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My Amish Maid

(Part 1 from 1)

I hired an Amish maid about a year ago to help my wife clean the house. Her name was Amanda and she was 19 years old. She was very plain. About 5'4 110 pounds. She was very pretty even though it was hard to get a glimpse of her through her long amish dress and her hair was always up in her bonnett. She was left alone during the day when she was working, and I never came home during the day to check on her because she seemed very responsible. However, one day I left work late morning. 

When I got home, I entered the house, and there was no sign of Amanda. I walked throught the house looking for her...Still, no sign. I went into my bedroom thinking she might be cleaning in there...She was in there, but she wasnt cleaning. She was sitting in my bed, talking on the phone. She took her bonnett off and let her hair down...She had golden blonde hair. She looked very sexy. She saw me and quickly got off the phone.

"I'm sorry, I was on the phone with my boyfriend. He's working a job nearby and he wanted to see how my day was going". "Boyfriend?, I didnt know you had a boyfriend...I'm not surprised. You are a very attractive young woman". Amanda's face turned bright red when I said this, and she got up from the bed...However, she had something behind her back...I noticed it was her panties...She had taken her panties off while she was on the phone...She noticed that I caught her and was really embarrassed. "I'm sorry Tony, I wasnt talking to my boyfriend. I called one of those phone dating services and was trying to have some fun on the phone. I'm really embarrassed, If you fire me, I wont be upset". "Fire you? No, I wont fire you, but why doesnt your boyfriend take care of you?" "Well, truth is I dont have a boyfriend, and I've been feeling this urges and thought I'd try something new out". "I understand Amanda, I've been there before when I was younger. I know what its like. 

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This can be our little secret. If you want, I can show you what you are missing." "Tony, what about your wife? and you know Amish women arent suppose to have sex until we get married." "I know that Amanda. Noone will ever know" Before she could say anything else, I grabbed her close to me and started kissing her. I pulled up her gown and looked at her pussy....It was very nice. I rubbed my hand up her thigh and touched the outside of her pussy. It was very wet. I reached around and unzipped her dress and took it off. She just stood there with her bra on. Her breasts looked much larger than I ever would have guessed. They were at least 34-Ds and her nipples were hard. "Tony, I dont think we should do this. It does feel right" "Amanda, you'll enjoy this once we start. Trust me". I started kissing her neck and cupping her breasts with my hands. She started to moan. She reached down to my pants and unbuttoned them. "I've never seen a grown man's penis before. Can I see yours?" "Of course amanda, you'll can touch it, kiss it, do whatever you want to it." At this point we were both naked.

I sat down on the bed and she knealt down in front of me and was touching my cock. She asked "What do men like done to their penis?" I said "Men, like to have their cocks sucked. Put it in your mouth and suck it like a popcicle". She put my cock in her mouth all the way. She was very good for her 1st time. It felt amazing! "Keep it up! You are doing great. It feels sooo good!." After awhile, she stopped..."Hmmm I love sucking your cocked. It makes me wettier". She stood up and wrapped her legs around me and started kissing me again. This time she was much more into it. I laid her down on the bed and started sucking on her nipples. this Drove her crazy

She started moaning louder and louder. While I was sucking her nipples, I started rubbing her pussy. I started to finger her pussy. She really enjoyed this....Then I spread open her legs and started licking her pussy. This drove her nuts. Her pussy juicy started flowing. I could feel her cuming. She was a squirter! She screamed in joy after her first orgasm. "Dont stop, Please dont stop"! She came another time while I was eating her pussy. 

I stopped eating her pussy and said "Amanda, would you like to have this cock in your pussy?" "Oh, please Tony. Fuck me!" I got up and sat in a chair. "Amanda, come over here". SHe walk over and sat on my cock. Her pussy was tight! It was like a vice grip on my cock! "Hm Amanda, you have a nice pussy. It feels so good" She started riding my cocked. And she moaned loader than even before. She squired again while my cock was inside of her. She dug her nails into my back has she came over and over. "Oh tony, fuck me harder" So we moved over to the bed. I opened her legs on the edge of the bed, spread them open, and slammed my cocked into her. I rammed her hard over and over. She couldnt contain her joy. She screamed louder and louder. 

She was so loud I had to cover her mouth. I was afraid the neighbors would hear. After she came for at least the 10th time I pulled out my cock and rammed it into her mouth. "Amanda, I'm going to explode in your mouth." She took my cock until I finally exploded in her mouth. She sallowed every last drop! "Hmmm, that tasted could and you were amazing!" AManda loved it! She said she never felt better than right now. Well, after this, Amada got her clothes back on and went back to work. However, this was the beginning of a fling that still goes on today. Everyweek, I come home and fuck her when she works. She gets better evertime.

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