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My Cousin's Wife

(Part 1 from 1)

Note: This story is a piece of purely erotic fiction, and in no way do the characters involved resemble any real life persons as far as the author is concerned.

Hi!! I am Sameer from India. I am 5’ 11” in height, a good physique and a bachelor working in a small architecture consultancy in my city. I want to share the best time of my life that I made out with my cousin’s wife. Her name is Anita and she has a plain round face, black hair and deep brown eyes, full lips, clear and flawless skin, a figure to die for and especially a belly-button and a pair of perfect sized and shaped breasts one would ever look for.

I had developed a fantasy for her since we saw her for marriage to my cousin. It dates back to the time I was in college. Ever since I saw her, I used to jack off many times fantasizing about how I would like to take her to my bed…NAKED…!! After their marriage, they had visited my place many times and I too had gone to their house for social meetings. I was aroused most when I had gone to their place on a rainy day, and she was coming back from the market. She was completely drenched and her skin showed through her wet blue saree. The best sight was her cleavage showing sexily from her short blouse and her saree sticking to her navel. I was so engrossed in the scenery that I could barely stop staring at her even when she had come in front of me. I wished I could fuck her then and there. I sensed that she had seen me staring and looked at her she was looking very very beautiful and sexier than before with her wet hair and saree. At that moment, I imagined what the body inside the wet attire would be like. Somehow I managed to look in the other direction. She unlocked the door for me and we entered the house. (I forgot to mention that my cousin and his wife stayed alone in the city and I lived in another rented apartment flat).

Well she gave me a towel and went into her room to change. Even after five years of marriage they didn’t have any kids, so I had a feeling that Anita didn’t mind my staring and ogling at her in the fashion I did and even would like to make out with me. I couldn’t resist and went towards her bedroom. It came as a shock to me when I realized she had left her door a bit ajar. I took a risk and peeped into it. My eyes met with the best sight of that day, my wish was coming true as I saw her strip out of the wet apparel in front of her mirror. Her nice pair of breasts, her navel, her figure and her wet skin appealed a lot to me. I got a raging hard on and nearly ejaculated in my pants. She went into the bathroom after toweling herself dry. I went back to the sofa and pretended as if I knew nothing.

She came out in a white lacy nighty and went into the kitchen to brew some tea. The silken material and the color went well with her skin. I could have molested her on sight. And most of all she was definitely bra-less as I could see that her nipples were standing to poke out of her nighty. I guess, she must have seen me from the mirror and might have noticed the bulge in my pants. She brewed the tea, poured it into two cups and brought them on a tray in front of me. She leaned to put the tray on the table and I was given a full view of the beautiful breasts. I was right, she was bra-less. We drank our tea and I waved her goodbye and asked her to call me up if something was needed.

The next day, around midday I got a call from her and she informed me that her husband was going to be out of station for three days or so and she was all very lonely at home. And that she was afraid alone and asked me if I could come over at night to sleep in the house. I asked whether her husband had any objections and she told me that all those issues were settled and he had no problems. She said we could take our dinner together and then chat for a while before sleeping. So I went to her place around 7 o’ clock in the evening.

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When I rang the door-bell she came almost immediately to open the door. I guess she must be watching from some window. When she was at the door, I could see from her eyes that she meant some mischief. She let me in. we sat on a sofa and watched some TV. Around 7.30 I said I was bored and wanted to see some action. She asked what kind of action I would to see, something violent or something sexy. I was caught off balance at this and could not comprehend much until she kissed me on my lips. It was nothing platonic, it was a complete passionate job. I responded immediately after that, I embraced her during the kiss and said, “Oh Anita!!! I had wished for this since so long…” she smiled back at me mischievously and kissed me again this time holding the back of my neck with one hand and the other hand was busy undoing my shirt buttons.

After the buttons were undone she kissed me on my chest, and I in the meantime, caressed her breasts lightly. She said, “Sameer I took to you on the very day we met. I thought you were to be married to me and it came as a shock to me when I saw your cousin as the groom. That day when you were looking at me toweling myself I was praying to god that you come inside and make love to me. I want you very badly Sameer…. I want you to make love to me.” With this she giggled and ran into her room and locked it behind her. After a few minutes, she came out wearing a black, night lingerie which was quite revealing. She said, “Let me arrange for something to eat first.” She went into the kitchen and I followed her. While she was making some sandwiches I grabbed her from the back and kissed her neck. She whimpered as my hot lips and hot breath touched her bare neck.

She tried to push me back but it was a half-hearted effort and she was giggling all the time. I then went on to kiss her cheeks and then I turned her around and kissed her bosom, she grabbed my hair and pulled me up to kiss me again on my lips. It was a long, passionately lingering kiss. We had our dinner together with her sitting on my lap. After dinner I asked her, “what’s for dessert, dear?” she mischievously stood up and said, “well sweetheart, catch your dessert if you can,” and started running. I gave her a chase and finally managed to corner her. I tickled her waist and breasts for giving the run around and picked her up in my arms. We went into the bedroom and I put her on her plush bed. I then started kissing her from her toes, I reach her thighs and let my breath caress her thighs. Then I kissed her navel. She pushed me more towards it. I knew from her soft moan that she liked it. Then I kissed her midriff and then her bare shoulders. Then I kissed on the sides of her neck and finally put my lips a bit apart from hers. She pulled me in to kiss her.

We kissed for God knows how long. Then she undid the top of her lingerie and the much prized breasts demanded my immediate attention. I kissed her erect nipples and nibbled on them. Then I fondled her breasts with one of my hands. She took hold of my hand and moved it towards her panties. I put my hand inside and inserted my middle finger into her wet cunt. It felt so nice…. I rubbed her clits and then pulled her panties down, kissed her cunt and tongue fucked her for a few minutes. She asked me to stop, I stopped. She said “you are doing all the work, but we are forgetting the little hard one, aren’t we?’ and undid my shirt, pants and underwear. She fisted my meat and exclaimed “I was wrong, it isn’t the little hard one, it’s a big hard one..!!” with this she got down to her knees and kissed the head of my dick. It sent spikes through my spine.

Then with expert fingers, she rolled back the skin and her hot lips sucked the head for some time. The feeling was nice. Then she started taking the whole meat inside her mouth and did a deep throat. I said after two minutes “Anita, I am going to cum in your mouth….” She left me at it. She said seductively “the jizz is for my inside honey..” she made me sit on the bed and lowered her cunt onto my erect and red hot cock, she then made an up and down motion with her cunt on my dick, it felt so nice to be inside her wetness. Her vagina was also tight. I wondered out loud “I say, doesn’t your husband fuck you regularly?” she replied back romantically and coquettishly “I saved it just for your honey.” I was aroused even more. I picked her on my arms, lay her on the bed, spread her legs and got in between her thighs. She said, “Sameer, fuck me…fuck me hard!!!” I started pounding her, slowly at first and gradually going faster…. She moaned loud with pleasure and pain alike as I seared deeper into her. My dick massaged her inner walls and I could feel the climax build up inside me.

I paused until the feeling subsided, then started pounding her again. The rhythmic slapping as our bodies met, the wet slushing sound as my dick dug deeper into her and our moans turned on both of us even more. She put her hands on my shoulders and crossed her legs behind my buttocks. I fucked her deeper and harder, her mouth opened in lustful pain and pleasure. Gradually, my dick was buried to the hilt and then I said “Anita, I am gonna cum now….” She screamed “don’t pull out…DON’T PULL OUT…fuck me harder AND FASTER…CUM INSIDE ME…” I fucked her harder and faster and felt her pussy pulsating hard on my raging dick. I kept on fucking her till both of us came together. I lay still on her to regain my breath, and then I kissed her. She sucked and licked my cock dry. We barely slept that night as we had one more session that night. I even took a sick leave from the office to make the fullest utilization of the opportunity of sleeping with the woman of my fantasies, lust and dreams and making love to her in flesh and blood.

Well… so long!!! These two days and nights went so nicely. Tomorrow my cousin would be back and we would depart again. But on the brighter side, Anita has promised me to be in touch and that I could come over to her place in the afternoons for ‘lunch’ or she could meet me at some restaurant if I could take a half day from the office. Ok folks..!! Hope you enjoyed my experience…. Bye for now… Anita’s waiting for me in the showers....;)

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