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My Boss And My Wife

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TDS_Submission: I was 28 years old when I married my wife Bernadette. She was twenty. We were both very naive back then. Anyway, I had been working at a Dry-Cleaning shop for two years. The only males there were my boss, Mr Bell, a very tall reddish-skinned balding guy in his 50's, and me. The other five workers were women. I used to wonder why the women were always polite and obliging to Mr. Bell.

They even seemed a bit scared of him. Nowdays, I know why. Bernadette and I had only been married a couple of months when Mr. Bell asked me to bring her in for a job-interview after working hours. I thought this was good because we needed the extra money, so the next afternoon when the dry-cleaning shop was closed, Beradette arrived and met us at the shop door. She had on a long brown dress with flower pattern on it, I remember because it complimented her long auburn hair. In his office, My wife and I sat at Mr Bell's big desk. For a while he just looked at us with the pale blue searching eyes he had. I thought the silence was strange, but soon he made his intentions clear.

He said,"I like the material in that dress, Bernadette. Come round this side of the desk and let me look at it". My wife walked around the desk and he told her to face me. Then he got out of his seat and went behind her. He started to feel the dress material, then my wife shuddered and said,"No!" It was a bit dreamlike as I realised he was actually feeling her up........ He said, "Peter, you DO want to keep your job here, don't you?" I said,"Yes, Mr Bell". And that's all I could think to say. Then he said to Bernadette, "You don't want to see your husband lose hid job, do you?" She said, "No, of course not Mr. Bell!" "So just stay still, girl!" he ordered, "Or Peter WILL lose his job, and I won't be offering you a job either!" As I said, we were both very naive, and I guess I was a bit of a coward. I was scared to say no to Mr Bell. He said, "Okay, I think we all understand where we're at now, don't we?" Both My wife and I nodded "Yes".

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He stood up, towering over my wife and lossened the top part of her dress so that both her breasts popped out, slightly swinging, and Bernadettes face went bright red as he squeezed up behing her, fondling her bright nipples. Also, I noticed he was rubbing himself up against her plump bottom. Then with a quick movement, he slid his big hand up between her legs and started to finger her. She looked at me with a pleading stare, but I was too scared to stop my big boss. After a while, he pulled her white panties down and off and threw them to me, sniffing them first. "Here, smell the sex on these Peter!" he said in a husky voice. I was just hypnotized by it all and caught her panties and sniffed them. I could smell her pussy and arse. It actually turned me on. Instantly I got an erection. My wife just hung her head, accepting it. Mr Bell pulled her dress right up over her back and threw it on the office floor. "Come aroud here and watch!" He demanded. Then he dropped his pants.

At the sight of his massive long, thick throbbing cock, I was instantly transfixed. I was jealous, feeling inadequate, but so turned on looking at this monster penis. Then he bent my wife over his desk and parted her legs. "Guide me into her, Peter" he rasped. I gingerly took hold of his huge meat shaft at the base, my hand looked small as I put the throbbing heavy knob against my wife's pussy. He pushed my hand away and slowly proceeded to slide into her. Within a few seconds he was fully fucking her, his big member causing her tight pussy to make a squelching, sucking noise as she became vey wet. She wimpered as he increased the long-shafted thrusts. After a while, he slowly pulled out.

His cock was MASSIVE now, and he turned her around and lifted her onto her back on his desk. "You get behind her and hold her legs back!" he ordered me. I did and as I held her legs, he fucked her with such a force it sounded like someone getting a spanking. Bernadette was moaning now, I think it was with a bit of pleasure too. Then he gave one mighty shove and came in her. It took ages for him to stop his body shaking with the power of his cum spurting into her. She cried out as well, her body convulsing on Mr Bell's big desk. Then as soon as he pulled out of her loosed-up pussy, he rammed his while cock into my wifes tight arse.

She screamed, but it wasn't long before he came again, this time up her rear end. Gasping, he said, "Now Peter, I want you lo clean it all up for your wife." I went around the desk, thinking he meant with her panties or something, but he pushed my head down onto he pussy. There was so much cum coming out, I couldnt believe it. "Eat it all! He demanded. As I licked the thick white cum from her pussy I could smell it all, pussy, cum arse-smell....... and I was so turned on I put some of his slippery cum on my own cock and jerked off. When we were dressed, he informed us I would be keeping my job and Bernadette had a job for sure. She said she did'nt want a job.

So we just went home. I worked there for another year, then left. I often masterbate thinking of Mr Bell with my wife. My wife and I divorced a few months later, not because of that though.

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