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My Best Friend's Man

(Part 1 from 1)

Lee and me have been friends since we started in the 8th grade now were in high school and theres only two things on our minds boys and sex. Lee was about 5'5" and I was about 5'9". I was pretty thick to be in the tenth grade and she was kind of chunky to be in ninth. She was older than me but failed. Men liked her more though for reasons that I can't explain. But I have a theory that they liked her more because she was never available, the thrill of wanting someone who already had a man was what drove them crazy. Any ways, Lee had this boyfriend and his name was TJ nice tall juicy lipped boy. I had liked him since the seventh grade and Letta got to him before I could. He was a junior, which meant he wouldn't be in the school for a long time. So anyways it was Friday and me and lee were planning to go to the game so when we arrived there he was wearing my favorite colors red and black. so we all walked around with me being the third wheel until our team won the game 39 to 7. As soon as I got home it was raining cats and dogs.

It was maybe 2 or 3 in the morning when I hear my doorbell ring. My parents went to a party in New York and weren't gonna be home for a while and since my brother wasn't here watching me like he was supposed to be doing I was home alone.

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So I open the door and there is TJ drenched with water and panting rather hard seeing him all wet gave me a sudden chill through my spine. He then said, "Excuse me miss but my brother and I's car broke down and.........Carmela?" I damn near melted by him saying my name and I replied rather weakly," Yes TJ....... I mean yeah sure you can use the phone." He stepped in and went to the phone don't ask me how he knew where it was but he began dialing and I heard him saying a few things and then heard him put the receiver down. "Everything ok?" I asked I didn't really care but I loved to hear his voice. "Yeah everything's fine do you mind if I get two towels." Wordlessly I had went to the dryer and got two big beach towels and handed them to him he then nodded and walked out the door. I wanted to Scream no come back but the words escaped me. Then maybe not even 10 minutes later a knock comes up again I had just finished fingering myself just because he said my name. I wrapped my robe around me and ran to the door. It was TJ once again. He handed me the towels and came in and sat down. I bended over to put them in the dryer and I heard a slight moan and I knew it wasn’t mine so it had to be his. I went over and sat in the chair across from him. I then grabbed the remote to the fireplace and clicked it on. I then went upstairs real fast and got TJ some of my brother’s clothes. I came down stairs and threw them at him and he jumped up at me and I screamed and we laughed.

Then about twenty minutes later I realized that I had a robe on and it was practically open, this was my chance I thought to myself and decided to punch him in the face not hard just like a little play fight. He put his arms around me and swung me around and then body slammed me on the couch and my robe fell all the way open. I heard a loud gasp and then he turned around. Damn I thought he must not want me or is he playing hard to get. I got up and said sorry and I hugged him from behind. He then turned around and kissed me lightly on the forehead. His hands were on my ass, so I knew he wanted it. With on heave he lifted me up and I immediately wrapped my long legs around him and he sat himself on the couch. He took off my robe as I undid his pants. Man he was a BIG boy. I’d heard stories from girls who had him but damn. Then we started kissing and I jerked him off slowly. Then I felt his finger up my ass and decided that it was time for a friendly fuck. But as soon as I got on his dick I let out a moan so loud I almost came. I started bouncing roughly up and down his big dick it was maybe 9 10 inches. At first it hurt but after maybe five strokes I was fully into it. He kissed and bite my neck and I was being more and more pulled to the point where I had to come. Oh My God I cant believe I’m doing this I thought.

That thought quickly went away when he picked me up and lead me to the other living room. He then put me up against the wall and rammed his dick so far up my pussy I could feel it scrape my pelvic bone he moaned loud and growled and god he fucked the shit out of me. I heard him pump me up and down and then I screamed so loud that if I had neighbors they would’ve thought he was trying to kill me. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhh” we both screamed at the same time we came so hard he dropped my legs and crawled to the couch. I followed him and sat on his lap, I pulled a blanket over us and fell to sleep. An hour later my mom called to say that her and dad were staying with aunt Tracy. Then Lee called to say hi and I told her my man was over and hung up. I cuddled back under TJ and fell to sleep. I need more tips on how to make my story better please give me reviews.

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