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My 90 Days In Heaven

(Part 1 from 1)

While this is mostly a tale of sexual fantasy, it is in some ways based on true events. Im a great lover of big black cock, and have truly had many wonderful experiences with them. All names have been changed, but I did actually spend 90 days with 5 beautiful black thugs, and did get a taste of some of the delicious dark meat, and at least got to see some of it every day, this is what I wished had really happened. So those of you who enjoy big, thick, throbbing black cocks, enjoy!

I was a notorious drinker at one time, and had gotten several D.U.I.s, but luckily had never spent more than a week in jail. Someone would always bail me out, but finally, the last time, the judge threw the book at me, and sentenced me to 90 days in the county lock up. There was nothing anybody could do, so I resolved myself to the fact that I would just have to do the time, and make the best of it.

Part of me hoped just to be left alone, and a wilder part of me hoped maybe I might wind up being someones bitch. I wound up being the bitch of 5 black men, who used me daily. Oddly enough though, my first taste of the black cock that I loved so much, was not another inmate, it was one of the guards. About a week after I was locked up, I got my first taste of him. His name was officer Romelle, and he offered me a deal I couldnt refuse!

One day while inspecting the dorm I was temporarily housed in, he asked me if I would like to work in the kitchen. Since I wasnt charged with a felony, he could put in a good word, and I would be a trustee. I figured it would be a good way to pass the time, and readily agreed. While walking me down the corridor to the Captains office, he stopped at a storage closet, unlocked the door, and pulled me into the small room.

He said I had to do him a small favor first. With that, he undid his pants, and pulled out his soft, velvety back cock and told me to suck it. I had no problem with that, and immediately, got on my knees in front of him, and took his hot piece of meat in my hand. I stroked it gently, before I began sucking it, and as it slowly hardened, I realized it was quite a cock. I took it into my mouth, and began sucking it, feeling it grow in my mouth. Officer Romelle was a big man, tall and muscular, and he had a cock to match. At full mast, it had to be 10 long, and was so thick it was all I could do to get my hungry lips around it! He began oozing pre-cum, and it tasted devine.

My own 8 cock got hard as I sucked and stroked him. He held my head down, and fucked my mouth. I could feel the head of his cock touching the back of my throat, and knew by the way he was grunting, and by his heavy breathing, my mouth would soon be filled with his delicious hot cum! He exploded into me, and I swallowed every hot, salty drop! He put his half hard piece of meat back in his pants, patted me on the cheek, and told me I was gonna do just fine. That afternoon, I was moved to the kitchen dorm, where I met my 4 cellmates, each a different shade of chocolate brown, and each ready for me to serve them, as I soon found would be my main duty.

There was Joe, who was the darkest of them all, tall and muscled. He had wiry black hair, on his head and above his cock, which I guessed was about 8 inches long. It was thick and magnificently curved, so that it always gave the old prostate a little extra bump as it slid in and out of my ass. His ass was hairy too, the scent of his maleness always filled my nostrils as I licked his tight hole, as I would soon find he loved me to do. He was a hard fuck, and enjoyed pounding me with no mercy, always quickly filling my man pussy with his spunk in record time. He liked me flat on my stomach, so that I felt each of his thrusts more intensely.

He still brought me to heights of passion, as the slightly up raised head of his thick curved cock stroked my g-spot with every thrust. He never left me really sore though. He was usually the opener. He liked to straddle me when, I was lying on my back taking Tony up my ass, so I could suck his deformed piece of meat, and lick his tight, hairy hole.

Tony was the love maker of the group. He was a beautiful light brown color. His hair was soft and dark. His ass was smooth and well toned, with almost no hair in it at all. It felt sweet against my tongue, and he always purred like a cat when I probed his tight hole hungrily. He liked me on my back, so I could cling to him, and suck his rock hard nipples as he fucked me slowly. His cock was as thick as Joes, and about 9 long.

He had the most stamina of the group, and usually could go for over an hour before he filled my hungry pussy with some of the sweetest sperm Ive ever had. It was tasty, and when I sucked him, Id always squeeze out every delicious drop. Though he never let the others know, he often kissed me sweetly on the lips, as he sometimes snuck into my bunk when the others were asleep.

His stamina, and the thickness of his fudge cycle colored cock always caused my own cock to erupt all over his smooth, firm belly and chest. Id always lick him clean when we were through, and often wed lie in my bunk and hold each other as long as possible. He made me moan in ecstasy, and always left my hot love canal content and well satisfied. I think had we met outside our present circumstances, we could have possibly had a more permanent relationship. There was definitely a lot of gay in him.

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Then there was Red. He was the roughest of my cellmates. I dont know what his given name was, but hed earned the nickname Red because of the red tint of his course wiry hair, that covered most of his thin muscular body. He was a strong, powerful fucker with 10 of thick cock, that always had a powerful odor to it, because he didnt bother to shower every day. Sometimes I almost dreaded him, because before hed brutally force himself into me, the only lubrication he used was a glob of saliva hed spit in my pussy hole, and the saliva from my own mouth as Id always have to suck him first.

He always took me on my knees, forcing my face into the mattress, lining his cock up to my half dry anus, and forcing it deep into me. The first few times, I screamed form the pain, and often had tears in my eyes when he finally withdrew from me, leaving me sore and bruised, and wet from the gigantic loads of cum he shot deep into me.

When he fucked my mouth, as he often did, hed pop me on the cheeks roughly, telling me to suck that cock bitch, or take it bitch! Sometimes when he was through using me, hed pull me roughly into the shower, and piss on me, covering my face and body with his hot stream of urine, leaving me feeling more used than Id ever felt in my life.

He disgusted me, yet fascinated me! He would even force his cock into my mouth right after he pissed, and make me suck him dry of the hot fluid! He loved to cover my nose and mouth with his dirty boxers and, and force them into my mouth as he brutally fucked me! His armpits always smelled of his strong musk, and he took great pleasure in forcing his sweaty, ass and balls in my face, making me sniff and lick him! But even his brutal fucks, which were often more like rapes, brought me to heights of pleasure, and I would always get so hard that Id shot loads of cum on my already cum soaked sheets! He and Joe often tag teamed me, and I began to love even their abusive fucks!

Sam was the one that I feared the most at first, but soon began to love, because he was such a gentle giant. He was the oldest, and a giant of a man in every way! He was over 6 tall, and covered in rock hard muscle. He was bald, but covered in dark black hair on his thick chest, and belly. His body hair was tinged with grey, and the hair on his big balls also sprouted some grey, as did the tender flesh between his balls and asshole. He loved for me to lick him there, as I gladly did many times! When I first saw his cock, I didnt think Id ever be able to take it! It was 13 long, and Id never seen one so thick! It was like a third arm.

It was uncut, and the massive head reminded me of a purple peach, when Id tenderly take it into my mouth and probe his piss slit with my tongue. It was really too big to suck, and though I tried, I was never able to take it all into my mouth, and my jaws would ache every time I tried. Id stroke him, and do my best, but usually could only lick it and run my hungry open mouth up and down the shaft of steel, making him moan with joy! When he was ready to shoot, hed put the big head to my hungry open mouth, and pour his thick loads onto my tongue, squeezing out every delicious drop, so none would be wasted!

He loved for me to shower with him, and soon I was bathing him, washing his rock hard body every day, loving the way his flesh felt as I soaped him up. When he fucked me, he always lay on his back and let me straddle him, slowly lowering myself onto him, taking a little more each time, until finally I was able to accept all his massive machine into my gaping pussy!

His big hands would grab my ass and slowly raise me and lower me. He was so thick, there was never any relief for my throbbing prostate, and Id always shower his chest with my hot juice as he filled me with his, rubbing his hands over my hard nipples, calling me his pretty baby! I called him Daddy, and would always collapse into his hard cum covered chest, and lick him clean when we were through.

Officer Romelle stopped in once or twice a week for a good blowjob, and when he had weekend duty I could always count on a good fucking from his 10 cock. He was always quick, and patted my cheek when I sucked him, telling me what a good job I was doing. I began taking care of all their needs, getting their laundry ready on wash day, often sniffing their dirty boxers.

I bathed them and folded their clothes, often spending most of my days naked, as there was always a thick piece of black cock to be serviced. I was being fucked constantly, sometimes 8 or 9 times a day! The smell of sweaty cock and ass was always in the air, and on me. My often sore pussy was constantly full of their juices, and the taste was always in my mouth. I loved them all!

Tony with his gentle lovemaking, sweet kisses, and loving embraces. Joe and Red with their roughness, sometimes having one at each end of me, fucking me and filling me. I didnt even mind Reds piss showers anymore! Often the other C.O.s watched through our cell window, and Id hear them and the other trustees, laughing behind my back. I was called bitch, and whore and faggot, but I didnt care! I was in my own personal heaven, and loved every cum soaked minute of it. I found myself wishing it would never end.

But finally, my time was up. I was released, and had to leave. I was a bitch now, and my cum drenched asshole would never be the same! It was truly a pussy, and even looked like one now, and I often wish I could go back to heaven!

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