My Aunt Cured Me But...

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My aunt, Wendy , was very pleased when I started to date her daughter, Gillian, and she expected us to marry within a year since I was 26 years old & Gillian was about to graduate from the university at the age of 22 . 

Gillian is a very beautiful brunette girl. Her face, her body, and her everything are absolutely splendid. After going out with her for one month to pubs, restaurants, and parks she asked me why I did not touch her all this time. My reply was "You are my cousin. I am afraid that touching will start a cycle of events which leads to God knows what..." & I smiled. She said "What the hell is wrong in that ?". I asked "Will you allow me to proceed to the furthest limits ?". She said "Why not, if you play your cards right !".

After finishing our meal in a restaurant, Gillian took out her purse so I grabbed her hands & told her that I am going to pay. She protested that it was her turn to pay but I insisted. I kept my hands on her hands & started to rub them in a soft sensual manner. The looks of Gillian were fascinating & encouraging so I kept going on until the waiter brought the bill.

When I stopped my car near her house, she invited me but I apolgized so she kissed me good-bye in a hasty manner. I wished she lengthened the kissing time because I felt excited.

When we met again, I suggested that we walk inside a big park. At first, we walked separately but we saw many lovers holding arms together so Gillian placed her arm under mine. The closeness of her body to mine caused erection & my cock started to pour the precum fluids. We reached a place were there were red roses, pigeons courting with each other, and a small pool were lovers, in bikinis, laid down holding each other tightly in a romantic sexy manner. I just smiled at the sight but Gillian looked at me in an inviting way but I suggested that we leave the park & go home. Near the entrance of the park, Gillian took the initiative & embraced me tightly. I thought that she will accept a fast kiss on the lips but, to my surprise, she took my lower lip between her lips & applied a firm grip. She then encircled my tongue with her lips & started to suck. I became very aroused, my cock stiffened, and I suddenly ejaculated. Immediately, I distanced myself from her & asked her to follow me quickly to my car outside the park. She saw a large wet spot on my pale green trousers, which might be thought as a result of urination. Her reaction was very kind "Sorry that I caused to you this embarrassment. Next time, we shall hug indoors". Each of us went home right away that night & she planted the hasty good-bye kiss as usual. 

Next, Gillian invited me to a supper at home. My aunt & her husband ate with us , sat a little in front of the TV, and then went to sleep. Gillian took me to her room & she told me that we better undress fast. We started petting while we were standing stark naked & when my cock was in touch with her pussy, I ejaculated at once & my sperms scattered over her thighs & the carpet. Gillian said that we have to try again since she needed me to enter her.

We sat on her bed kissing & petting. My cock became erect & she raised her legs assuming the missionary position. When I just inserted 2 inches of my 8 inches cock inside her pussy, I started to ejaculate sending huge load & my cock became limp. Gillian said "You came but I did not". I said "Do girls come like boys ?". She said "Of course. The boy gets erection of penis & the girl gets erection of clitoris & nipples. The boy ejaculates & there is female ejaculation which is reached 5-8 minutes, on average, after the penetration of a stiff cock inside the pussy depending on the strength of strokes". I apologized by saying that her beauty was behind my 2 fast ejaculations & then left aunt's house.

Gillian told aunt, Wendy, about what happenned. Aunt advised Gillian to take a break & join her father in his 2 weeks trip to Spain in June. She promised her to find a cure for me.

Aunt invited me to her house after they left. While we were drinking our whiskey, aunt said
"You are my dearest nephew & I shall be very happy when you marry Gillian. You suffer from a sexual problem called Premature Ejaculation. This problem can destroy a marriage easily. You need treatment but a specialist will charge you about 1500 sterling pounds". I said "Jesus Christ! This is too much!". Aunt smiled & said "Don't worry. I am well-trained to do what the specialist will do. You remember that I worked as a nurse 20 years ago". She added "We both love Gillian & what we will do is for her sake. I expect you to be wise & discreet". I said "What am I supposed to do ? What medicine shall I take ?". She said "There is no medicine. It is just a technique which requires about 2 weeks to learn & you just obey my orders". I agreed & she asked me to strip. She also took all her clothes to my great surprise. I expressed my admiration of her beautiful body "You are 52 years old but you have a body of a girl in her 20s". We moved towards each other & started to kiss while standing. Our naked bodies became glued & my cock began to harden. I was asked to tell her when I am about to come. We kept petting & licking each other until I gave her the signal of being at the brink of coming. She disengaged & put her thumb with 2 fingers on the tip of my cock applying pressure. My urge to come disappeared.

Aunt told me that we must continue our petting in bed. We went there & aunt started to suck my cock. It became stiff & we hugged each other strongly. My aunt took my cock with her hand and guided it to the lips of her pussy. I told her that I felt electricity sent in my body & I was about to come. She put her thumb below the tip of my cock & the 2 fingers above & pressed. I lost the urge to come but my cock stayed stiff. She said "I shall insert your cock inside my pussy so be careful & tell me when you are about to come". We were assuming the sideways position when she held my cock. She rubbed my cock on her clitoris for a short time & then introduced it to her vagina. I quickly said "I am on the verge of coming". She took my cock & pressed it again making me lose the desire to come. She then plunged my cock inside her pussy again & I begged her to assume the missionary position. She agreed & I moved top of her & started to fuck her applying deep slow strokes. This time, I decided not tell her about when I will come. Within 4 minutes, I lost control & started to pump my sperms inside her. Aunt told me that I made a mistake that will be healed by subsequent training but I was supposed to practice this therapy for continuous 10 days , at least.

My meetings with aunt continued on every day basis. As time went by, I learned a variety of sexual positions. I found out that the most difficult position for a man to control is the missionary. At the end of 14 days, I was able to fuck Wendy ( as I started to call her without using the word-aunt-) for more than an hour in various positions (except the missionary) without coming. In other words, I learnt when & how to squeeze the tip of my cock and to have full control on my penis. Of course, Wendy did have gigantic orgasms & she received huge amounts of sperms inside her pussy.

When Gillian returned, she found me in good state & we went on fucking every night using all the sexual positions I learnt from Wendy. Gillian told me that her ex-boyfriend used to take his cock out of her pussy & smack her butt once or twice when he is about to come pre-maturely(same idea; the nerves underneath the cock tip will signal different message postponing cumshoot). Gillian was fantastic when I told her that Wendy taught me normal sex by practice but she stopped the lessons upon her arrival. She did not mind but then I said "Look my love. My AUNT HAS CURED ME BUT in one aspect. I have another problem : my duct gets filled in sperms every 24 hours. What shall I do when you are on your period ? You do not want me to have headaches all that week & I am sure that you do not agree if I go & fuck other girls or even sluts. What do you suggest, darling ?".

Gillian was so sweet in her answer "You better keep this problem in the family. I shall convince mom to allow you to fuck her when I am on my period. But you have to do it during the day when daddy is at his work ".

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