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My Big Strong Daddy

(Part 1 from 1)

Note : This story is complete fictional!

When I turned 18 years old I was beginning to fill out. I would look at my body and be satisfied that it looked good. I began feeling urges. I let my next door neighbor boy who was also 13 fuck me but it was not what I thought it would be.
My daddy could do anything, he could fix anything, he was strong and handsome and all the neighbor women always looked at my dad with lust in their eyes. It made me jealous and mad. After trying sex with the neighbor boy I was frustrated. I couldn't image sex with anyone but my daddy. Other boys did not interest me, all I could think of was daddy's strong body on top of me. Once I saw daddy sleeping on his bed, the door to his room was open and I saw his cock, it was so big and hard looking. It was bobbing up and down; I just wanted to sit on it and pump my little ass on it till I screamed. I would dream of doing this after seeing his cock that day.

My mom had to go to a women's meeting in another state one week. I was so happy, I was going to make it my opportunity to see if daddy would stick his big dick in me. I couldn't just ask him because he might get really mad and think I am sick or something. My mom gone and me being the only child left daddy and me all alone. I watched my dad that evening cooking us dinner. He was wearing shorts and a tee shirt. I could see his bulge. He caught me looking and got a weird look on his face. I just smiled at him.

All that night while we were watching TV I kept thinking of daddy fucking me. I changed into cute little teddy pajamas and asked daddy if he liked them. He looked at me and said they were very cute on me. I looked sad and he said "What?" and I answered him, only cute? He asked me what I wanted him to say and I told him I wanted him to say they were sexy, but he just laughed and turned back to watching TV.

It turned me on that my dad was hard to get. I kept looking at him and my pussy was getting so hot, I just wanted him to sick his dick in me so bad. I walked over to him and tickled his ears; he laughed and kept watching the TV. I sat on his lap facing him and began tickling him under the arms. She bounced around and laughed, I could feel his lump in his shorts touch my pussy, I wanted him so bad. He told me to get up and brush my teeth and go to bed.

I got in bed and decided to fake a nightmare. I started screaming and my daddy came running to my aid. I told him I was having a nightmare and not to leave me. I had to think of a way to get him in my bed and it worked. I held onto daddy and told him he was my hero. I wrapped my legs around him and began hugging him and pushing my body against his. I felt his cock getting hard. He started to push away and I said, "no daddy, don't leave me, I am scared". He then held me, he was giving in, I kept hugging him back and his cock now was really big. Laying side by side, I took my leg and put it over his waist and let my pussy touch his cock though my jammies. We started rocking a little, and he asked me what I was up to, if I knew what I was doing to him? I told him yeah, that I needed to know about sex and only wanted him to show me.

He told me it was not right and that mother would divorce him if she knew. I promised him mother would never know. Meanwhile I am lunging my pussy on his cock. I said "Daddy, can I kiss your cock?" I could feel his body tremble and he said OK. I slid under the covers and began sucking deep and hard on his throbbing cock. He said "Oh, baby that feels so good, your such a good girl" I keep sucking on it, and I saw him lower the covers so he could watch me sucking him. I began taking my cloths off as I was sucking him. I let my titties touch his skin. Daddy asked me if I wanted him to kiss my pussy and I told him yes. Daddy took off his cloths and his big hairy chest and strong body got down at the end of the bed and began flicking his tongue on my pussy, I never knew anything could feel so good but my pussy just hurt to be entered. His tongue slid in my pussy and I began grinding my hips letting his tongue fuck me, I pumped his tongue, but wanted more.

Daddy got up and his huge cock was sticking up, throbbing and so strong. I asked him to stick it in my pussy. He asked me if I really wanted to. I told him it was my best dream that he did. He held his big cock and then slowly spread my legs and looking at my wet eager pussy began to enter me. His big knob first breaking though the entrance I heard him groan a deep manly groan, and then he slid it in further.
This is what I wanted, my big strong daddy fucking me, only my daddy I loved so much. He was moving in and out while looking at us fucking. He told me he never dreamed anything so beautiful could ever happen. And then he began fucking me harder, his big thick cock filling my tiny pussy, I was pumping my hips onto his big dick, fucking him, moaning, saying "Daddy, I only want you to fuck me, I only want you Daddy, your so strong and handsome" He picked me up from the small of my back and told me I was his to fuck forever.

He pulled out and I cried "Why"? Daddy said, I am going to cum honey and I better take it out. I did not want that, I said Daddy stick it back in, cum in me daddy! Daddy was shaking but put his cock back in. He held my shoulders and said, "Be still honey, I don't want to cum yet" We were still for a moment and then daddy began pulling his cock in and all the way out of my pussy, I would cry for him to put it back in, and daddy did. Daddy was fucking me hard now, my legs spread so wide, he was kissing my titties. I told him I never wanted anyone but him, and then it happen, daddy was groaning so hard and pumping my pussy so hard he told me "Baby, daddy is going to cum in you, do you want me to pull it out, I might get you pregnant?" I got so turned on thinking my daddy might make a baby in me, I said, "Oh daddy cum in me, get me pregnant, fuck me daddy, unload all you cum in your baby girl" And thrusting he pumped my little pussy so full of cum, it felt so good knowing all his cum was in my pussy now. He was just rubbing his cock against my pussy back and forth, looking at it.

I watched his face as he did this. I knew he liked fucking me, and he probably would not want to fuck my mother any more, just me. He was rubbing my pussy back and forth, and daddy's cock got so big again, and he did not ask me this time, he just shoved it in my little pussy and started pumping me telling me he loved me, fucking me, telling me how sweet my pussy was. I told him to tell me what he was going to do and he told me he was going to fuck me and get me pregnant, he was ramming me now, sweat falling off his face, pounding me and then he yelled out, "Daddy is going to cum now baby, " I started to feel my pussy shivering and my whole body shivering, I was slamming my pussy on his cock telling him to fuck me and get me pregnant, and daddy let his dick pump so much cum in my pussy, it was spilling out on the bed.

Daddy collapsed in my arms and told me he loved me so much. Since then daddy and me fuck every chance we get.

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