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My 18th Birthday

(Part 1 from 1)

Hi everyone.. I’m Deepika Malhotra of Class 11. I’m here to narrate a true story about my 18th birthday. 7th November 2010 – I woke up to the sound of the alarm. I had set it too early (it was 4:00am) out of excitement for my birthday. My parents were away for two days so I decided to host an early morning party for the day. Within few hours the place was filled with boys and girls. I was hanging out with all my close friends Neha, Ananya, Rahul and Deepak. Slowly the crowd trickled out. Only 10-11 were left.

“Let’s open the gifts” Rahul said. “No.” I said. “I’ll open them after the party”.”Ok. Then what will we do?” “Let’s play spin the bottle!” Neha suggested. Everyone became excited. I brought dad’s old beer bottle. We all sat in a circle. I spun the bottle. It pointed towards Rahul”Dare” he said.”Kiss the birthday girl!” the girls shouted in chorus. I had a crush on him so they said so. He came forward to kiss me. I was nervous. It would be my first kiss. I had to pee but I couldn’t get up and go because he was already near me. I couldn’t control my bladder, nor could I control the nervousness.

He locked his lips with mine. Everyone cheered. I just couldn’t hold it anymore. Urine busted out of my genitals at a insanely fast rate. My tight jeans felt wet. Neha noticed this and gave a loud gasp. “Deepu, you’re getting wet!”. She had an odd smile in her face. I just didn’t know what to say. Rahul, who stopped kissing me, looked down to my jeans. A large, wet spot greeted him. “Control Deepu!” Deepak teased. “As soon as you turned 18, you want to do it?, Suddenly, Rahul kissed me again. “Let’s have it if you want.” he said. I was shocked. It was not like I didn’t like him, but sex? All of a sudden?

“Uh…”"It’s okay, I know the feeling of turning 18″ he assured me.He then proceeded to open his clothes. Everyone in the party cheered him on. Ananya was clearly getting turned on by all this and she started to rub her boyfriend Deepak’s pants. Deepak noticed all of this and said, “Aw, hell! We all want to have sex. We all are over 18. Let’s do it! Everyone else nodded. I just sat there, bewildered, with my lower body already wet. I still had to pee some more but I just couldn’t get up and go, I don’t know why. Maybe it was the thought of ten people having sex in the same room that didn’t let me go.

“All of us are virgins aren’t we” I thought out loud. Rahul said, “Yeah, I guess.” The strange feeling suddenly passed away and I felt horny. I started to undress. Few moments later, we were all standing naked. My pussy and my legs were drenched with pee. The guys were stroking their erect cocks while i was looking at them. It was the first time I had seen a cock in my life. Let’s start with the birthday girl!!” someone from the back shouted. This was a green signal for all guys. All 5 guys rushed towards me. Holding their cocks like their swords.

I just gave in and slept on the cold floor. Rahul stared by inserting his cock inside my mouth. He told me to lick it and suck it. Pleasure went through whole of my body. Deepak, who was busy kissing Ananya, threw her aside and ran towards me. A few seconds later, there were 4 huge, red cocks in my mouth, Rahul was busy biting and sucking my nipples. Hey even we deserve something, Neha said. Nobody heard her. Irritated, she and Ananya dressed up and left the room, banging the door while exiting. The boys did not care.

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They were on me like animals, sucking and biting every body part. My nipples were now red in color. But still, I was scared that I may pee at the moment. My fears came true. Like a jet of water, a continuous stream of yellow liquid burst out of my pussy. I closed my eyes, fearing the boys will run away from me. But instead, all 4 cocks inside me cum, one after the other. I got half choked. I told them to take out the cocks, but they refused.

“Drink it, bitch!” Varun, a classmate of mine shouted. “Drink all of it! It’s good for your health. I swallowed all the cum from the four red cocks. A sudden burst of white liquid fell all over my body. Rahul just cum all over me. Now all of them went back for a while and took a break, discussing how hot i was. They were right, I was hot, I was slutty, I was horny. I was covered in a pool of yellow pee and white sperm, a sticky mess. Now, who wants to take her virginity?” Deepak asked.

That would be me.” Rahul said. In the resting time, he had again grown his cock again. It looked like an angry untamed beast, Ready to go inside me and fill me. You have a condom?” I asked. No, baby. Birth control is your problem. Take a pill or something.” He remarked, rather casually. Ok. But will this hurt?” I asked. Let’s see” With this he knelt down, put me in position, and inserted his cock. It went a few centimeters in. He smirked “This may hurt”, he said. Then with a strong push, he inserted his cock with all his strength. My hero was right. It hurt like hell. I’ve never experienced so much pain before. I let out a huge scream.

“Aaaahh! Stop it!” I screamed No baby. I won’t stop. Even if your parents come knocking on the door, I won’t stop.”He was fucking ridiculously fast. I could see some blood, but my tears had almost completely covered my vision. Slowly the pain decreased, and the pleasure increased. My “stop!” cries turned into “don’t stop!” cries, and in a couple of minutes I was moaning loudly. Okay, I’m going to cum, he said, and attempted to take his cock out. I stopped him. Cum inside me!”, I heard myself say. “Waste my body. Make me your bitch!”

But it may be dangerous, Birth control is my problem, not yours, remember? In the next moment he cum. I forgot everything in the world. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the hot liquid inside my body. Then he took out his cock. Everyone standing there started to clap. I just lost my virginity. I looked at the clock, it was 7:00am, the sun had just risen. Normally, a person is clean and fresh at this time. I was fucked up (literally) and covered in a mixture of sticky pee, stickier sperm and even stickier blood.

The day hasn’t even started yet, how about some more?” I said. Yeah! all the boys shouted. As far as i can remember, I was fucked, beaten up(playfully, of course :]) and cum into till lunch time. Everybody went out for lunch, then they came back with some more friends and I was introduced to ass fucking. Everybody took turns till late night and by 10:00 pm, almost the whole +2 batch of our college had fucked and cum inside me!

During dinner time, everybody left except Rahul. I had not cleaned myself the whole day, so all my holes were literally filled to the brim. Virgin blood was still stuck in my pussy. Hell, even my mouth was filled with froth and sperm. Rahul turned on his phone “Some friends of mine are still remaining. Do you want to pull an all-nighter with 5 more guys? Including me?” I grinned and nodded my head. Lying naked on the very same room since morning, I took some oil and lubricated my ass, to get ready. Best. Birthday. Ever.

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