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My Boss, a true Slave Driver

(Part 1 from 1)

I've worked in the same office for about 5 years. Last year, my boss was fired and I had hoped to be promoted to his position. I was the most qualified within the company, however they decided to hire from outside the company...They hired a 40 year old, blond hair, blue eyed woman. She was very attractive. 5'5, 120lbs, 34-D breasts. Nice long legs.

From the day she started, she was a bitch. She fired half of my team members and didnt find replacements. My 40 hour work week turned into a 60 hour work week, at the same pay. After a year of her attitude, I finally had it with her. One night, when we were the last 2 people in the office, I walked in her office. She had her hair up in a bum, wearing a short black mini-skirt, tight blouse, and high heels. I closed her office door and said "amy, we need to talk" She of course blew me off, telling me she didnt have time to listen to me. "Amy, listen now, or I quit and then you will really be fucked" She looked up at me in shock, but never the less she replied "fucking quit, I dont need you". So I walk out of her office and back into mine...I start packing my personal belongings in boxes. I start taking boxes out to my car and she noticed "I thought you were joking about quitting, we need to talk about this" she told me. "We are done Amy, I have nothing to say to you". She pleaded with me to come into her office, and I continued to refuse. She finally left me alone and I continued packing my stuff away. Once I was finished, I went into her office and handed her my keys and said goodbye. I started to walk out, she got up, ran in front of me, lock her door with the key and said "Listen, we need to talk before you leave. You arent leaving until I am done talking to you"

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With no way out, I sit down and talk to her. "Is there anything I can do to change your mind?" She asked me...."No amy, I am sick and tired of your attitude and the hours you are making me work." She flung her hair down out of her bun, this made her look so sexy. I tried to keep my mind off of her, but she got up, walked over to her mini bar, bent over, and got a beer for me...When she bent over I noticed she wasnt wearing any panties. I saw her clean, shaved pussy. My cock immediately began to grow and when she came back, she noticed it right away and smiled at me. "well, maybe there is something I can do to change your mind." She came over to me and sat on my lap, wrapping her legs around the chair. This felt so good. "amy, we shouldnt be doing this", "why not," she replied, "you dont work for me anymore". I thought to myself, its not often a sexy woman like this throws herself at me. 

I started to unbutton her blouse, but then I decided just to rip it off. I tore her blouse off and buttons flew all over the office. I reached around and took her bra off. Her breasts were nicer than I ever imagined. I began to lick her nipples and I could feel her pussy getting wettier and wettier as I continued licking her. I lifted her off of me and put her on the edge of the desk. I pulled up her skirt and spread her legs. I began to lick her pussy...I started slowly and then I started to go faster and faster. Hmmmmmm! She tasted so good. She started moaning louder and louder. "Oh I'm about to cum!" She wasnt kidding. Her cum gushed out of her pussy. She was a squirter. and She squiretd all over my face. Hmmm....It tasted sooo good. I loved it! 
She pushed me off of her and unbutton my pants and took them off. Then she took my silk boxers off. She looked at my cock and smiled "nice and thick, I'm going to have to try this out" She began to suck on my cock...She took it all the way down her throat. felt soo good. I pulled her up and bend her over her desk. I slowly slid my cock into her pussy. It was nice and tight. Her pussy lips took hold of my cock. She was so wet and warm. It felt so good. I rammed by cock in her pussy hard and waste. She cam while my cock was thrusting in and out of her. Her pussy gushed out again...All over the desk and the floor. She was shaking after this last orgasm she had. She pushes me off and turns around and starts kissing me "You make me feel so good! I have gushed like this in a long time" She had very soft lips and her tongue felt good against mine. She said "I want you to lie and the floor and let me ride your cock hard and fast". I agreed, and she rode my cock hard and fast. She contined to cum and gush all over the floor. She said "I dont know if my pussy can take any more. "I looked at her and said "bend over that desk again, I'm gonna fuck that sexy ass" amy said "oh, fuck my hard" I slid my cock into her ass. I rammed it hard...Her ass was definitely experienced with cock. She loved it. I pulled her hair as I was fucked that ass. This drove her crazy....I was finally about to cum and I said "amy, I wanna cum in your ass" she said..."hmmmm.please cum in my ass" Before I came in that ass, I started fingering her pussy, I wanted her to come with me....hmmm.....I came in that ass just as she gushed again. 

After this night, I agreed to come back to work and amy really loosened up. And now when I stay late, she makes it worth my while.

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