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My 18 year old daughter’s new bathing suit

(Part 1 from 1)

Note : This story is completely fictional!

I came home early from work one day during the summer to find my teenage daughter home as well. She was getting ready to go for a swim in a bathing suit I had never seen before. It was a white string bikini with a turquoise string. She looked so hot with her long blond hair a little messy and her tits standing up straight barely covered by tiny triangles of fabric being pulled to the sides of her tits. I liked the way she looked and I didn’t mind staring even though she is my daughter. I don’t know if she knew I was looking at her like I would like to kiss her sexy tits that very second she was too busy looking for something in the kitchen. 

“What do you need honey?” I asked her as she rummaged through a drawer. 

“I was looking for some batteries Daddy, and Oooh goody here they are.”

And with that she scooped up her things and headed for the door. It looked like she had something tucked into the towel she was bringing. Then to my chagrin she turned and said “Daddy why don’t you come outside and watch me play in the pool, it’s no fun to play all by myself?” And I thought this was a very good idea. After all I don’t want her to play with herself, I want to play with her. We went outside and I laid down on the lounge chair by the edge of the deep end of pool and my daughter laid herself out on a raft and closed her eyes. Her legs were spread and each leg was dangling into the water. She had her legs spread so wide in such a tiny bikini bottom that each side of her puffy pussy lip could be seen. I laid there staring at what I could see of her pussy and casually stroking my hardening dick through my pants. It was very hot outside that day and so my daughter began scooping pool water onto her body. I watched her do this and I realized she was scooping water directly onto her pussy and tits making that white bikini a translucent bikini. Her nipples were sticking straight up and I could really make out her pussy now and it looked perfect. 

“Honey are you hot?” I asked her.

“Yes Daddy I feel like I am on fire.”

“Well that is a good idea to get yourself a little wet.” 

“Actually I’m just getting hotter, how bout you daddy in those pants and shirt?”

“I am a little warm but I’m sorry to hear how hot your getting baby, I wonder what else you could do to make yourself feel better?”

“Well if you think of anything let me know.”

I had thought of something but did I have the nerve to say it. I figured why not, I could always play it off like I was just kidding around.

“Honey why don’t you push you bikini off to the side so your tits are exposed, maybe that will cool you down?”

She looked right at me and very slowly began to move the fabric and said “I think that might help, thanks Daddy” and with that I could see her beautiful breasts. They were at least a c cup but very perky and her pink nipples were rock hard like my cock was now. I undid my belt and held my dick still in my pants stroking it slightly. She looked so fucking hot as she scooped some water on her tits. Now they were wet and looked perfectly kissable. 

“Oh Daddy I’m even hotter now than I was before what am I going to do?”

“Oh baby Daddy is hotter too, why don’t you push your bikini bottom off to the side and let daddy see your pussy too” Hell she was turned on and so was I so why not get a little more direct. 

“How’s that Daddy, now you can see my pussy and how hot I am.” 

Oh she looked amazing and her slit was glistening in the sun from her pussy juice not the pool water. She was hold her bikini off to the side with one hand, but she kept her hand right next to her pussy and was now tweaking her nipple with the other hand. I pulled my dick out and began stroking it up and down slowly. She was looking right at me staring at her and I was not about to look away. 

“Baby rub that pussy for daddy, show me how you play with yourself, God you look hot with your legs spread nice and wide, fuck baby, Daddy wants to bury his face right in that little slit.” I told her this as she began to play with her cunt. Fingering her slit with her middle finger and using the other hand to rub her clit as she watched me stroking my thick shaft up and down. “Yeah baby spread those legs, uh you are so wet baby and your pussy is so pink, and so fucking wet, uh daddy wants to use that pussy juice to stroke his dick, can I do that baby, can I rub your pussy juice all over my cock” I asked as I stood up and came near the edge of the pool dick in hand pants around ankles. 

“Of course you can daddy, your cock is very big but I’m sure there’s enough to get that dick nice and slick. I bent down and pulled my daughter by the ankle to the edge of the pool. Her pussy was so close now and I reached down and began sliding two fingers up and down the length of her pussy lips. I was just grazing her clit by doing this and my finger were getting nice and wet. She was rubbing both nipples with her sticky fingers getting pussy juice all over those sexy tits of hers. I then began to stroke my dick and it felt so could to use her wetness on my shaft. 

“Do you how hard you’ve made daddy’s dick, Using your pussy juice is great, I should always jerk off like this, yeah I should always jerk off just like this, right in front of your spread legs and soaking wet pussy.”

“Daddy do you want to cum?” my daughter asked.

“Yeah baby Daddy wants to cum, of yeah Daddy definitely wants to cum. Come here baby and get out of the pool” I helped her off the raft and I sat back down on the lounge chair. She stood in front of me and I began to kiss her pussy, it tasted so good, nice and tangy and fresh. I bet she rubs her pussy all the time to taste this good. “Mmmm baby you are so yummy, I could eat you out all day”

“That feels really nice daddy, do you mind if I sit on your face and ride it till I cum?” she asked as she pushed me down on the lounge chair.

“Oh baby I think that’s a great idea, I love it when horny sexy girls sit on my face, of yeah baby, yeah.”

She was grinding down into my mouth and her juice was dripping down my chin, then she reached back and began stroking my dick for me which felt amazing. Up and down with her tight grip, tight like I could tell her pussy would be. I want to blow my load right then and there but as my face was covered in her cum and I thought she might like the favor returned. I held off as my daughter let go of my dick and began convulsing in a wave of orgasm. Her cum was filling my mouth and I didn’t want it to end. When she finished shaking she immediately knelt down and began to suck my dick. 

“That’s it baby, oh yeah, I like the way you kiss the tip sloppy like that, yeah oh yeah fuck take it deeper baby, choke on it, yeah that’s it,” I said as she began deep throating my throbbing cock. “Daddy’s fucking your mouth baby, yeah you like it, I like it too, can you taste your pussy on my dick baby?”

“Yeah daddy youre right pussy is yummy” and with that my dick was right back in her mouth.

She was squatting in front of me with my dick down her throat and I was gonna cum in a second. “Baby spread your legs and let me see your pussy, rub your clit so daddy can cum, yeah rub it sexy girl, just like that, oh god baby, oh yeah, oh yeah, suck it, suck it, suck it, oh god, oh fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, yeah, oh yeah baby that was so good, you are so good,” I said as I stroked her head and pumped her mouth full of my jizz. She swallowed and smiled up at me.

“Daddy can I cum again?’

What a lucky guy I am. Just then I heard my wife’s car pull in the drive way. “Later baby, later your mother is home now.”

“Why don’t we watch a movie together later on tonight in the living room when mom goes to bed. We can cover ourselves in a blanket and you can play with my body under the covers?”

I really like the sound of that, so much that my

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