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My Dark Fetish

(Part 1 from 1)

I can't help myself when I find that I am all alone. I crave an audience to watch me. As I surf the internet for adult webcam sites, I gather my materials for masturbation. As I prepare, I can feel the dirty thoughts leak from my vagina in the form of cum. I find a site with a guy who wants to watch. They never interact with me the way I want. I rub my clit through my cotton panties.

Oh so wet, I read the messages of all the guys telling me I'm so hot and they want to see more. I begin to move my panties aside exposing my clitoris. I imagine some one sucking on it as I slide my first finger into my vagina. More guys online begin to jerk off to my swelling pink labia. I slide my panties of at the request of the biggest dick I can find on webcam. Two fingers go in; as I begin to slide them in and out, I reach around for my first object I use to masturbate with. I lube up the end of a hammer and slowly slide it up my vagina. It feels so good. I love hearing the men freak out about it.

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They tell me they wish they could be there to fuck me. I lay on my back going in and out with the handle. It feels so good but its not enough. I take spoon handles and put them inside my vagina. I can't lie. I love shoving taboo things up my holes. As his dick grows harder I become more wet. I then took a curling iron and slid it inside my vagina. Going in and out i put a vibrator on my clit. It feels so good. I begin to arch my back and moan as he smacks his dick on the computer desk and jerks it. It's almost perfect except for my asshole feels lonely. To show it some love, I take one of my stiletto heels, lube it up real nice, place it behind me, and slowly begin to sit on the heel.

Oh, as I begin to moan. Going up and down on the heel feels great. The shock from the strange mans voice excites me to do more. So I pull the curling iron out of my vagina and insert my screw driver. Screaming with pleasure from the double penetration, I continue to be on my knees going up and down on these objects til he cums. I finish up by squirting on my webcam for him. However I am not done.

The pressure from the sex has my bladder yearning for release. I take my webcam and go in my bathroom. He begins to watch as I squat down in my tub and begin to pee. Wishing I could piss in front of him, I rub my clit again til I'm finished. He smiles and tells me I'm amazing as I wave goodbye and shut off my webcam. Another successful taboo masturbation is done. Yummy! Until next time, you'll have to wait to read what dirty little things I stick up my holes.

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