happeneind, aparently my mom has found a better guy in her life so I knew that mommy was going to leave me and daddy all alone.

After a few years past and my birthday was only three days away I decided I was going to loose my 18yo Virinity one way or another.

Sometimes when I wake up in the morning I would hear my daddy jacking off and the sounds would make me feel superwet but I never ever tuched my self.

One morning I got up and put on my mini skirt that's shaped my round little ass, and then put on my baby doll white tee shirt that showed my black bra. When I was brushing my long jet black hair I can hear my daddy jacking off again. So I slowly walked down the hall to where his bedroom was ond slowly opened the door to his room and peeked in. My jaw dropped open, My daddy was huge! His cock must have been at lest 9-10inches long. And as soon my daddy heard me gasp I ran down the hall back to my room thinking about what I just seen.

I can hear him getting ready and then head out the door for work when I decided to take a long hot bath in his bathrrom, daddys tub is so huge I just love it, with its super hard hets and all the soapy bubbles around.

I walked around naked for a bit knowing no1 was home, when I started to run the water for my bath. A few moments later I turned on the jets before I entered the bathtub. As soon as I sat down I felt a jet brush past my clit, I have never felt any thing like that before. So I did it again...slowly pulling my self up and went back down slowly with my legs open a little wider this time, as soon as I felt the jet hit my clit it was asif my body went on fire, I couldnet halp my self but to start to moan loud, and I started to grab at my chest when I heard a voice from behind me, I looke up in shock to see who it was.

Daddy stood in the door way looking at me and looking over me with a shoked look on his face, I didn't move my clit from the jet yet and as soon as he looked like he was going to say something I exploaded with an oragsim and the whole time I was looking at daddy and moaning hard, I knew dad was egtting happy because I can see his croch area getting bigger, I just sat there shaking with my nipples hard as rock when my daddy said to me "umm...hunny...what are you doing?" And I replyed "mmmm daddy I'm so sorry I just wanted to feel like a woman" my birthday was today and I needed to get off.

Daddy stood there looking at me I knew what he was looking at because all the bubbles went away from the bath water. His eyes looked over my tight swollen shaved pussy and can see my wet hard nipples and tight tiny body. He stood there and staired for a bit longer and I sat there looking up at him.

Within a blink of an eye I watched my daddy walk away back into his bedroom and can hear him swearing away, I quickly got up and fryed off and put my skirt and shirt back on without the bra this time and I walked over tawords daddy. He was sitting on the side of his bed with this huge throbbing cock in his pants.

I slowly pulled my self up onto the bed and sat beside him, he didn't look me in the eyes, but looked up at my chest, my shirt was seethrew and I knew he can see my nipples threw my shirt and I can feel my self getting wet sitting beside him looking down at his masive hard on. He looked at me and said "sweet pea, this isn't right." I looked at him and giggled by this time I was sure I was going to loose my virginity, I just never thought it would be with my daddy.

I slowly pullded off my wet teeshirt and he was watching me, and I layed back and started to rub my tits and play with them making them nice and hard, aand he leened back and watched my play with my tits, and I giggles and grabed his hand and put it on my ches, daddy smiled and started to play with my nipples while I was watching him play, he looked at my then he went down to start sucking on my perfect tits.

I started to let out a light moan every time his tung brushed passed my nipple and he liked it. He kept doing that for a while when I got up and looked at him, I said "dose daddy wanna fuck me?" He looked at my skirt and pulled me down onto the bed where he hicked up my skirt and started to kiss my pussy, slowly letting his tung glide over my clit, I can hear and feel him sucking up all my juices and can hear him saying "mmmm omg this taste so good sweet pea ugh its so sweet and juicy" I opened up my legs a bit more and he was eating out my pussy it felt better then the jet a few minuts earlyer,I can feel my body getting hot all over again and I grabed onto my tits and I was moaning hard now. He kept going harder and faster and I kept on getting louder moaning"oh please daddy Uuuuuh daddy please go inside me I'm going to cum!" And with this said daddy dropped his pants and started to enter me and with a confused look on his face he said "your a virgin!?"

I looked up and I said "yes daddy I am" and with that said daddy made sure his 9inch cock was nice and wet and used my pussy juices to do that. He said "now hunny, this might hurt but only for a moment" and I can hear him under his breath saying "ong two three" ugh!fuck! Your so fucking tight" I bit my lip and went along with the motion, with every thrust and with every push I can feel my self build up in pure extacy, with a few more pumps I held onto him and screamed as my pussy juice was squirting all over his dick, he didn't stop he kept going and he pulled out quick and said "open wide for daddy" I opened my mouth and he put his hot cum in my mouth and I held his dick and licked it all off of his dick and he looked at my and said " happy birthday" I smiled and giggled and layed there while I watched him get dressed.

I looked at him and said, " Daddy this is the best 18th birthday gift ever" and he smiled and said "ill see you after work hunny now don't miss school you hear" I nodded and giggled at the thought of what we just did and I got ready and went o school.

That evening when I got be continued!

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